Get Out The Chicano / Latino Vote Event In Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 15

Somos Independents - is a woman led independent registered voter group who encourages coming of age and new  millennial voters to vote during the 2014 elections.  Recently, we were in San Diego, California, registering brand new voters, and this time we are scheduled to hit University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on September 26th, 2014,  and later El Paso, Texas, on September 28th, 2014 at the Lincoln Chicano Park. 

Somos Independents is concentrating their efforts in the southwest leading up to a national campaign via "Cruising To The Polls" that targets Chicano and lowrider owners to remember to vote on November 4, 2014, election day.  The campaign will kick off on November 1, 2014.  Often times, Tea Party Republicans make the mistake of lumping all brown people together.  Chicanos are proud Americans who are not ashamed of Mexican heritage and Cruise To The Polls creatively revives the Chicano movement and lowrider culture while mixing it in with our political responsibility Dr. Hector P. Garcia and "Corky" Gonzales-style.  We have a duty to be a voice for our indigenous brothers and sisters who are undocumented and have no voting voice.

We will have a registration booth at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in an  Outdoor Space on campus near the  SUB Mall (1) South of SUB/Statues Sound/Bus Area

What makes us different than other "Get Out The Vote" organizations that are out there is  we educate and inform our audience who the immigrant friendly politicians are.   It's one thing to say, "Go and vote" and another to give guidance to our gente (people) who the anti-immigrant politicians are. 

We educate the difference between immigrant-friendly politicians and the bigots so that Chicano / Latino voters are well informed despite the smoke and mirrors politicians create.




Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Embraces Chicano / Latino Art As "Viva Phoenix" Kicks Off

September 15

"Art Culture Is-the-Way."  - Eddie Martinez, a retired artist for Walt Disney Productions


 Mayor Greg Stanton participating in The Arts in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

The City of Phoenix kicked off "Viva Phoenix" at the Palomar Hotel in down town Phoenix, Arizona, last week. El Moises -- the Chicano Picasso currently owns and operates a gallery in Taos, New Mexico, but went back to his stomping ground in Arizona to help celebrate the kick off with a live art demonstration.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton participated in the kick off and was sure to draw attention to the Chicano / Latino participating artists.  The role of The Arts in politics is a force to be reckoned with, and in this case, the artist contributes his talents for Phoenix to "live on" despite the increase of graffiti art that is on the rise on 16th Street and in Phoenix area barrios.  Arizonans want fine art -- or art that a person would appreciate hanging in their own homes, and we welcome artists who will paint more than what one would normally see on a railroad train car. 

Live Taos presented El Moises earlier this month and recently wrote:

Taos Artist El Moisés has been a busy man of late. In addition to a recent spread in Low Rider magazine, the Mexican-born, Phoenix-raised Moisés Salcedo has been one of the curators for the upcoming Órale! show at the Harwood Museum, has been commissioned to paint a large mural back in Phoenix, and, perhaps most importantly, has been accepted into a group show in LA commemorating Gilbert “Magu” Lujan, one of Los Four, the Los Angeles-based Chicano collective that exploded on the West Coast art scene with a culturally-awakening show at LACMA in 1974.

El Moisés’ recently finished painting of Lujan is a potent symbol of contemporary Chicano imagery, as well as a heartfelt tribute to a dear friend. In his own inimitable way, Salcedo’s incorporated several styles into a vibrant palette that pay homage not only to Lujan, but serve as a sort of codex to the relationship between “Magu,” and the young Salcedo, who has fond memories and great warmth for his former friend and teacher.

Salcedo’s mastery of the brush continues to flourish in Taos, and the impressive body of work produced in about the year he’s been in town is to be marveled at. In addition to the Magu homage, there’s a stunning portrait of Rudy “Corky” Gonzales (Denver-based founder of the Brown Berets, a 70’s Chicano organization), as well as his anthropomorphized “gangster canine” series that find one marveling at the uncanny resemblance between dogs and their owners, and the “dog” inside some.  FULL STORY HERE>>>


Moises will be conducting the art work that will contribute to a national campaign Somos Independents has been working on via "Cruise To The Polls."   A campaign that will encourage Chicanos and Latinos who own lowriders to remember election day motivating millions to get out and vote in 2014 lest anti-immigrant politicians gain power.



"Bigger Than Borders" Bike Ride Event

September 15

Here is a good cause that will help raise money to feed 5000 families, and provide educational scholarships to folks south of the border.  It involves a 27 mile bike ride!



