Veterans Still Stranded At Standing Rock Can Get Help Through Woman Vet Bonnie Hoppa

December 09

For Immediate Release

December 9, 2016
Bonnie Hoppa
Margaret Engles Reyes
DeeDee Garcia Blase
Veterans Still Stranded At Standing Rock Can Get Help Through Woman Vet Bonnie Hoppa
North Dakota -- The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota is asking people camping near the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline to go home, and we believe his wish should be carried out.  Unfortunately, there are still reports of stranded veterans at Standing Rock who are not getting the help promised by Wes Clark Jr. even though $1.5 million dollars have been raised by himself and Michael A Woods Jr. for approximately a month.  Two Go Fund Me pages were set up here and here.
Jason Anderson created this live video reporting truths about the stranded veterans in North Dakota and the video continues to be shared on social media.  He wrote in the comments of his video:  "Promises were made to us veterans. Not one was kept. We took care of ourselves and what Natives we could."
But veteran Bonnie Hoppa is stepping up to the plate for veterans who are not getting answers from Wes Clark Jr and writes:
If you are a Veteran who is stranded in ND, please message me here or email me at My team has coordinated a place for you to stay.
Somos Independents is asking Wes Clark Jr.and Michael A Woods Jr. to ensure "No Man Is Left Behind," and we are disappointed they are planning another mission  without first dealing with the Veterans who are stranded at Standing Rock and giving them the reimbursements they promised. Their first operation was planned poorly leaving many Vets and volunteers stranded, and if they have time to collect monies and ask for donations in another project -- they must first clean up the mess and ensure nobody is stranded that answered the call of duty. 
For those who want to donate to Standing Rock cause, please donate directly to the camp where the money goes to the Tribe and Water Protectors for whatever they need.
Yesterday Wes Clark Jr. issued an apology, however, until he rights the wrong, other veterans will not accept his apology.
Veteran Hoppa writes:
So, the expanded version of the screenshot i posted is basically even more dismissive and whiny than what it initially looked like.My assessment that dude was still focused entirely on his own goals and benefit, and indifferent to the needs of others, still stands. He had a happy-woo-spiritual experience, and a ton of media FaceTime, at the expense the well-being of others. Apology not accepted, because you obviously either still don't understand what you did wrong, or you don't care.
(Above)  Video of Veteran who has called Wes Clark Jr. (son of retired Army General Wes Clark)
a thief who is collecting money leaving vets stranded at Standing Rock in North Dakota.

Veterans Beware With “Veterans Stand For Standing Rock” Soliciting Funds But Not Reimbursing Vets Volunteering Yet

December 08

For Immediate Release

December 8, 2016

Veterans Beware With “Veterans Stand For Standing Rock” Soliciting Funds But Not Reimbursing Vets Volunteering Yet
North Dakota -- The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota is asking people camping near the route of the Dakota Access Pipeline to go home, and we believe his wish should be carried out.  Is Wes Clark Jr., doing more harm to veterans than good?  And more harm to the Standing Rock Sioux Nation than good?  The operation at Standing Rock left several Veterans stranded fending on their own.  1.5 million dollars are going to individuals and not a professional organization. 
Veterans such as Sean Pearson, Matt Kruse, Jason Anderson are complaining about people’s lives being at risk.  Veterans with medical issues responded to the Call of Duty but were left stranded with poor operation planning. Other vets are complaining  Wes Clark Jr. is putting himself up at the hotel in the Casino while other vets are left to fend for themselves in subzero temperatures.  Veterans who have travelled from across the Nation and Canada have complained about not getting reimbursed for their travels and food despite 1.5 million dollars in contributions collected by Wes Clark Jr.  Two Go Fund Me pages were set up here and here
Margarete Engles Reyes, a mid-Atlantic leader for Somos Independents who is on the ground in North Dakota volunteering states:
We came to protect the First Nations People and the water protectors. We did not come to deplete their finite resources.  Because Wes Clark Jr. doesn’t know how to put an operation together with appropriate logistics and command structure, this put a strain on the locals who graciously chose to support those who came to support them.   Wes Clark Jr. promised to reimburse veterans once their travel receipts were submitted. Veterans were promised food and billeting however, this did not materialize in many cases and many traveling there were left to fend on their own in subzero weather.  There were no pre-established rosters, no vetting of people’s skill levels or even proof of military service.   
For those who want to donate to Standing Rock cause, please donate directly to the camp where the money goes to the Tribe and Water Protectors for whatever they need. 
“Frankly, you abandoned all the folks at Fort Yates, and haven't responsibly communicated with anyone. You're not the only ones running on no sleep, and a lot of folks had substantially less comfortable accommodations than the hotel rooms you had.

