Do Not Give Citizens For Better Arizona, Chad Snow and Randy Parraz Money When They Play Victim

October 30

What is it with men who try to intimidate women for not being in agreement with their views?  Is there something in the Arizona water?

We were happy to see a Leader of Stonewall Democrats Apologize For Using Sexist Remark Against Chicana / Latina Lawmaker, however, where is Republican Chad Snow's apology for publicly calling a "Latina" a "B*tch" because she does not agree with his policies?  This seems unbecoming of a lawyer and the public figure for Citizens of Better Arizona.

To my knowledge, I do not believe Snow ever gave that apology to that Latina, and even though I did not agree with that Latina either, this does not mean men should go around degrading women in public either.  Chad Snow prides himself on wanting to moderate politics on his Mormon page, however,  calling a Latina the "B" word in public will not get you there.  I think it is time for RepublicanSnow to be the better person and start apologizing the way Stonewall Democrats apologized.

Here's more from the conservative Sonoran Alliance:

Protester Chad Snow calls Hispanic woman a “crazy b***”


At the press conference, attorney Chad Snow, who led the recall against Russell Pearce and spends all day online trolling the Phoenix New Times leaving profanity-laded comments about law enforcement, showed up with a handful of scraggly looking protesters and tried to shout down Thomas. He got into an argument with a conservative Latina supporting Thomas and called her a “crazy b***.” When asked why he called her that, he said “Because she is. Teabaggers don’t believe in free speech.” Sounds more like Chad “Yellow Snow” Snow is the one who doesn’t believe in free speech. Doesn’t he have ethical responsibilities as an attorney to treat people with respect?

It does not stop there ... Snow has a history of trying to intimidate women.  See his Cease and Desist email below because his organization gets called out for supporting a politician who has a Domestic Violence record:



Carlos Galindo: Citizens For Better Arizona Go To Far In Suing A.J. LaFaro To Immediately Turn Around Asking For Money Again

October 30

Citizens for Better Arizona (CBA) is under fire for ballot stuffing and manipulating elections, and at the forefront of whistle blowing is National Political Radio Show Host Carlos Galindo.

Carlos Galindo believes CBA, Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and Paul Castenada go below the belt with filing a lawsuit against A.J. LaFaro while turning around and asking for more money off the backs of the Latino community.  CBA goes too far with a lawsuit, playing victim role and immediately asking for money.  Galindo has been at the forefront of blowing the whistle on non profits who collect money from crisis situations here in Arizona. CBA has been known to manufacture crisis situations in order to feed off playing the victim card, for instance according to Doug MacEachern of AZ Central, “groups like Parraz’s — the same organizations that had contributed to the backlogs — protested daily against the counting delays as an infringement on voting rights. Banging pots and pans. Shouting through microphones. Marching into the elections offices. Breaking windows. In short, doing everything they could to delay the counting. Crazy days.

Recently, CBA was essentially bragging about his lawsuit against LaFaro followed by a letter asking for people to donate to their organization after playing the victim.



But this isn’t the first time Citizens For Better Arizona has made threats, below is an email from Chad Snow of CBA saying:


Here is how I responded to Chad Snow:



It is my understanding that your group via CBA is supporting Paul Penzone, and it is also my understanding you are affiliated with this organization as President.  Is this still true?

If true, allow me to revert your attention to the Glendale Police Report in which Susan B. Penzone states she was shoved into the doorway by Paul Penzone.  Susan had a reported injury on her forehead and a photo was taken of the contusion.  The police report can be read here in it’s entirety. Although there were reported injuries from both sides, nobody was taken to jail despite the Arizona mandatory arrest law.  Rest assured, Mr. Snow, had this involved persons of Mexican descent – we more than likely would have been taken to jail.  It is highly probable to believe that Penzone was given “preferential treatment” and we have made public records request inquiries to get to the bottom of this with regard to the assaults that occurred that night. It is also important for the public to know if this incident affected Paul Penzone’s promotion since the highest rank he made was only that of a sergeant.

Do you believe Susan B. Penzone was lying to the Glendale Police Department and do you believe she created the head contusion injury on her own?  Why would you claim that I am not being accurate when it was Susan B. Penzone’s own words that told the story of Mr. Paul Penzone shoving her into the doorway?

In my view, when a husband shoves his wife into the doorway (leading to reported physical injuries) – this qualifies him to be an alleged wife beater.  Do you not agree?

For the record, Susan told the police she dialed 9-1-1.  While YOU might side with the man’s side of the story, I will continue to side with the ex-wife’s side of the story, until I know whether or not Susan B. Penzone was lying or telling the truth.

