Arizona Democratic Congressman Kyrsten Sinema Supports Donald Trump Ideas

July 27

Remember Arizona's Rep. Kyrsten Sinema?  Well she is at her populist self again ... this time supporting the likes of Donald Trump and his immigration rhetoric. 

Pelosi, House Democrats Throw Down For Immigrant Families As House GOP Passes Donald Trump Act

Under Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s direction, with major assists from Immigration Subcommittee Committee Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, nearly all House Democrats — 174 in total — voted against the harmful, Steve King-sanctioned measure, which would severely undermine community policing strategies designed by local law enforcement to build trust with all residents they are charged with protecting.

Let this be a cautionary tale for Democrats in the Senate, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) who has talked about working on her own legislation.

We already know Republicans aren’t looking for a policy solution. They don’t want to work in good faith on bipartisan immigration reform. They want the sound bite. They want the headline. And their sound bites and headlines demonize the immigrant community. Anyone who considers himself or herself a champion for that community cannot be a champion while trying to appease our staunchest opponents.

The 174 House Democrats who held the line for families should be applauded. Click here to find out how your House Member voted and please send him or her a thank you message or call if they did the right thing (and the opposite if they did not).

Unfortunately, six Democrats made the wrong choice and sided with the Steve King wing of the GOP, while eight Democrats sat out the vote entirely. The Democrats who voted against immigrants were: Reps. Ami Bera of California, Jim Cooper of Tennessee, Henry Cuellar of Texas, Bill Keating of Massachusetts, Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Krysten Sinema of Arizona.

A little bit about Sinema ...  Democratic leaders like Carlos Galindo chant "no mas" on State Senator Kyrsten Sinema's SB1225 bill where she boasted of getting "tough....on immigration". Several activists told her not to support the bill, and Senator Sinema was told to kill the bill several weeks ago by Hispanic Democratic community leaders and activists. She had people jailed who voted and supported her in her own district. Sinema wants to take Russell Pearce's path as an Arizona Democratic legislator who is playing with Latino fire. This doesn't surprise us....after all, Obama promised Latinos he would work on passing immigration with 90 days, but he sold them down the Rio Grande River. Now Sinema wants to sell them down the river, too. We want Sinema to kill the bill. Arizona is notorious for over-criminalizing laws that are already on the books. Sinema and Pearce ought to tackle the budget, the deficit and job creation.

Watch video here.


(Above) Arizona Kyrsten Sinema asks security to detain Liberal Latino Leader Carlos Galindo as he protests her for getting tough on immigration within the State of Arizona. Video taken by DeeDee Garcia Blase in 2011.



Mr. President, Please pardon Veterans Who Honorably Served Our Nation Yet Were Deported.

July 27

Dear, President Obama,

As a veteran who honorably served our Nation's military, I would like to make a special request of you to pardon other military veterans who were deported even though they served our Nation (these vets received an honorably discharge).  They deserve a pardon and did their time serving our Nation with courage.  I am learning that other deported veterans were deported after they were drafted in the Vietnam war.  It is egregious to hear that deported veterans can only come back to American soil after they are dead in order to be buried with other vets.  

As your term nears to an end, please consider deported all deported veterans who were drafted into our wars and give them pardon.  Please pardon all veterans who served our Nation honorably with honorable discharge.  Some are suffering from PTSD and need help right away.  Many who suffer have no access to Veteran health care in Mexico and there ought to be an outlet that gives help to those who deserve it.

While cowards like Donald Trump were looking for ways to dodge the draft, these men courageously raised their right hand, gave an oath and swore to protect our United States Constitution.

Thank you.

Best regards,


DeeDee Garcia Blase




(Above Left to Right:   Hector Barajas, DeeDee Blase, Mark Lane)

While others work on a long term arduous legislative processes on legislative bills....I'll go direct and work on pardons for Veterans who honorably served our Nation with an honorable discharge...yet got deported. If the got damned military is willing to draft Mexicanos...they got damned well had better make them deserved citizens. It's absolute HORSE SHIT that these deported veterans won't be able to step foot on American soil unless they are dead so that they can be buried with the other vets.


Phoenix New Times: Tia Oso, Protester Who Interrupted Martin O'Malley, Is Convicted Embezzler

July 22

Caution ... keep Tio Oso on your radar ...

