Ruben Salazar

commented on Humanitarian Crisis: Seeking Outside Investigation From DOJ Regarding Murrieta Protestors and Obstruction Of Justice 2014-07-07 00:28:47 -0700 · Flag
Please join our just cause to prevent another “Murrietta” -type incident from re-occurring elsewhere. The ugly incident got racial as local resident were incited into a frenzy of anti-immigrant sentiment, by Councilwoman Dinana Serafin who was tipped off of their arrival by Customs & Border Patrol agent Steven R. Golda. Serafin spread lies in a press conference, press release, and in 600 emails, claiming the children refugees were immediately deportable, but would be detained for an “indeterminate time”, and when release they would be spreading diseases as they waited at the city’s bus stops and stations. The rabid protesters were also provoked into action by Tea Party darling, Patrice Lynn, the so-called “Patriot Nurse” who lied and told bloggers they children were carrying infectious diseases and that the city’s medical resource would be overwhelmed. None of this was true. As all seen, their misinformation campaign almost caused a race riot, and one racist protestor, Joseph Crosby Culbertson, who appears to have been tipped off by CBP Golda too, actually spat on Latin singer Lupillo Rivera. This whole disgusting fiasco in regrettably reminiscent of Little Rock, Arkansas 1957, when local police and city officials and racist residents also tried to obstruct federal agents form performing their duties to implement the Brown vs Board of Education decision by helping black children students integrated into a public schools. Well, THIS IS NOT 1957, AND THIS IS NOT LITTLE ROCK!. Basta con racismo. THE TIME IS NOW! Ruben Salazar, Esq.