Mexican American Political Radio Host Carlos Galindo Historic Immigration Action Podcast From Live Show

November 21

Podcast de 11-20-2014: Obama delinea puntos sobre una Acción Ejecutiva de Inmigración


Carlos Galindo is the host of The Carlos Galindo Show also known as Straight Talk/Hablando Claro Show. The only linguistic code switching political talk show of its kind in the nation. Carlos Galindo is an Immigrant from Mexico who worked the agricultural fields of California with his family before laying roots in the Imperial Valley. Carlos regularly attended Cesar Chavez rallies as a child, and he and his family participated in the Southern California grape strikes. Carlos was one of a handful of children utilized to desegregate all white schools in an affluent all white community in Southern California.   Amongst many activist actions performed as an adult, Carlos led a continuous protest of 56 days against unjust laws at the Arizona State Capitol.









Civil Rights Attorney Shirl Mora James: Barak Obama is a 21st Century Visionary

November 21

 Barak Obama is a 21st Century Visionary     


By Shirl Mora James,

Immigration and Civil Rights Attorney

Co-President of Somos Independents


Does Obama’s Immigration Executive Order of 2014 matter?

Obama’s Executive Order of 2014 does in fact matter to our communities and to the larger American community as a whole because it brings ‘out of the shadows’ over 4.5 million human beings into the light of day.  It will help elevate needless fear and gives back basic human dignity to those that pick our fruit and vegetables in the fields, prepare our meats in the meat packing houses, serve our fast food, coffee, lattes, clean our homes and hotel rooms, cook in our finest restaurants, build our homes, businesses, bridges and roads by authorizing their presence in this country and allowing them to work and pay taxes. 

Moreover, bringing over 4.5 million undocumented people out of the shadows will refuel our U.S. economy to the tune of an estimated 0.4 to 0.9 percent over ten years, corresponding to increases in GDP of $90 billion to $210 billion in less than 10 years.  But most importantly, it will keep mixed-status families strong and together which is one of America’s core value, protecting family units. 

This era is our opportunity for the Chicanos and Chicanas to reunite with the passion of the 60’s and register every eligible Mexican-American to vote.  Join me and show compassion to our immigrant community by becoming more politically astute.  This is our time to shine and organize to rise up together while flexing our political power…it is OUR TIME to take our rightful place in the Sun to protect our immigrant sisters and brothers by using our VOTE to make a difference in this country. 





Arizonans to Arpaio: Lawsuit Against Obama Really About Wanting Secure Communities Program And Continued Racial Profiling and Immigrant Women Domestic Violence Abuse

November 21
November 22, 2014

Arizonans to Arpaio:  Lawsuit Against Obama Really About Wanting Secure Communities Program And Continued Racial Profiling and Immigrant Women Domestic Violence Abuse 