Dear Friends:


Our border policy is a mess. Nobody can make a decision. In the meantime U.S. taxpayers are bleeding money on ineffectual enforcement ($187 billion to date). We rank right up there with the worst as far human rights abuses on our southern border (139th out of 197 countries).  


But what can I do to empower change?


Join us for this year's "2014 BIGGER than Borders" event. Rancho Feliz has been volunteering on the border for 3 decades. We touch hundreds of lives every day. We have innovative solutions to the poverty that drives illegal immigration.  




These are historic times. Future generations will look back on our current border policy with the same indignity we have looking back on the segregation policies of the Martin Luther King Jr. days. While open borders are not feasible, there are more humane and civilized solutions than building a wall. When Rancho Feliz empowers people to live decently in their own country, they don't want to immigrate illegally into the U.S.


Be a "Guardian Warrior." Take a stand - join us!




Perimeter Bicycling is dedicating this year's bike ride to the volunteers of Rancho Feliz. The Information/Registration/Pledge Page is up and running: BIGGER than Borders Registration  
For a 4-minute video on last year's event go to:


This year's event will include the following:
  • A shorter 27-mile ride option
  • A celebration of Team 1954 (everyone who turned 60 this year)
  • A Fandango dinner at La Divina
  • Unveiling of the gigantic Vecinos wall mural
  • Providing much needed jobs for the Vecinos Sewing Team
  • Feeding 5,000 people
  • Removing 500,000 pieces of recyclable plastic garbage off the streets
  • Funding scholarships for deserving students


So please grab your friends and family and go online, register and we will set up your pledge page today: BIGGER than Borders Registration 


"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who do."  Steve Jobs
Be a part of history - Help us fix our broken border.


A million thanks,


Photo credits: Raechel Running, Sally Falkner, Patrick Armstrong, and Gil Gillenwater

Independent Voter Group Gives Rep. Kyrsten Sinema 2 Thumbs Down For Shady Political Tactics and Reversals

September 09

Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we also know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation contributing billions to the U.S. economy

Independent registered voters become independent because we are fed up with shady politicians who lead you to believe they are one way -- when in fact they act a different way.  (D-AZ) Rep. Sinema is guilty for lying to Mexican American / Latinos in the State of Arizona with her keen opportunist ability to trick voters. 

Independent National radio talk show host via Carlos Galindo (who conducts his show in both Spanish and in English) states it is possible Rep. Sinema used a Latino outreach puppet only to force a resignation later on for ties Erika Andiola had with anti-American Mohammad Abdollahi and Prerna Lal of Indeed even Rep. Luis Gutierrez also distanced himself against extremists behind while Sinema's staffer via Erika Andiola chose to support anti-American activists.  Somos Independents cannot and will not support anti-American rhetoric and we rebuked Andiola heavily. 

Galindo writes:

It appears Andiola's recent departure from Sinema's employ may have been a forced departure, based on pressure that was placed on Sinema and her congressional office for hiring a staffer who is supportive of an Immigration "advocate" who spews anti-USA rhetoric. Just as important, according to sources, Andiola was a $50,000 a year congressional office staffer allegedly mooching for money to take a trip to Washington with her mom.  Read on>>>


Our independent registered voter group recently gave Republican congressional candidate Andy Tobin a thumbs down based on his vote that essentially sent Arizona on a downward economic path.  As such, we cannot ignore Democratic Rep. Sinema's anti-immigrant history either when she chose to support Arizona SB 1225. Adding insult to injury, Rep. Sinema signaled for Arizona Capitol police to arrest immigration leader / radio show host Carlos Galindo when he protested against her "get tough on immigration" law (see video here). This violation of the First Amendment is troubling.

Arizona independent voters are seeking real leadership -- not opportunists like Sinema who has a history of stepping on those without a voice in order to climb the political ladder. Voters want to know who they are going to get and we do not like being lied to.  Independent voters want to see trustworthy politicians, and one does not know what they are going to get with (D) Rep. Krysten Sinema.  We believe Sinema is the type of politician who underestimates informed Mexican American voters.  We are well aware of political games and more of us are standing against those who reverse their positions in order to get ahead. 

Therefore, Rep. Kyrsten Sinema gets two thumbs down.