From Ray Stern with the Phoenix New Times:


Anshantia "Tia" Oso, one of the protesters who interrupted a Town Hall event with presidential candidates Martin O'Malley and Bernie Sanders on Saturday, writes in a high-profile column today that she was the "right person" to lead the halting of the program.

Oso touts her many activist qualifications in the column, but she left one thing off her bio: her 2009 conviction for embezzling thousands of dollars from a nonprofit Valley arts organization. READ FULL STORY HERE>>>


Green-Card Holders / Immigrant Soldiers Have More Courage Than Draft Deferment Donald Trump

July 20

Ekaterine Bautista holds a photograph of her taken in Iraq. She earned commendations during her years in the Army. (Photo Credit: Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)


Recently, Donald Trump told Matt Lauer that illegal immigrants are treated better than many of the vets and it was a disgrace for what is happening in this country and John McCain has done nothing about it but talk.

But, it is disingenuous for Trump to say “illegal immigrants” are treated better than veterans considering the undocumented green-card holders who fought and died for our Nation before becoming an official U.S. citizen.  These immigrant green-card holders were indeed more courageous than Trump bearing in mind his many draft deferments.

According to  James Gooder, thousands of these foreign fighters, whose native language is mainly Spanish, served during the Iraq War.  One of the first “U.S.” soldiers to be killed in the Iraq war was Lance Corporal Jose Antonio Gutierrez, 28, an orphan from the streets of Guatemala City who slipped across the Mexican border illegally in 1997.  In 2003, many Americans discovered the military welcomed enlistment of non-citizens; more than 37,000 lawful permanent residents (green-card holders) served in the military, where they accounted for about three percent of active-duty personnel.    

I believe Trump is inciting hate against those of Latin / Mexican descent and it is a dehumanizing process at best when he newly stated, “Mexican migrants to the U.S. are drug traffickers and rapists, as well as some ... good people.”  But it is with that anti-Mexican rhetoric Trump is making that sends Americans backward to the 1940’s.  In 1948, Dr. Hector P. Garcia was quarreling with the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas, when they refused to accept sick World War II veterans who were Latino. That same year, an American soldier of Mexican descent was refused fair and just burial rights in 1948.  Private Longoria, a Texas native,  was killed in duty during a volunteer mission in the Pacific but when he was returned home for final burial, the owner of the town’s sole funeral parlor would not allow a Mexican American to have chapel services there  because “the Anglos would not stand for it.”  Dr. Hector P. Garcia showed leadership when he sent out seventeen telegrams to elected and  government officials, which stated ``the denial was a direct contradiction of those same principles for which this American soldier made the supreme sacrifice in giving his life for his country, and for the same people who deny him the last funeral rites deserving of any American hero regardless of his origin''.   

With his many draft deferments,  Trump is losing credibility within his own party as he attempts to hold the highest ranking position as Commander In Chief should he win as the Republican Presidential nominee.     According to the Associated Press,  Donald Trump had it good in 1968 when he was 21 years old with a full head of hair.  He avoided the Vietnam War draft on his way to earning an Ivy League degree.   But more than 8,000 miles away, John McCain sat in a tiny, squalid North Vietnamese prison cell. The Navy pilot’s body was broken from a plane crash, starvation, botched operations and months of torture.

While Trump spreads his cancerous hate against Mexicans and immigrants, may it be an example and a reminder to him that it was a woman who had more courage than he did when she proudly raised her right arm to defend our Nation and our U.S. Constitution.  Ekaterine Bautista, an undocumented Mexican immigrant  earned herself a Combat Action Badge when she proudly served six years  in our military — including a 13-month tour of duty in Iraq.  She would have been eligible to apply for naturalization under a decades-old law.

As a veteran who served during Gulf War I under former President George H.W. Bush in 1991, I give Senator John McCain my respect for his military service and being a Prisoner Of War (POW).  Though I have disagreed with Arizona’s Senator John McCain on his immigration stances in the past, I am in full alignment when he said: “…go to the Vietnam War Memorial and look at the names engraved in black granite. You’ll find a whole lot of Hispanic names. When you go to Iraq or Afghanistan today, you’re going to see a whole lot of people who are of Hispanic background. You’re even going to meet some of the few thousand that are still green-card holders who are not even citizens of this country, who love this country so much that they’re willing to risk their lives in its service in order to accelerate their path to citizenship and enjoy the bountiful, blessed nation. …”

Facts are stubborn things, and Trump is not in good company when he emulates similar  anti-immigrant talking points spread by the likes of Numbers USA, FAIR, and John Tanton-related organizations.  Restrictionism and economic isolationism will not win him or the Republican Party the 2016 Presidential Elections.  As independent voters rise, the GOP has been  hurt the most.  Too many Republicans like me left the party for good in light of Tea Party extremism, and Trump’s extremism with no regard to a fellow Veteran like McCain is GOP political suicide when it comes ot the centrist and moderate voters.   The cancer was allowed in 2012 when the RNC / Reince Priebus allowed themselves to adopt an anti-immigrant platform that has trickled downward and out of control -- and it is high time they act quickly to reverse it.