Paola Eden Delagado Polanco was a young thriving girl and full of life, with charming simplicity and humility. She died October 29 at her 21 years as a victim of domestic violence  caused by her boyfriend in Bear, Delaware. Paola was six months pregnant, and by a miracle the baby survived
Phoenix, AZ --County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s threat to filing a lawsuit claiming President Obama’s immigration executive action order is unconstitutional is a media theatrics move particularly when broad discretion” language was highlighted by Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the Court’s 5-3 opinion in Arizona v. United States, and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts.  Both Roberts and Kennedy are Republicans. Arpaio claims he will not waste taxpayer dollars, however, his new agenda appears to be a slap in the face to Judge Snow’s ruling that came with severe ‘racial profiling’ rebuke.   We believe Arpaio is still harboring anger when his 287(g) monies were taken away, and his reaction to Obama’s executive order is one that has more to do with more of his rogue law enforcement power being taken away.  
We believe Arpaio is angry with Obama ending Secure Communities program that essentially spreads racial profiling concerns.  In fact, several law enforcement agencies have complained about the burden this places on them. Ending Secure Communities could have prevented immigrant deaths by women who were afraid to report domestic violence by their abusers for fear of being deported, and several law enforcement agencies have recognized the lack of trust they need from the community in order to hone in on the real criminal element of our society.
More importantly, Somos Independents would like to underscore a moment when Judge Snow ruled that Mr. Arpaio and his deputies had systematically profiled Latinos (most of which were of Mexican descent), targeting them for arrest during raids at day-laborer gathering spots and detaining them longer than other drivers during traffic stops. The subsequent order from the judge, who found that the sheriff’s office had violated the constitutional rights of Latinos, came with several requirements, including the appointment of a monitor to field complaints and oversee compliance. 
Just as the  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in December 2012 revoked Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office’s 287(g) task force agreement in response to allegations from the U.S. Department of Justice that the agency and Sheriff Joe Arpaio engaged in widespread racial profiling and civil rights violations against Mexican American Chicanos and Latinos, ending Secure Communities is a step in the right direction to decrease racial profiling against Chicano Mexican Americans and immigrant Latinos.
Arpaio prided himself during his 2012 campaign pretending to be sympathetic for women who are abused, when in reality he appears to be only sympathetic for those who are not persons of color.  As a former member of the law enforcement community, a reasonable person believes establishing trust between law enforcement and the community is a must post the Michael Brown Ferguson incident.  MCSO certainly has trust issues with Arizonans considering Arpaio has the blood of a United States Mexican-American Veteran on his hands, too.

What Chicanos Should Do After President Obama's Immigration Action Move Last Night

November 21

Last night President Obama was the quarterback that threw Chicano Mexican-Americans the football with his #ImmigrationAction move. 

What do Chicanos and Chicanas do now that momentum has been tossed to us?  Remember, we are the voters and so we have a responsibility to ensure just action is carried out for undocumented immigrants who cannot vote.

Do we take the ball 10 yards?  Or, do we keep our eyes on the chingon prize and attempt a touchdown?

I prefer the latter.

We knew that executive action would not include the entire 11 million but this is a very BIG beginning. It helps with the deportation problem the Republican Party allowed to get out of control even though the President gave them 6 damn years to fix it and do it the right way with regard to legal immigration reform.  In fact, the Democratic-controlled Senate passed immigration reform a year and a half ago and the Republicans did not do anything.  All they did was threaten the President with impeachment and lawsuits if he did anything with regard to immigration. President Obama decided to exercise his purview within his jurisdiction of our Constitution in time for the holidays.   His executive action does not include a pathway to citizenship because Congress has those powers, and the President is limited to his "executive" powers.  In my view, the President went as far as he could within the Constitution.

What was intended to do our community harm, our Creator intended it for good when “broad discretion” language was highlighted by Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the Court’s 5-3 opinion in Arizona v. United States, and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts.  Both Roberts and Kennedy are Republicans and President Obama merely exercised his executive power given to him by the law of the land -- the United States Supreme Court.

Already we are seeing sell out Latina Republicans like Ana Navarro cry about President Obama's Immigration Action on CNN last night, but make no mistake ... not once did she tell the viewers how her own Republican Party via the House of Representatives who are controlled by the GOP do nothing, nada, zilch to advance the immigration reform bill that was passed by the Democratic-controlled Senate over one year ago.  Not once did she highlight how Speaker Boehner lied to the Mexican-American community that he was going to help fix the broken system but to no avail.  I implore main stream media and networks like CNN to take a "Hispanic or "Latino" from a hurting community that is largely affected.  It is a bonafide fact the community largely affected with regard to population numbers are those of Mexican descent.  The majority of those getting deported are Mexican -- not Nicaraguan.   Indeed Ana Navarro is a member of the Nicaraguan community who has been at the forefront of Cuban issues where Cuban immigrants already enjoy Cuban amnesty -- while ignoring Mexican issues.