Photo: Democrat Arizona State Senator Sinema gets Booed by Latino Democrats on SB 1225



Independent Voter Group Gives Andy Tobin 2 Thumbs Down For Extremism and Supporting SB1070 Which Harmed Arizona's Economy

September 09
Tea Party activist Barry Spinka attends a rally in support of the state's Senate Bill 1070 immigration law in Phoenix, Arizona April 25, 2012. Several Supreme Court justices on Wednesday voiced support for Arizona's effort to crack down on illegal immigra
One of Andy Tobin's "constituents."

Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we also know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation contributing billions to the U.S. economy. According to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:   Hispanic Americans are projected to contribute $46 billion (with a "B" to Arizona's economy this year, according to a forthcoming report.   Independent registered voters become independents because we are tired of gridlock and extremism from both sides of the political spectrum.

According to Forbes, Arizona-style immigration laws hurt the economy, and as such we must give candidate Andy Tobin two thumbs down. Andy Tobin is a Tea Party extremist that will send the State of Arizona to a pre Civil Rights era. 

Arizona State Senator Antenori writes this of Andy Tobin who is running for Congress District 1:

In 2010, SB-1070 was one of the most conservative [extremist] bills ever to pass in Arizona, maybe in the entire country. Andy was under considerable pressure to stop the bill in the House, but he didn’t cave. Even when President Obama was attacking Arizonans from Washington, Tobin didn’t cave! He fought to make sure that SB-1070 got a vote on the house floor. It did. And with his vote, it was sent to the governor.

According to US NEWS:

By one estimate, the economic effects may have been painful. A 2010 paper from liberal think tank Center for American Progress estimated that the state could lose $217 million in direct spending from a decline in conference attendees, not to mention 4,236 jobs and $388 million in economic output as a result of the law.

"You end up hurting the very people you'd like to be helping. You hurt people who had no influence on the law that was passed," says Garrick Taylor, vice president of communications at the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Still, while these businesses may cheer a reprieve from the controversy, some employers may be finding themselves with a new problem on their hands—a shortage of workers.


We cannot take an Arizona economic isolationist risk with Andy Tobin and we are reminding Arizona independent registered voters to consider his disastrous policies for this state.  Andy Tobin is no moderate -- he is an extremist with a history of supporting extreme bills within the State of Arizona.





Independent Registered Voter Group Endorses Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State - Cites Agricultural Needs

September 09

Read more here: 


Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation.  Independent registered voters become independents because we are tired of gridlock and extremism from both sides of the political spectrum. 

Kris Kobach's economic restrictionism and isolationism has harmed Kansas agriculture --  a top driver in the midwest.  He has been traveling across the country with his anti-immigrant campaign instead of putting his efforts that are in the best interest of Kansas and our Nation that rely upon competitive labor affecting thousands of industries.

The Kansas Livestock Association understand the economic impacts of Kobach's economic isolationism when they supported Kobach's Republican opponent during the GOP primaries citing: "Kobach strays beyond the traditional roles of secretary of state by taking up issues such as immigration and blocking federal environmental protections of the lesser prairie chicken."

There are 65,531 farms in Kansas that sell approximately $14.4 billion in agricultural products.  Noncitizen farmworkers accounted for 16% of all farmworkers in Kansas between 2007 and 2011. According to one study, in 2020 an expanded temporary worker program – like the one provided by the Senate bill – would mean 757 new jobs for U.S. citizens and immigrants (including jobs not only in agriculture, but also retail trade, construction, and other sectors) in Kansas, and increase Kansas’s real personal income by $46million in 2012 dollars.    

Therefore, we are signaling to key swing independent registered moderate voters to consider Jean Schodorf who is running for Kansas Secretary of State.  We believe Schodorf is a true moderate in light of being a former registered Republican.  We encourage business owners and farmers to vote their pocket book in order to secure Kansas' future, and we are encouraged to hear Jean Schodorf is ahead in the polls.





About Jean

Born on a Marine Corps base in North Carolina, Jean Kurtis Schodorf grew up 13-301-067-300x200.jpgknowing the sacrifice and the service that comes with preserving our freedoms and protecting the American dream. Jean’s father, Brigadier General William Kurtis, was one of the Marine Corps’ first 1,000 aviators. His initial assignment was to search for fellow Kansan Amelia Earhart. After serving in World War II, Brigadier General Kurtis retired from the Marines, moving his family back to Kansas.