Bad Day for Tea Party Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Federal Courthouse

July 20

"..I got the boys to make the noise, won't ever let up, hope it annoys you..." - Quiet Riot


 (Above:  7/20/15 -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio leaving the federal court house after his hearing was concluded.)


On the heels of Sheriff Joe Arpaio hosting an event with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump (who incites hate against Chicanos, Latinos and people of Mexican descent), Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s lawyers were directed by Judge Snow to give the United States Government (DOJ) the records they requested a long time ago as long as the information is not shared with a 3rd party.  (Personally I believe Arpaio's recent Phoenix area event with Trump is another violation of what he was ordered not to do.)

Also, the ACLU asked  Judge Snow for some reassurance that Arpaio cease in electronic surveillance with regard to parties involved in the case. Judge Snow told Arpaio’s counsel the assurance of not conducting surveillance with regard to the parties involved in the case was a reasonable request.  The ACLU will inform MCSO and Arpaio’s legal representation in writing to request that assurance that surveillance by the MCSO will not happen.

From the Arizona Republic:

Today's 11:00 a.m. hearing, among other things, discussed the status of Arpaio's remaining internal investigations, a Department of Justice request to see a database of documents from a discredited confidential informant to the Sheriff's Office and the scheduling of the remaining contempt-of-court hearings.  READ MORE >>>





Donald Trump’s Visit To Arizona Sparks Debate Between Kate’s Law vs. Juan’s Law

July 11

Donald Trump attracted thousands of far right wingers when he visited Phoenix, Arizona, on Saturday. His visit was met with internal divisiveness when GOP Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake shunned Trump. While campaign stumping in the heartland of the southwest, Donald Trump’s advocacy for Kate’s law through Bill O’Reilly is sparking debate in our own Arizona backyard among pro legal immigration reform advocates.

The far right wing conservatives such as Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump have been advocating for Kate’s law, but Chicana/os want to know where the advocacy for Juan’s law is that will protect them from hate laws officials promote. For instance, many Tea Party Republican favorites like Donald Trump and the ousted and former Senator Russell Pearce advocate for laws that incite hate against Chicanos and Latinos. According to the Associated Press: “Tension surrounding the passage of Arizona's tough new law cracking down on illegal immigration contributed to the slaying of an Hispanic man [Juan Varela], allegedly shot by a white neighbor, a representative of the dead man's family said.”  The shooting was finally determined a hate crime against a Latino man.

Surviving family member Antonio Varela said:

“My brother Juan D. Varela was killed over SB 1070 -- a hate bill that was signed by Governor Jan Brewer.   I believe there  should be a Juan’s law in memory of my brother because of the way things were carried out when my brother was shot and as  Arizona politicians feared riots due to the hate crime.   Before my brother was shot, Brewer allowed Arizonans to conceal weapons without a permit  and that is how my brother died when his neighbor concealed his gun from under his shirt before shooting him dead after calling him a wetback.  My brother and I are 5th generation Americans of Mexican descent.”


Another tragedy that happened in our own Arizona backyard was when a little girl was shot in the face in front of her own mother by Shawna Forde – a minuteman. Where is Brisenia’s Law?

Another tragedy happened under the supervision of Sheriff Joe Arpaio (who is known for racial profiling against Chicanos and Latinos) when a United States Veteran of our Armed Forces died after jail workers left him stripped naked and for dead.  Where is our Chicano / Latino Veteran’s Law that protects us from officials known for their bigotry in organizations funded by tax payers?  Did Arpaio so soon forget about the blood on his own hands as he essentially rolls out the red carpet for Donald Trump

On the day Trump visited our State of Arizona, and while Tea Party Republicans point a finger against us with regard to the unfortunate tragedy that occurred in San Francisco, we have no choice but to defend ourselves and point 3 Arizona fingers at them with regard to the tragedies that happened here in our own backyard.   Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez does not represent the regular run of the mill immigrant, and many of us believe sanctuary cities should be sanctuary for law abiding immigrants, but not for convicted felons.