As you might already know, Mr. Snow, the National Tequila Party Movement is a woman-led counter movement to the Tea Party where we have traveled across the nation working with college universities and Latino immigration activists in getting out the Latino vote.  In other words, we do not just handle business here in Arizona – we are registering Latinos in many other states.  It is typical misogynist behavior for men to minimize and marginalize the work women do.   Why is it okay for you and your cohorts to make false accusations against me and my organization?  Is it because I am a Mexican-American woman? It is bad enough to have to deal with chauvinism in the Caucasian culture, but then to also have to deal with “machismo or machoism” in my own community is highly unfortunate.  [I have already addressed who I perceive to be your chauvinistic supporters here.]

With regard to your ‘unprofessional’ concerns, it is you who has resorted to name-calling and pulling the “stupid card” and other unnecessary adjectives you utilized.  It is unfortunate you allowed your emotions to get to the better of you and I believe you are upset because we are protesting your candidate Paul Penzone for the alleged wife abuse according to Susan B. Penzone’s account.  We will continue to call Mr. Penzone an alleged wife beater because his own ex-wife stated he shoved her into the doorway leading to reported injuries.

It is also my understanding you have been involved in press conferences making public statements.  One could easily accuse you of making defamatory statements with regard to independent candidate, Mike Stauffer, when your cohorts wanted him to drop out of the race because he is an independent registered voter and candidate.  Independents make up the 2nd largest Party in the State of Arizona.  In fact, your Democratic candidate via Penzone may have trouble in 2012 since the Democratic Party lost 52,000 registered voters in the State of Arizona while Independent voters continue to surge.  Independent voters can vote in the primary elections and we will, and it is not smart for Democrats and Republicans to exclude the independent key voters in our state.

I am supporting your most ardent enemy via Mike Stauffer.  Your emotionally driven letter to me confirms this.

Since when is an activist not allowed an opinion?

In my view, your cease and desist letter is an attempt to intimidate me from utilizing my Freedom of Speech.

Here is what I need clarification on:

  1. Do you support Paul Penzone for Maricopa County Sheriff?
  2. How do you know Susan B. Penzone was not telling the truth to the Glendale Police Department when she said Paul Penzone shoved her into the doorway (incident led to injuries)?
  3. Are you still affiliated with CBA?
  4. Do you not believe you are a public figure?  (It is my understanding you have been involved with press conferences giving public statements).

I look forward to hearing from you.  If you would like to set up a conference call to clear any misunderstandings up, please feel free to let me know.   Thanks.

Best regards,

I asked Chad above numerous questions with regard to Paul Penzone’s DV history.  He wasn’t going to hear nothing of it and stated the below:



Arizona Libertarian Group Wants to Nullify Kysten Sinema -- Not Help Her Despite Arizona Democratic Party Dirty Trick

October 30

Kyrsten Sinema has not only enraged members of the Latino community when she sold Latinos down the Rio Grande, the Nullify Sinema Alliance (NSA) is a group led by Libertarian voters in Arizona who want her out of office.

They write:

The Nullify Sinema Alliance (NSA) recall campaign intends to hold Kyrsten Sinema accountable to her oath of office.
"On July 24th, 2013 the US called a vote (number 412) where she chose NOT to stand with 205 other US House members in placing a limit on government snooping. Kyrsten Sinema chose to reject limits on NSA data collection. In doing this, she supports a "Big Brother" government with no limits. We call on our fellow Arizona residents to support the recall of Kyrsten Sinema."


Mickey Jones writes:

From a Libertarian point of view I suspect that U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is probably the worst elected official in the history of Arizona.

"On virtually every issue, Democratic
U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's positions
were diametrically opposed to ...

Continue Reading
On virtually every issue, Democratic U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema's positions were diametrically opposed to libertarian opponent Powell Gammill's.

Carlos Galindo: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema Mocks Arizona State University (ASU)

October 30

Carlos Galindo, independent political radio show host has been exposing Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema ever since she got tough on immigration via SB1225 and sold her Latino constituents down the Rio Grande River.

Now he brings attention to Sinema mocking Arizona State University students and writes:

I guess according to Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona State University students, which would include Mecha de Asu, are party animals that believe everything they read on the Internet to be true. Just a bola de pendejos? This from a "part time professor" at ASU? She said this out of state about our students!

Kyrsten Sinema mocks her students at an out-of-town event to get laughs.