Education & Work Experience

Jean and her brother, Bill, spent their childhood on the family farm in Independence, Kansas, and graduated from Independence High School. After earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in communicative disorders from the University of New Mexico, Jean returned to Southeast Kansas where she worked as a speech and language pathologist in the local schools. For the past 36 years, Jean has lived in Wichita where she raised her family and worked as a speech and language pathologist. After going back to school at WSU to earn a doctorate degree in communicative disorders, Jean continues to work as a speech and language pathologist with children and senior citizens in the Wichita area. For 12 years, she served on the Wichita School Board, including three years as board president.

Leadership in the Kansas Senate

Jean represented the 25th District in the Kansas Senate for over a decade. In the Senate, Jean earned positions as the Chair of both the Education committee and the Legislative Educational Planning Committee. She also served as Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Arts and Cultural Resources and as a member of the Budget, Judiciary and Commerce committees.

As a leader in the Senate, Jean has authored several key pieces of legislation, including increased penalties for drunk drivers and financial literacy training for school-aged children. She has worked to secure economic development initiatives for Wichita and south central Kansas, including affordable flights from Mid-Continent Airlines, the National Institute of Aviation Research, the water recharge program, and funding for Cessna bonds and the Jabara Aviation Training Center.

As a State Senator, Jean also worked with the Wichita Police Department to spearhead anti-gang legislation, which has helped local law enforcement officers crack down on gang violence and keep our neighborhoods safe.





Koch Brothers Deny Climate Change To Justify Pipeline XL, Irresponsible Caretakers of Earth While Dishonoring Native American Treaties

September 09


Irresponsible fracking.  In shadow of oil boom, North Dakota farmers fight contamination.



The Koch Brothers are known for being part of the Climate Change denial machine, but why?

Because Keystone XL pipeline could generate $100 billion in profits for billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, according to this report and admitting to environmental mishaps could affect their bottom dollar.  They are trying to build an empire on deadly emissions and have been successful minimizing their fees and fines for violating.  In fact we see a pattern of deception when the Koch Brothers' company pleaded guilty to concealing it's violation of compliance measures agreeing to pay a mere $20 million in fines and environmental projects.  Moreover, the rest of the charges were dropped and high ranking officials were able to avoid prison sentences

Folks, our Creator gave us this earth and commanded we take care of it. Instead, we see repeated raping of the earth.  See video here. We are also wasting water -- a precious resource human beings rely upon.

According to the AP:

States where hydraulic fracturing is taking place have seen a surge in earthquake activity, raising suspicions that the unconventional drilling method could be to blame, especially the wells where the industry disposes of its wastewater.

Fracking generates vast amounts of wastewater, far more than traditional drilling methods. The water is pumped into injection wells, which send the waste thousands of feet underground. No one knows for certain exactly what happens to the liquids after that. Scientists wonder whether they could trigger quakes by increasing underground pressures and lubricating faults.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers are funneling millions of dollars to support far right wing Tea Party candidates across the country with regard to the elections.  In addition to the Koch brothers helping anti-immigrant politicians, they also have a record for being anti-police militarization.   Tim Mak at The Daily Beasta recipient of a Koch fellowship, points out that Charles and David Koch have bankrolled opposition to police militarization for years.  We caution you with regard to stories with regard to white cops beating and killing minorities.  We cannot fall for the the white vs. black/brown whatsoever and the Koch brothers are notorious for dividing and conquering schemes.  White cops have also been known to kill numerous whites, too, and we must not focus on race and the abuse of law enforcement.

But what is one of the most damning traits of Pipeline XL in addition to destroying our environment?  The disregard for the treaties we have with Native Americans that ought to be honored and respected.  Native Americans in South Dakota fear that building of the Keystone XL Pipeline could disrupt their fragile land and culture. Ed Schultz travels to the reservation.


Article VI, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, also known as the Supremacy Clause, declares the treaties made with Native Americans as the "supreme law of the land”—but for over 200 years, the US government has consistently broken them. These legally binding contracts contained promises for recognizing tribes’ rights to live self-governed and undisturbed on their own land, with religious freedom; to hunt, fish, and gather natural resources; and to have such benefits as health care, education, and, in some cases, financial payments for lands previously sold to the government. We have a responsibility to honor the promises that have been made.




Swing Independent Voter Group Set To Endorse Candidate Chuck Hassebrook for Nebraska Governor

September 08

Chuck Hassebrook for Governor


Somos Independents is a voter group led by Mexican American women.   Shirl Mora James is a Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer of Nebraska and is also a co-founder of our organization. 