I'm unimpressed. I'll believe y'all when you actually start acting like accountable, responsible leaders, instead of selfish opportunists. No more excuses. No more trying to bury the negative under shiny bullshit and feel-good videos.

At the very best, you have proven yourselves incapable of properly running an operation like this. You failed the people who volunteered to help you. It is beyond irresponsible to ask anyone to trust you on another venture, to start volunteering, and to start donating, when you haven't even begun closing out the current one.”
"Commander"?! You sat in a hotel room and made patronizing videos while my crew sat at Fort Yates with minimal food and NO GUIDANCE FROM YOU.

You lied to the people who signed up to go. You haven't done shit to lead them properly. Oh, and you're STILL RAISING FUNDS FOR AN OP THAT ENDED YESTERDAY.

Your days as a posturing glory hound are at an end. We will not stand for this."

Mexicans, Immigrants, People of Color, Women Must Be the "ADL" on Steriods

November 15



Gotta put this up because I'm getting uncomfortable with folks giving bad advice to our gente to "remain calm." No, we do not remain calm. We remain extremely vigilant and sensitive to our surroundings. We can hope for the best, however, we must be prepared for the worst first.

I am comfortable with an organization that is keen on whistle-blowing when it comes to racism and antisemitism. If you experience a hate crime, please fill out this form:

Make no mistake, we already know that Trump hired Steve Bannon who is a well known white nationalist as his chief strategist. Do not remain calm -- be vigilant. Trump is unpredictable and we can't predict shit at this point.


Sign Petition & Write Electors: Support Popular Vote In Favor of Hillary Clinton

November 15


With already 4.3 million signatures, please continue your work in asking electors to support the popular vote in favor of Hillary Clinton.  2 Presidential Electors are asking their colleagues to do the right thing but we need more people to sign this petition or contact the below electors, afterall, it was Trump who also believed the Electoral Vote should be done away with. . Hillary Clinton is on course to receive more votes than any other US presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama – despite losing Tuesday’s election to Donald Trump.

Tell the below list of electors how Republican Presidential - elect Donald Trump has appointed a white nationalist advisor Steve Bannon, and Kris Kobach who on Oct. 25, 2015, was a featured speaker at a “writers' workshop” put on by the white nationalist The Social Contract Press (TSCP), according to a report from the Center for New Community. For an elected official, this is a problem.


Letter to Electoral College Electors

Electoral College make Hillary Clinton president on December 19.  The Founders created the Electoral College to balance two important values: the will of the people, and the need for a President who is fit for office.

Denying Mr. Trump the Presidency accomplishes both goals while violating no Constitutional principle.

In Federalist No. 68, Hamilton explains that the "sense of the people", must be expressed in the outcome. But, "Men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice," should make the final decision.

Hamilton pointed out that, "Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States".

Casting your ballot for Hillary preserves majority rule - the "sense of the people" - and prevents the most unqualified candidate in history from taking office. Never in our Republic's 240 years has our President had no previous experience in an office of public trust, be it elected or appointed, civilian or military. Never has a President admitted to sexual assaults. Never has a President encouraged violence at campaign events.