Chicanos are taking our stand against the likes of Ana Navarro.  For far too long Chicanos entertained the great "Hispanic/Latino" experiment and all it has gotten us is backstabbing by people like herself, Sen. Marco Rubio who embraced SB 1070, Senator Ted Cruz who lied to Tejanos (saying he was for immigration reform) but once he got into Senate office he lied and said he did not support Senator John McCain's "gang of 8" immigration reform views.   We have no choice but to revive the Chicano Movement and we will continue to remind Cuban-American Republicans (where Cuban American population account for 3% of the entire Latin population pie), and Nicaraguan-American Republicans like Ana Navarro (where Nicaraguan population account for 1% of the entire Latin population pie) that they do not speak for the approximate 70% of the Mexican American population.

Chicanos are Mexican American voters.  We ARE the epitome and bulk of the Latin population pie and we will be damned if we allow sellouts like Navarro to speak for the entire Latino population pie.  She is free to speak on behalf of Nicaraguan-Americans -- but not us.

This is the time the Republican Party ought to re-evaluate their 2012 anti-immigrant RNC platform in order to contribute to a unique opportunity that will enable them to come up with solutions regarding the other half of the 11 million affected, but you won't see Navarro talking about that will you?  We would like to remind Republicans the resistance of taxation without representation by the original Tea Party and ask they see the billions of dollars into our tax coffers from undocumented immigrants who pay into our state and federal tax system without representation.

So there you have it.  What are you going to do as a Chicana/o now that Obama passed us the football?

Momentum is with us now at this very moment.  The sky is the limit and let's advance our football destiny forward because the destiny is in our control.  We can't rely on Anglos, Cubanos, Nicaraguans y otros to decide for us .... let's control our own destinies and do what we can to put that fire in our hearts again and advance ourselves forward.  This is our time, it's our new era that began in 2012 told to us by old prophecies predicted by the Aztec calendar stone.






Chicanos / Latinos Anticipate Big President Obama "Immigration" Move Within Purview of the Constitution

November 20
You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. – Genesis 50:20
Phoenix, AZ -- Our women-led independent voter group is in support of President Obama utilizing his executive authority within the purview of our Constitution of the United States.  What was intended to do harm, our Creator intended it for good when “broad discretion” language was highlighted by Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the Court’s 5-3 opinion in Arizona v. United States, and joined by Chief Justice John Roberts.  Both Roberts and Kennedy are Republicans.
We know that executive action will not include the entire 11 million but this is a very BIG beginning.   We hope that the Obama administration will consider giving discretion firstly to the veterans of our United States military who served honorably and who are in fear of deportation.  Though approximately half of the 11 million are expected to be given prosecutorial discretion by the Obama administration, this is the time the Republican Party ought to re-evaluate their 2012 anti-immigrant RNC platform in order to contribute to a unique opportunity that will enable them to come up with solutions regarding the other half of the 11 million affected.  We would like to remind Republicans the resistance of taxation without representation by the original Tea Party and ask they see the billions of dollars into our tax coffers from undocumented immigrants who pay into our state and federal tax system without representation.
Chicanos and Latinos have proven our American patriotism over and over again with the blood we have spilled in past American wars -- the indigenous natives have a special tie and bond to this soil and we will continue to do what it takes to preserve our environment moving forward.   
Ronald Reagan once said: “….in 1620, a group of families dared to cross a mighty ocean to build a future for themselves in a new world. When they arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts, they formed what they called a "compact," an agreement among themselves to build a community and abide by its laws”. 
Though compacts were important to these new immigrants of 1620, Native American treaties to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo affecting the indigenous continue to get ignored.  Major networks such as FOX News, ABC, NBC, and CBS minimize a historic moment affecting millions of the original indigenous natives to this land but are there to capitalize with ideas such as FOX News Latino when they come to the Chicano / Latino buying power trough.
We first give thanks to our Creator with regard to hearing our cries, and also President Barack Obama who gave the Republican Party 6 years to work on immigration reform but to no avail.   It is now time for #ImmigrationAction before the holidays.

Chicano / Latino Viewers To Remember ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX Not Airing Historic Immigration Speech Tonight

November 20


May FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC be responsible for not airing a moment that is historic to one of the fastest growing demographics in our United States with regard to Chicano Mexican-Americans and Latinos.