Everyone knows the immigration system is broken, and our group supports legal immigration reform.  We also know that agricultural farmers of Nebraska depend and rely upon immigrant labor.   In fact, according to Growing Nebraska:

The American Farm Bureau Federation is urging Congress to pass immigration reform this year. 

"Immigration reform is critical for the agricultural industry," said AFBF President Bob Stallman. "Many farmers rely on an immigrant labor force and without reform, growers will begin to plant less labor intensive crops or go off shore. 

"Simply put, either we import our labor or we import our food," said Stallman.

Agriculture is Nebraska's chief economic driver, yet, according to the New York Times, current Governor Heineman made anti-immigration his focus in his last election.  Bottom line:  Restrictionism and isolationism does not grow our economy.  In fact, Heineman's approach is hurting Nebraska farmers and the agricultural industry. 

We know that without immigrant labor, our Nation would be bankrupt.  We understand the economic facts which is why we are asking Nebraska farmers to vote their pocket book on November 4, 2014, and we encourage them along with other business leaders to support Chuck.





Swing Independent Nebraska Voters: Kyle Michaelis Not Helping Lancaster Democratic Party With Outreach

September 08


Key swing independent voters have had it with the 2 major party system.  It's no wonder the independent voter bloc is growing across the Nation.  American independent voters expect Congress to work because every single one of them receive at least a 6 figure income at the expense of our taxes and tax payers.  We expect them to work and solve tough issues like immigration in a bipartisanship fashion.

We have little patience for Nebraska Democrats who do not support Mexican-American / Chicano / Latino families.  The former Sen. Ben Nelson voted against the DREAM Act in 2010, and since then Mexican-American / Latino voters have been extremely hawkish with politicians who are guilty of using the immigration issue as a political football.  Obviously Chicano / Latino voters believe the Republican Party is worse than the Democratic Party and much of it has to do with their anti-immigrant and anti-Latino behavior towards our community.  The Republican Party officially adopted an anti-immigrant platform (no thanks to extremist Tea Party Kris Kobach of Kansas) in 2012. 

That said, it would be a good idea for the Lancaster Democratic Party to distance themselves from the likes of Kyle Michaelis if they want to excel with Mexican American / Latino voter outreach that is clearly growing in Nebraska in light of corn farmers depending on competitive labor Mexican immigrants give them.  Indeed the agricultural industry in the midwest would be bankrupt if it were not for the immigrant labor it depends upon.  Indeed hard working immigrants have suffered enough with regard to taxation without representation.


Kyle Michaelis forgets the many years the broken immigration system has been affecting Mexican American / Latino families and have had to endure.  Sources have told us Mr. Michaelis worked for DHS as an immigration officer and this could be an explanation for his behavior.  We asked Kyle if he still worked as an immigration officer but we still have not received a comment from him. Michaelis reminds us of a former Arizona State Senator via Kyrsten Sinema who got "tough on immigration" via AZ SB 1225. Independent voters are tired of gridlock methods and politicians who flip flop and try to trick voters into believing they are for our community even though they reverse their positions.

For instance, Kyle Michaelis supported former Senator Ben Nelson's "use of "Border Security First" as a campaign theme in the 2006 election because it created the national model for conservative political rhetoric in every campaign since."  

Perhaps it would have been a good idea for Kyle to not attack Zachary Mora James to begin with when Zach wrote:

I am greatly disappointed in President Obama's failure to keep to his promise of taking action on immigration. He states that he shall take action after the midterm election, which goes to show that even he isn't immune to Washington's political expediency over the common good. It's always "mañana, mañana." When will we start working on behalf of the people today? - Zachary Mora James, President of UVM College Democrats

Kyle Michaelis responded with:



Shirl Mora James ended with the following comment made to Kyle Michaelis:

KyleMichaelis, you need to be mindful of the affect of your words on others that do not hold your worldview....I did not make any silly threats, I made a promise to you and unlike Obama, I keep my have shown yourself unworthy of the Latino and Independent vote....go back and reread your posts chastising Latinos' disappointment with Obama breaking his promise once again. The Latino vote was key in his elections, so we have the right to express our broken hearts to his broken should not be attacking my nephew about his disappointment with Obama either, you started this whole bullshit when you attacked him on his FB page....and he is a Democrat, too! So why did you find it necessary to come to his FB page and attack him when you are from the same political the hell of me! Are you trying to chase him out of NE Democratic Party or do you just like being a jackass? And go read the letter sent to Obama from over 100 law Professors from across the nation outlining his legal right to use his executive power for administrative relief. Get informed before you start acting like Charlie Janssen! Here's a thought you stay off our FB pages with your anti-Latino sentiments and we will stay off your FB started this shit!