There is no reason electors cannot vote with their conscience. They  are not taking away the majority vote, and are not violating the Constitution.  Please protect our Constitution and our Republic by casting your ballot for Hillary Clinton.



Please contact the below electors before December 19 when they cast their official and final vote on behalf of the electoral college:


Perry O. Hooper

Grady H. Thorton

Frank Burt Jr

Will Sellers

James Eldon Wilson
No contact information

Tim Wadsworth

J. Elbert Peters

Mary Sue McClurkin
No contact information

Robert Cusanelli
No contact information

Sean Parnell

Jacqueline Tupou
No contact information

Carolyn Leman

Bruce Ash

Walter Begay

Sharon Giese

Robert Graham

Alberto Gutier III

Jerry Hayden
No contact information

Carole Joyce

Jane Lynch

Foster Morgan

Jim O'Connor

Edward Robson
No contact information

Jonelle Fulmer

Jonathan Barnett

Keith Gibson

Sharon Wright

Tommy Land

John Nabholz

Tony Ledbetter

Pam Bondi

Sharon Day

Abe Aderibigbe
No contact information found

Larry Ahern

Kristy Banks

(850) 670-1255

Michael Barnett

LizBeth Benacquisto
(239) 338-2570

Robin Bernstein
No contact information found

John Browning


Dena Decamp

Nick DiCeglie

Jeremy Evans

John Falconetti

Peter Feaman

Kat Gates-Skipper
No contact information found

Joe Gruters
(941) 914-2004

Debbie Hannifan
(863) 738-6367

Blais Ingoglia
(352) 688-5004

Mike Moberley

Susan Moore

Joe Negron

Clint Pate

Ray Rodrigues

Carlos Trujillo

Robert Watkins
No contact information found

Susie Wiles
No contact information found

Christian Ziegler

Casie Bryant

Andy Garner
No contact information found

Judy Grammer

Joanna Hildreth

Nancy Hollingshed

Larry Hutcheson

Chuck Payne

Larry Reynolds
No contact information found

Blake Silvers

Rocky Swann

Kevin Tisdel


Caleb Lakey

Jennifer Locke

Melinda Smyser
(202) 224-2752

Stephanie Beckley

Dan Bortner

Laura Campbell

Jeff Cardwell

Donald Hayes

Randall Kirkpatrick

Ethan Manning

Kelly Mitchell

Edwin Simcox
No contact information found

Chuck Williams

James Whitmer
No contact information found

Alan Braun
No contact information found

Polly Granzow,

Dylan C. Keller

Kurt Brown
No contact information found

Ashley McMillan
No contact information found

Helen Van Etten
No contact information found

Mark Kahrs
785 296-5593

Ron Estes

Clayton Barker

Kelly Arnold
(316) 660-9222

Jim Skaggs

Dave Disponett
No contact information

Mike Duncan

Mike Carter
No contact information

Scott Lasley

Walter Reichart
No contact information

Mary Singleton

Troy Sheldon
No contact information

Chris Trahan

Lloyd Harsch

Charles Buckels
No contact information found

Louis Avallone

Kay Kellog Katz

Lennie Rhys
No contact information found

Glenda Pollars

Garrett Monti

Scott Wilfong
No contact information found

John Haggard

Jack Holmes
No contact information found

Kelly Mitchell

Judy Rapanos

Henry Hatter
No contact information found

Robert Weitt
No contact information found

Wyck Seelig

Ross Ensign

Mike Banerian

Brian Fairbrother

Ken Crider

Mary Vaughn
No contact information found

Jim Rhoades
No contact information found

Bill Rauwerdink

Hank Fuhs

Joseph Guzman


Ann Herbert
No contact information found

Joe F Sanderson Jr
No contact information found

Bradley White
No contact information found

William G Yates Jr
No contact information found

Wirt A Yerger Jr

Tim Dreste
No contact information

Jan DeWeese

Hector Maldonado

Sherry Kuttenkuler

Casey Crawford
No contact information

Tom Brown
No contact information

Cherry Warren
No contact information

Scott Clark
No contact information

Al Rotskoff