Arizona Democratic Party Dirty Halloween Trick Could Backfire on Rep. Kyrsten Sinema Running Against Wendy Rogers / Powell Gammill

October 30

Politics mailer Gammill Demorats


Arizona Democratic Party Dirty Trick Could Backfire On Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in 2014 After Libertarian Voters Wanted Her Recalled In 2013


Recently, the Arizona Democratic Party (ADP) launched a dirty trick in time for Halloween that comes with no treat for Libertarian voters.  The ADP strategy could have worked a couple of cycles ago, but maybe not this time – particularly when Libertarian Mike Shipley filed recall papers against her last year.  Though the Secretary of State spokesman  said he would not order a recall election in Sinema’s case because the congresswoman is not bound by the state’s recall law, the Libertarian group still wants to invalidate her seat.  In light of the controversial mail out by the ADP, Shipley said: “Don’t underestimate Libertarians because we are here to stay.”

Political dirty tricks happen within both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, but the ADP has sunken to an all new low this time.  It appears ADP’s arrogance with regard to Congressional District 9 underscores their belief that CD9 voters are politically under educated.

According to AZ Central:

"Obviously we prefer Kyrsten Sinema," said Quinlan. But "our calculation is there are probably a lot of conservative voters who realize (Gammill) is a far more consistent conservative than Wendy Rogers. ... We're pretty much taking (Gammill's) positions directly from his website and sharing them."

We implore key swing independent voters of Arizona (now largest voting bloc) to teach Rep. Kyrsten Sinema a lesson specifically in Congressional District 9.  We also implore Sinema’s Latino and Chicano Democratic voting constituents to vote anyone but Sinema and recall to their memory her flip flop on immigration Carlos Galindo exposes repeatedly on his national political talk radio program.  Galindo is a former liberal now registered independent voter of Arizona.

Galindo wrote:

It appears Andiola's recent departure from Sinema's employ may have been a forced departure, based on pressure that was placed on Sinema and her congressional office for hiring a staffer who is supportive of an Immigration "advocate" who spews anti-USA rhetoric. Just as important, according to sources, Andiola was a $50,000 a year congressional office staffer allegedly mooching for money to take a trip to Washington with her mom. See screenshot below.


ADP’s DJ Quinlan is banking on his perception of naïve Republicans believing Powell Gammill is more “conservative” than Wendy Rogers when in fact, Libertarian candidate Powell Gammill is for open borders.  It is also well known how Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema flip flopped on the immigration issue; where she gets tough on immigration on one day -- while reversing her view on another day.  Unfortunately and the problem we have with Sinema is voters will not know what they will get with her in light of her many reversals and stances to include criticism with regard to her  exploiting veterans and Latinos.

Make no mistake, our group to include independent registered women, Chicanos, and Latinos want legal immigration reform.  We do not want to be used as political footballs, and while the ADP gave Sinema a free pass to the SB1225 regard, our informed community will not give her one nor will we allow her to forget it.





Women-led Independent Voter Group Applauds Fred DuVal Candidate For Arizona Governor For Strong Swift Reaction Against Sexism

October 29

“…At both ends of the road, To the left and the right…”  -- George Harrison


Key swing independent voters are now the largest voting bloc in Arizona surpassing Republican voters.  Arizonans have watched the current Republican Governor Jan Brewer embrace disastrous economic restrictionism and isolationism that counter genuine free market principles.   Independents have the ability to break away from Republican rule and who have been essentially holding us hostage.  According to a recent poll by Rassmussen Reports, "Doug Ducey earns 47 percent of the vote to Fred DuVal’s 42 percent with approximately 7 percent who remain undecided.

That said, we would like to highlight a man who has demonstrated distinguished leadership and who is running for Arizona Governor.   Words cannot express our gratitude towards candidate Fred DuVal for putting into action his values and principles over politics with his swift reaction against a horrific sexist remark against lawmaker Catherine Miranda.  He did so even though Miranda supported his opponent and we consider this noble and an act towards healing.  It is a rare thing for voters to see this type of  behavior right before election day, and it is our intent to inform fellow women voters, independent voters and moderate Republican voters (who do not vote straight ticket all the time) of this because we believe DuVal is ready to serve us as Governor of Arizona.

DuVal could have simply chosen to look the other way with regard to sexist remarks, but instead took a high road earning him a distinguished place in women’s hearts.  DuVal quickly defended women in a swift manner when no other Democratic leadership rose to the outward public occasion with regard to disavowing the Stonewall Democrats.  DuVal's act will not go unrecongized.  We believe DuVal reacted immediately because he truly recognizes women as equals -- affording the same respect to women as men receive from other men in a male dominated political environment.  For the record, Stonewall Democrats apologized for the sexist remark after refusing to do so upon initial request.