From The Hill:


Three major networks will not air President Obama's prime-time address Thursday outlining his executive actions on immigration.

Officials with ABC, CBS and Fox confirmed to The Hill that Obama's 8 p.m. speech from the White House will not be carried on their networks. CNN reported that NBC would not be carrying the address either.


Cable news networks are expected to carry the address, as is the Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo.

A source at one of the major networks told The Hill that the White House did not officially request prime-time coverage on the networks Thursday, a big night for ratings given popular shows on several networks, including ABC’s “Shondaland” schedule of shows created by producer Shonda Rhimes.

The White House also downplayed the fact that the high-profile immigration address won’t be aired live on the big broadcast networks.

“It’s not unusual for us to have off-the-record conversations with news organizations about events at the White House,” a White House official told The Hill.

The official declined to elaborate but said the White House was “confident” the primetime address would garner “ample attention” from the media.

November is a sweeps month for the broadcast networks, which might have made them less excited about handing over valuable prime-time real estate to the White House. Ratings during the month-long evaluation period are used to dictate advertising rates.

The mid-season finale of Rimes’s show “Grey’s Anatomy” is scheduled for 8 p.m. Thursday, as are NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and FOX’s “Bones.”

Univision planned on showing the Latin Grammy awards during that slot, but Borja Echevarría, Univision’s vice president, tweeted that the network will be interrupting its programming to air Obama’s speech.


The Deceptive Guide Tea Party Republican DeMaio Used That Led To His Demise

November 19

Karl Rove (left) and David Koch are pictured. | AP Photo


Hopefully we will never see Tea Party Republican candidate Carl DeMaio ever again considering how deceptive he ran his campaign.  He almost won, too, and we thank the Heavens he did not win despite the help by Karl Rove (architect of President George W. Bush's campaign) and the Koch Brothers with their millions.

From the Voice Of San Diego:


Zack Brown was a volunteer on Carl DeMaio’s campaign for Congress. Constituents and donors got emails from him. If they responded, they would likely receive an email back bearing Brown’s name.

But Brown did not send them. He says he didn’t even have access to the account that did.

He says he was not the one who sent an anti-Semitic message from the account. Nor did he send one that was graphically homophobic.

To understand DeMaio’s perspective on the allegations of sexual harassment that he believes derailed his campaign, you need to understand the way his campaign used the internet. DeMaio himself admits to some level of anonymous online postings and the use of accounts in other people’s names to get information to the media or public. He and his team also oversaw dozens of deceptive email accounts. These accounts were managed by many people, making it impossible to know whether the person’s whose name was on the email had written the message or even knew what was going out under his or her name.

DeMaio’s system even let unpaid interns ghostwrite messages in the candidate’s name. It let DeMaio ghostwrite messages in other people’s names. And it was a system DeMaio says a former staffer named Todd Bosnich abused. This is at the heart of DeMaio’s view on the scandal.

In DeMaio’s story, you can never actually know when DeMaio is writing you or if it’s someone else pretending to be DeMaio. You also can’t know whether a message you’re receiving from a DeMaio supporter is actually DeMaio in disguise. What’s ironic is this is central to both his and his accuser’s story of what happened. A culture of open sharing of identities went awry.

Both DeMaio and his accuser, Bosnich, claim that emails were sent under their names that were not actually their creations. Based on what I’ve been able to learn about this culture, both of their claims are entirely within the realm of possibility.

DeMaio: The Innovator of Dummies

For years, DeMaio has pushed the limits of online campaigning and messaging. His campaign spokesman acknowledged to me that his team used “about 30″ dummy email accounts.

A dummy email account would be one either under the name of a real person, someone like the well-known local libertarian Richard Rider. Or perhaps it was a pure pseudonym or partial name, like “Liz G.,” who sent an email on Sept. 9 to local environmentalists warning about Rep. Scott Peters’ support from “Big Oil!”