Though Kyle Michaelis refuses to apologize, we will not be idle anymore.  We are taking a stand for our community and we will use legal immigration as the litmus test.  










Independent Voters React To President Obama's Immigration Relief Delay To Fall 2014

September 07

Photo: Speaker Boehner continues to do nothing and stalls immigration reform.

According to the Associated Press, President Obama will be delaying immigration relief until this fall.  

There are a number of reasons for the delay with the No. 1 reason being attributed to Republican Speaker Boehner who is part of the do-nothing Republican-led House of Representatives and is behind blocking the vote for legal immigration reform the Democratic-led Senate passed over one year ago. 

The other reasons are attributed to "TeaDREAMers" -- DREAMers who have been bought and hijacked by Republican supporters to divert attention to Obama instead of Speaker Boehner who is actually blocking the bill from advancing to Obama's desk for signing.

From AP:

Reflecting the passion behind the threat of deportations, immigration advocacy groups that have criticized Republicans for not passing an immigration overhaul instantly turned their anger on Obama.

Other reasons include several immigrant non-profits who stand to gain financially with handouts they receive when the immigration crisis remains. 

The solution?


What should the Obama administration do?

Obama should provide some sort of relief the Friday before November 4, 2014, elections. Vulnerable Democratic Senators must never encourage President Obama to back down from a promise that was given and should learn to take a hit for the team -- else Latino Democrats will defect to the moderate independent registered voter bloc that continues to increase.

Here's what we think will happen:

The political yahoo's on both the GOP and Democratic side are going to see who wins their elections and/or re-elections on November 4, 2014 (similar to what happened in December 2010 when the DREAM Act went for vote ... except this time the Obama administration will more than likely conduct a "DACA for parents" [parents who have no real criminal record in their backgrounds] come Holiday time. More than likely an action will occur BETWEEN the day AFTER election day and when right before the NEW congress begins. Democrats  will continue to be more immigrant friendly. The GOP has already decided to toe the tea party anti-immigrant line.

Speaker John Boehner and RNC's Reince Priebus cannot even control their own Republican Party let alone the Nation ... as a result of the GOP's inability to control their tea party (the leaders are afraid of their tea party crowds) WE MUST HELP THE GOP PRUNE OUT the Tea Party and their divisive extreme from our Nation by ensuring they do not get voted in to control the House of Representatives. NOVEMBER 2014 ELECTION DAY IS A CRITICAL FOR MEXICAN-AMERICAN / CHICANOS TO VOTE IN DROVES. If we see a so-called immigration activist(s) who benefits financially with crisis situations telling people NOT TO VOTE -- they will be NEUTERED by Somos Independents. We need to analyze local and national races and vote for those who have a better history with regard to supporting legal immigration reform. WE MUST VOTE.

If you are Latino Republican or a Latino Democrat ... and you are sick of the same shit but with a different animal...don't get pissed off by NOT voting -- simply punish both sides by changing your voter affiliation to being an independent registered voter.  This will essentially FORCE BOTH SIDES to behave an work in a bipartisanship way in order to tackle tough issues like immigration reform.  It is imperative for every registered Chicano/Latino/Hispanic voter to vote.

Independent key swing voters want real leadership, not politicians who buckle under pressure.  As such, it is a well known fact that Americans want immigration reform fixed.

These are the 4 Senators our independent voter group will be hawkish on:

  1. Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina (who has a record of not voting for the DREAM Act in 2010).
  2. Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas (who has a record of not voting for the DREAM Act in 2010).  This is where Bill Clinton should give him political cover while holding his hand in the 'deep south' with regard to this issue.  Else, Pryor should take one for the Democratic Team.
  3. Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana who did vote in support of the DREAM Act in 2010, yet, should remember the Mexican immigrants the Republican Governor had clean up the gulf.  Or Landrieu can simply remind the voters of Louisiana how immigrants cleaned up more messes as they were exploited while big companies hid behind subcontractors in order to line their pocket with public money.  
  4. Sen. Mark Begich of Alaska (needs to remember that even his Republican counterpart via Sen. Lisa Murkowski voted in support of the DREAM Act in 2010).  Indeed, Begich should remind himself Sen. Lisa Murkowski's habit of breaking with the GOP on several key votes could give him some political cover ahead of 2014.



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