Women have come a long way since the Mark Twain / Votes For Women era, but we still have a long way to go in the way of reducing sexist remarks in the political atmosphere.  Women watched in horror the increase of misogyny when both Democratic Hillary Clinton and Republican Sarah Palin ran for office and we are absolutely hawkish and committed to doing what we can to minimize male chauvinism today and in the future.

DuVal is a calculated risk for Arizona voters because having a Democrat as Governor will help balance out extremism from an already Republican-led state legislature in Arizona. We must balance ourselves from extremist ideas Tea Party Doug Ducey brings to the Arizona table, therefore, we are fully endorsing Fred DuVal for Arizona Governor.





Dale Eames Is Exposing Ed "Absent" Ableser's Record in Mesa, Arizona, With $711 Billion In Debt!

October 28

Dale Eames is running for Arizona Senate and it appears he is exposing Ed "Absent" Ableser's horrific record in Mesa, Arizona! We would like independent registered voter to vote Ableser out! 

Ed Ableser's inexcusable record

95% of the time he is ineffective at his job!

main pic

Democratic Sen. Ed Ableser of Tempe regained
his title of most absentee lawmaker this year

Replace "Absent" Ableser

Do you see the behavior pattern?

Ed Ableser's Voting Record 
2012 Ed Ableser only voted on 61% of the bills put before the Senate.
2014 Ed Ableser only voted on 70% of the bills put before the Senate.

When asked by the Arizona Capitol Times why he missed so many votes, he said
"When the Republicans were going to ram through their legislation or totally discard what the Democrats voiced, I chose to spend my time working on my dissertation." Ed Ableser

Ed Ableser's late/absent average over the last 9 years is 20%.
Missing 20% is like calling in sick 1 out of every 5 days!
The Legislature only works 4 days a week.

Any student in Arizona that misses more
than 10% is subject to the "Truancy" laws.

Fool me once shame on you.
Fool me twice shame on me. 
Fool me 6 times I'm not paying attention!

If he is re-elected, then we the voters are approving of his behavior.
We are saying that we don't care if we are represented.

He proposed 215 Bills and only 11 passed which = 5%.
95% of the time he is ineffective in creating a positive change.

Let’s try someone who will show up and be effective.


Caution To Republican Lawmakers Using GOP Consultant Constantin Querard / Discessio, LLC Downplaying Importance of Arizona Independent Voters

October 28

Caution To Republican Lawmakers Using Constantin Querard / Discessio, LLC Downplaying Importance of Arizona Independent Voters

By DeeDee Garcia Blase, Co-founder SOMOS INDEPENDENTS

Constantin Querard is an extreme far right wing Republican who made a grave mistake in downplaying Arizona independent voters recently.  Arizona independent voters are the largest voting bloc in Arizona who have been organizing for a few years in light of the extremism we have had to deal with in this state and much of that has to do with Querard.  Unfortunately, Querard is a perfect example of why long life Republicans like me left the Republican Party to become independent voters.

That said, I urge Republican politicians to reconsider using Constantin as a political consultant for reasons shown below:



As you can see, Mr. Querard is well aware of my leaving the Republican Party (even though I am still pro life), and I can only presume he considers my "making trouble" for telling Republican moderate voters (who do not vote straight ticket) to reconsider Michele Reagan in light of Reagan's endorsement of extremist Kris Kobach who has been deemed as one of the worst Republicans in history. In fact, according to FOX LATINO NEWS, extremism from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has dug a deep hole for the Republican National Committee

Mr. Querard is in charge of Discessio, LLC, and on his website he claims he is pro family and pro life and for less taxes. 

  • Where was Mr. Querard at on pro family issues when he knows damn well self deportation laws implemented by the Republican Party forces and tears immigrant families apart that affects the fast growing Mexican American population? Indeed, his own client Russell Pearce believes Operation Wetback was a great operation.
  • Where was Mr. Querard at on pro life views when he knows the ousted Republican Russell Pearce supported attacks the birthright citizenship -- a law that could have fueled immigrant women to abort their children?
  • And it looks like Querard's views on the tax issue front is hypocritical considering taxpayers are held hostage by private prisons.   Querard's client base consists of the ousted Russell Pearce who was all for using our taxes to support prisons who hold immigrants who are detained for working in fast food restaurants, hotels, car washes, construction companies and more.  It is no secret the United States is housing immigrants for working here and who do not represent a real criminal element. I am for putting away real criminals but I believe it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to house immigrants caught for working in agricultural fields, hotels and fast food restaurants. 