Scroll down on Liz G.’s email, past a long white space, and you’ll find a “Paid for by Carl DeMaio for Congress.”

It’s more than just emails. DeMaio’s team also writes letters and assigns staff to find supporters in the community to put their names on them so they can run as letters to the editor in various newspapers.

And then there are the mass emails. Obviously, personalized fundraising emails are not unique to DeMaio. Just ask anyone on a Democratic email list how many messages they get from Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden or even the president.

But DeMaio has long been on the front end of this innovation and has even reversed it. Rather than subordinates writing pieces in DeMaio’s name, he or his staff would do the opposite ––write messages attributed to subordinates or community members.

DeMaio admitted to me that he sometimes posted on a local blog – SD Rostra – under a pseudonym.

He wouldn’t tell me what the pseudonym was.

Three people close to his previous campaigns say they had to regularly warn DeMaio about posting anonymous comments or emails under fake names recklessly.

This is the system in which Bosnich operated and had some level of responsibility. If you believe DeMaio, then you believe that this guy Bosnich was nothing but an unpaid intern who was allowed to use a glorified title and got one paid assignment that he screwed up and was terminated over.

But you also have to believe that this nobody also was allowed to write messages to the public under DeMaio’s own name.

DeMaio maintains, in fact, that all kinds of people could do that.

And that’s why, he says, so many of the storylines within this scandal boil down to email controversies.

But that’s also why Bosnich’s own claim that anonymous, threatening emails he said he received deserves a hearing. It could also be why emails in his name might not actually be from him. As a rule, many people had regular access to many different campaign email accounts.

There’s more. Bosnich says DeMaio ran this Twitter account called “Truth Sayer” @4SanDiegoNews. It is an anonymous account that lobbed insults at DeMaio’s rivals, including Republican Kirk Jorgensen, one of DeMaio’s opponents in the primary, former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Peters’ former staffer Lucas O’Connor.

The Twitter feed’s last message, sent June 16, was an insult directed at former conservative radio host Steve Yuhas, who regularly battles DeMaio and his partner, Johnathan Hale, online.

“The campaign does not know who runs that feed,” wrote DeMaio spokesman Dave McCulloch in response to a list of questions I had.   MORE>>>


Keystone XL: Surprising change but moving forward with new fortified relations

November 18

There was a surprising change with regard to Democratic-controlled Senate voting against the Keystone Pipeline XL, but Native Americans and Indigenous Chicanos will move forward with new fortified relations. We continue to strengthen our coalition and we are resolved to fight environmental hazards our Creator entrusted us with regarding protecting our Earth.

We are stunned the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected the pipeline considering a Democratic Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana helped support it.


From the New York Times:

Senate Rejects Bid to Finish Oil Pipeline

Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Senator Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana after the Senate voted down the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats, by a single vote, stopped legislation that would have approved construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, one of the most fractious and expensive battles of the Obama presidency.

The vote represented a victory for the environmental movement, but the fight had taken on larger dimensions as a proxy war between Republicans, who argued that the project was vital for job creation, and President Obama, who had delayed a decision on building it.

Senator Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana, who is facing a runoff election Dec. 6, had pleaded with her colleagues throughout the day to support the pipeline, leading to a rare suspense-filled roll call in the Senate. But she was ultimately rebuffed and fell short by one. The bill was defeated with 59 votes in favor and 41 against, and Ms. Landrieu needing 60 votes to proceed.  MORE>>>



Native American / Indigenous Chicano Coalition to Obama: Veto Pipeline XL After Ecologists Issue Disaster Warning Under Piping

November 18

The Native American / Indigenous Chicano Mexican-American Coalition are asking President Barack Obama to veto the Keystone Pipeline XL bill that violates treaties, rapes our earth and water and negatively impacts our environment.  Native Americans and the indigenous Xicano community can no longer stand idle with continued broken treaties and continued raping of our earth.