Regarding the Kate's law debate, Arizona State Senator Catherine Miranda recently wrote:

"I say there is no medication for narcissistic ego-maniacs like Trump. He's trying to justify his previous comments about "all " immigrants. To surface one tragic comment he made to justify all immigrants is ignorant and desperate on his part. Let's not fall for it. Bottom line immigration reform is on "delay delay delay" mode and that's the root of all concerns and problems."

Moreover, I believe we ought to remain level headed and fix the clearly broken immigration system that has been stalled by Tea Party Republicans for approximately 2 years. Fixing the broken immigration system will help us to pit the law abiding immigrants against the ones who are convicted felons because many of the law abiding immigrants will not want the real criminal immigrant element in their community anyway.   More importantly, when Tea Party people get behind laws that chip away from the original tea party message that goes against "taxation without representation," they will be on a slippery slope that made our Nation great. Undocumented immigrants have paid billions and billions of dollars that feed tax coffers. The answer is not Kate’s law – the answer is overhauling the clearly broken immigration system.  It is a well known fact that immigrants are the backbone to our economic society, and it is ridiculous to throw the baby out with the bath water considering how many immigrants built hotels for the Trump Hotels.

Republicans ought to be ashamed for using tragedies to advance their evil political agenda that can only promote an increase of hate crimes against brown-skinned people.  Today we see Trump make an attempt of pitting the blacks against the browns, therefore, we must remind Trump that it was a white gunman (who should not have been a gun owner) that killed 9 African-Americans while praying in a Church, and it does him no good to use the old southern strategy of pitting one ethnic group against another. A fast rising key demographic who are up and coming of age in Arizona and throughout the southwest will remember the RNC’s hate law inaction  (under the direction of Reince Priebus).  The RNC adopted a harsh anti-immigrant platform that trickled hate rhetoric and culture from the top-down, and Priebus' lack of leadership is too little too late in chastising Trump when his own Party at the highest levels promote anti-immigrant / anti-brown culture.  

Chicanos and Latinos do well in the voting department during Presidential election cycles, and we will remember come 2016 the same way we did in 2012.


Con Safos



Letter From A Mexican American To Donald Trump

June 23


Dear Mr. Trump,

As a former fan of your NBC show, and as a 41 year old Mexican man I would like to share a bit of who I am.

I'm a husband, a father, and a dreamer, living in San Diego Ca. I am born in Tijuana Mexico and I follow the opportunities this great country has allowed me. I may not be the best example of what some believe as "living the American Dream" but I try my best to make a difference in my community and try to inspire others to do the same.

My mother brought me here at the age of 2 and did the best she could to provide without taking a single job from an American citizen she created her own opportunities. My mother was not a drug dealer, certainly not a rapist, and definitely didn't have the amount of problems that you currently have! So when you say "Mexico does not send their best", I beg to differ. There are so many more Mexicans here just like my mother that we consider to be "THE BEST" and we invite you to our community to meet them.

I could introduce you to a few good Latinos that could have written some great speeches for you if given the opportunity, however, your shot at winning the Latino vote is over! So, instead of taking the word from a few "border guards", how about you take a tour of Chicano Park, meet some families from Sherman Heights, come down and visit San Ysidro, walk thru some Chula Vista and National City streets and meet some of the good people that might have voted for you! Don't just assume that there may be some good ones, come see for yourself, then Thank Mexico for sending their best!

Ruben Torres

#‎yourefired #‎donaldtrump #‎trump #‎thedonald #‎theapprentice #‎ignorantrichmanwithbadhair


Super Indoor Custom Car Show Civic Engagement Will Have Get Out The Vote Booth Targeting Thousands of Chicanos and Latinos In Phoenix This Upcoming Sunday

June 12
Friday, Jun 12, 2015
Primary Contact:  El Whyner, Organizer
(602) 565-4959
Back-up Contact:  DeeDee Garcia Blase
(480) 200-3748