The problem I have with Mr. Querard is how he uses Latino tokens to fulfill an agenda against my people.  For instance, Querard represented Republican Rep. Steve Montenegro -- a man born from El Salvador and who's family sought refugee in our Nation.  I believe Querard uses the politician from El Salvador as a "Hispanic / Latino" token to fulfill his agenda that has been disastrous to Mexican American families as their nanas and tatas get deported.  Yet, let the record reflect how Mexican Americans and Chicanos have stepped up for the children fom El Salvador, Honduras and other Central American regions.

We are well aware of the political far right wing operatives like Querard who try to benefit from the "Latino and Hispanic" label even though the majority of that population are Americans of Mexican descent.  If Querard thinks that the tail will continue to wag the dog and ride on the gravy train that consists of mostly Mexican American Chicanos -- he is sadly mistaken. Chicano / Latin Politics 101 says influence comes from numbers. He may have found a token via Steve Montenegro in the short term, but in the long term Querard's strategy will be found out by all and it will eventually run out here in the southwestern part of the United States. 

Last but not least, if you are a Republican with political aspirations to run for office, I implore you to stay away from Constantine Querard and his political consulting because he is on our radar in light of being "political-sleaze maestro," a "vision of Republican darkness," and his sleazy dark politics.




Backlash in Kansas For Kris Kobach's Extreme Policies

October 27

Our independent registered voter group supports Ms. Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State for reasons mentioned in the New York Times below.  Schodorf is a true moderate that will restore sanity to the Secretary of State's office.  Schodorf is formerly Republican, now running as a Democrat.

"Ms. Schodorf, a former Republican state senator who switched parties after a purge of legislative moderates by Governor Brownback, accused Mr. Kobach of creating a “mess” in the secretary of state’s office while traveling the country to pick ideological fights. These include lobbying the Texas Legislature to allow shooting feral hogs from helicopters.


If Mr. Kobach loses his job, said Burdett A. Loomis, a University of Kansas political scientist, it will be because of perceptions he has overly politicized his office. “That’s how Democrats win in a state like Kansas,” he said.

At the candidates’ forum, Hannah Anderson, a loan processor from Lawrence, said she favored Ms. Schodorf. “My biggest problem is the whole Roberts thing,” she said. “I think Kobach has a personal agenda.”


 photo kriskobach.jpg


Michele Reagan Running for Secretary of State While Teaming Up With Extremist Kris Kobach Could Co$t Her and Arizona

October 27

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is at risk with losing his seat for essentially running all over the country picking ideological fights instead of focusing on Kansas business. 

According to New York Times:

Ms. Schodorf, a former Republican state senator  accused Mr. Kobach of creating a “mess” in the secretary of state’s office while traveling the country to pick ideological fights. These include lobbying the Texas Legislature to allow shooting feral hogs from helicopters.

Michele Reagan who is also running for Arizona Secretary of State, used to be a moderate, but that is no longer the case when she was endorsed by the extremist Kris Kobach who is the Secretary of State for Kansas.  This ought to be concerning to every Arizona independent registered voter as Kris Kobach was deemed one of the worst Republicans in history.

Is this what Arizonans want?

Why would Michele Reagan keep an endorsement by extremist Kris Kobach considering his dismal failures at the expense of tax payer dollars?

Let me be clear:  Kris Kobach has an extreme election voting history that cost a town millions of dollars in legal fees.  According to The Cost Of Being Kris Kobach’s Guinea Pig:

Kobach was behind an ordinance in Farmers Branch, Texas, that required people to prove they were in the country legally in order to rent a home and one in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, that would have penalized people who rent to or employ undocumented immigrants. Both ordinances were struck down by federal courts, and neither town succeeded in appealing those decisions to the Supreme Court.

In August, the Dallas Morning News reported that Farmers Branch, a town of 29,000 people, had already spent $6 million defending the law since it was first passed in 2006, and expected to pay $2 million in legal fees for its opponents if it lost in the courts. The town has already been forced to cut back in other areas of its budget in order to keep up with the costs of defending the ordinance, despite a $500,000 contribution from real estate heir Trammell Crow.

Meanwhile, Hazleton reported last year that it had spent nearly $500,000 on legal fees since 2006, financed mostly from donations from an online fundraising campaign, along with a $50,000 gift from Crow. But the Hazleton Standard Speaker reports today that the city’s legal defense fund has dried up and it’s facing the possibility of paying millions of dollars in legal fees for civil rights groups that challenged the law. The town of 25,000 faces these costs on top of a pension fund deficit of over $28 million.  MORE>>>




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