Furthermore ecologists have issued a disaster warning to the Keystone XL regard, and the Koch Brothers (who have a history of violating environmental laws) will not protect the American midwesterner from earthquake disasters from their deep oil drilling that is affecting our earth and creating earthquakes as recent as May 2014.   Those living in the midwest do not have earthquake proof structures California has adopted and the Koch Brothers should pay in advance in order to ensure midwestern Americans are safe!

Disaster Warning: The Area Under The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Likely To Experience Earthquakes

"....the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS) issued an advisory warning of an increased likelihood of “damaging earthquakes” as a result of the increased number of small and moderate shocks in central and north-central Oklahoma. Both the USGS and OGS reported that there have been a stunning 183 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 and greater in the Sooner state between October 2013 and April 2014. The two agencies issued the warning advisory because the increase in the rate of earthquakes above 3.0 on the Richter Scale since last October increases the possibility of a “damaging” quake of 5.0 magnitude or higher in central Oklahoma as a result of injecting chemical-laden water used in hydraulic fracturing (fracking) of tight rock formations to “fracture” rock deep underground to extract oil and gas..."


Gary Dorr, Native American activist states:

This is a pipeline that goes THROUGH the United States not TO the United States. All the profit goes out into the Mexican Gulf in a tax free International Oil Trade Zone. The only thing that comes to the United States is the extreme risk of putting 4 carcinogenic compounds into diluted Bitumen inside a 36 inch pipe at 1,600 psi.

Our coalition is focusing on these 11 Democrats in the current Democratic-led Senate and we expect them to do the right thing for the people -- not $elf-interests.  And there will be a backlash against Democratic House of Representatives who have already supported it by independent key swing voters during the next election cycle.


Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota
Mark Begich of Alaska,
Mark Pryor of Arkansas,
Joe Donnelly of Indiana,
Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Claire McCaskill of Missouri,
Jon Tester and John Walsh of Montana,
Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Warner of Virginia and
Joe Manchin III of West Virginia.
Mark Udall of Colorado


Photo: “Promises of responsible oil sands development ring hollow”
Posted on November 5, 2013 by Bugle Editor
Billion litres of coal-mine muck leaks into Athabasca River


From Buttonvalley:


Last year: “On Monday, the leak from a water pipe at the Suncor oil-sands site saw an estimated 350,000 litres of industrial waste water pour into the Athabasca over a 10-hour period, causing “a short-term, negligible impact on the river,” according to the company.” This followed another huge leak in 2011. You could spend hours on Google reading about the leaky tar sands mining operations. Here are just a few of the facts about tar sands mining.

  • Oil sands mining is licensed to use twice the amount of fresh water that the entire city of Calgary uses in a year. The water requirements for oil sands projects range from 2.5 to 4.0 barrels of water for each barrel of oil produced.
  • Oil sands mining is licensed to use twice the amount of fresh water that the entire city of Calgary uses in a year. The water requirements for oil sands projects range from 2.5 to 4.0 barrels of water for each barrel of oil produced.
  • At least 90% of the fresh water used in the oil sands ends up in tailing lakes so toxic thatpropane cannons and floating scarecrows are used to keep ducks from landing in them.
  • The toxic tailing lakes are considered one of the largest human-made structures in the world. The toxic lakes in Northern Alberta span 50 square kilometers and can be seen from space.
  • A 2003 report concluded that “an accident related to the failure of one of the oil sands tailings ponds could have catastrophic impact in the aquatic ecosystem of the Mackenzie River Basin due to the size of these lakes and their proximity to the Athabasca River.”

So-called Pro Life Right To Life Movement Silent on Rape and El Salvador Teen Girl Suicides

November 17

Chicanos and Latinos need to stop giving money and time to the Right To Life and other Pro Life organization who are silent when it comes to brown babies and are guilty of wasting their talents.  Chicanos and Latinos need to form their own genuine pro life organizations with a pro life "womb to the tomb" educational stand point.  We are not talking about over turning Roe v. Wade either ... we are talking about EDUCATION and the negative psychological, emotional and physical stress on girls and women 

From Reuters:


Rape, abortion ban drives pregnant teens to suicide in El Salvador



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