Super Indoor Custom Car Show Hits The Phoenix Area!
Civic Engagement With Get Out The Vote Booth Targeting Thousands of Chicanos and Latinos
Phoenix, AZ -- We are excited to host a Get Out The Vote Booth targeting thousands of Chicanos / Latinos at a Super Indoor Custom Car Show that will be inside the air conditioned Civic Center Plaza. 
El Whyner, organizer of the Super Indoor Custom Car Show states:
“In just 2 days, you'll be able spend Sunday afternoon strolling the Phoenix Convention Center in air-conditioned comfort looking at Kustoms, Lowriders, Hotrods, motorcycles and bicycles. Presented by In the Streets Magazine and SIC Productions, the event will include a display of 500 model cars, automobile-themed art and photography sales and a pin-up contest featuring 30 women from Arizona, gunnin' for the Miss Custom Arizona! Mega 104.3 and the Beat 101.1 will be broadcasting live. Along with LIVE music! Get tickets at the Civic Center box office or online at”
DeeDee Garcia Blase, co-founder of Somos Independents (formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement a women-led counter to the Tea Party extremists) states:
“Our intent is to educate raza (human race) on the upcoming 2016 election cycle.  We are working on that golden email list sending Chicanos and Latinos email updates with regard to much needed political education.  We have been working with Arizona Senator Catherine Miranda, a dynamic Chicana, as well as California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, soon after California’s success with regard to the California New Motor Voter Act which was recently approved by Full Assembly this June.   Arizona’s Sen. Miranda took leadership by reaching out to Gonzalez, and is currently working with fellow Arizona politicians in order to work on achieving that same success in Arizona.”

Somos Independents is a national group of key swing independent registered Independent women voters who support bipartisanship in our government that will help solve tough issues.   We are organizing the growing independent registered voter group by getting out the vote with millennial voters, and we realize college-aged students prefer registering themselves as independents rather than choosing a major political party.  We believe in putting people before Party politics.  Co-founders include a former Republican and a former Democratic voter.


Senator Bill Kintner Likened To Ousted Sen. Russell Pearce on Operation Wetback

May 15

On 13 May, 2015, Civil Rights lawyer Shirl Mora James informed me of bigotry rearing it's ugly head in Nebraska. Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner told a group of kids we needed to bring back Operation "wetback" on the NE legislative floor.

State Senator Bill Kintner is on the same path the ousted and former Senator Russell Pearce is on with regard to using derogatory and offensive terms like "Wetback" that brings Americans backward to a pre Civil Rights era.


Arizona Calling Campaign to Mary K. Reinhart Regarding Mercy Maricopa ( MMIC) Mental Health Police Squad

May 04

Via Elizabeth Singleton:


I need your Help!!! Calling Campaign ( Please SHARE and CALL/EMAIL)

Call or Email Mercy Maricopa Integrate Contact: Mary Reinhart 602-453-8304 Email

Does a new Mercy Maricopa ( MMIC) policy prohibits tax payers funded mental health service members from speaking at ‘community-based public events'?ASK MMIC WHY? Several providers have told us they can no longer participate in community events without permission from MMIC (WHY?????)

Hey we are concerned citizen's MMIC.

Talking Points:

We want you to send a qualified spokesperson to explain who and how will MMIC or any of it’s contracted providers will be providing assistance to the new mental Health police squad?

We don’t believe that the police can do this on their own.

We want you to remove any policies restricting any of our tax payer providers to speak or engage in public events or data collection which will help to prevent the next mental health tragedy.

Allow for ConnectionAZ to participate at the Police Squad Mental Health Town Hall May 9 , 2015

Where: First United Methodist Church of Glendale in Glendale, Arizona 7102 North 58th Drive , 85301

Time: 11:00 Reception - 11:30- 2:00 PM Town Hall Discussion

In response to receiving an estimated 4,000 court-ordered petitions for mental health pickups each year. Phoenix Police will create a squad devoted to answering court order petitions for the city's mental health population.

The six-member squad will receive ongoing training and shoulder as many of the mental-health calls as possible, diverting pickups away from first responders and mental health providers.

The Town Hall meeting will address the following:

1. Explanations of Duties of the New Mental Health Squad.
2. Policy and Procuress on how the Mental Health Squad will address each pick-up order.
3. The role Crisis Network or any other Crisis team will play in assisting the new Squad.
4. The need for more collaboration and education for the public ( The When, What , How)
5. Is the Model the public wants or need?


Education - Public, Families and Members, Providers and Police.
Crisis - Increase coordination with crisis services and define what types of crisis warrant which kinds of response (police, fire, ambulance, crisis mobile team).




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