No contact information

Susie Johnson
No contact information

Thelma Baker
No contact information found

Nancy Ballance

Dennis Scranton
No contact information found

Vondene Kopetski

Thomas Tuck

Phil Berlin
No contact information

John Dinkel
No contact information

Chuck Conrad
No contact information

Craig Safranek

Paul Burger
No contact information

Linda Harper

Charles Staley

Karen Kozel
No contact information

Martha Jenkins

Celeste Stanley

Donald Webb

Robert Muller
No contact information

Jennifer Dunbar
No contact information

Andrea Arterburn

Glenn Pickney Sr
No contact information

Mark Delk
No contact information

David Speight

Ann Sullivan
No contact information

Lee Green

David Smuski
No contact information

David Mutch

John Olson

Ron Carlisle

Marilyn Ashcraft

Curt Braden

Christina Hagan
(614) 466-9078

Bill Johnson

LeeAnn Johnson
No contact information found

Ralph King
No contact information found

Kathy Miller
No contact information found

Alex Triantafilou

David Oldham
No contact information found

Teresa Turner
No contact information found

Mark Thomas
No contact information found

Bobby Cleveland

Laurie Beth
No contact information found

Charlie Potts
No contact information found

George Wiland

Robert Asher
No contact information

Mary Barket
717-234-4901 x 169

Robert Bozzuto
(717) 234-4901, ext. 140

Theodore Christian
(215) 478-1444

Michael Downing
&717) 234-4901, ext. 147

Margaret Ferraro
No contact information

Robert Gleason

Christopher Gleason
No contact information

Joyce Haas

Ash Khare
(814) 726-2909

James McErlane
No contact information

Elstina Pickett
(570) 265-3124

Patricia Poprik:
(215) 345-6811

Andrew Reilly
(610) 566-9222

Carol Sides
570 326 4206

Glora “Lee” Snover

Richard Stewart
No contact information

Lawrence Tabas

Christine Toretti
No contact information

Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh

Glenn McCall

Matt Moore

Terry Hardesty
No contact information

Jim Ulmer
No contact information

Brenda Bedenbaugh

Bill Conley

Shery Smith

Moye Graham
No contact information

Jerry Rovner

Dennis Daugaard

Matt Michels

Marty Jackley

Joey Jacobs
No contact information

Beth Scott Clayton Amos
No contact information

Jason Mumpower

Susan Mills

Liz Holiway

Lynne Davis

Tom Lawless
No contact information

Mike Callahan

Pat Allen

Shannon Haynes

Drew Daniel

Marty Rhymes
No contact information

Thomas Moon
No contact information

Carol Sewell

Sherrill Lenz
No contact information

Nicholas Ciggelakis
No contact information

William Hickman
No contact information

Landon Estay

Rex Lamb

Rosemary Edwards

Matt Stringer

Shellie Surles
No contact information

Melissa Juett Kalka
No contact information

Ken Clark

Sandra Cararas
No contact information

David Thackston
No contact information

Robert Bruce
No contact information

Margie Forster
No contact information

Scott Mann

Marian Stanko

Curtis Nelson
No contact information

Tina Gibson

Kendell Meunzler
No contact information

Alexander Kim

Virginia Able
No contact information

John Dillard
No contact information

Thomas Knight

Marian Knowlton

Rex Teter

Stephen (Chris) Suprun

Jon Jewett

Susan Fischer
No contact information

Loren Byers

William Lawrence Greene
No contact information

Marylou Erben
No contact information

Art Sisneros

Candace Noble

Fred Farias
No contact information

Peter Greathouse
No contact information

Jeremy Jenkins
No contact information

Kris Kimball

Cherilyn Eagar

Chia-Chi Teng
(801) 422-1297

Richard Snelgrove
(385) 468-7452

Ron Foster

Patrick Morrisey

Ann Urling

Mac Warner
304) 741-0202

Bill Cole

Steve King
(608) 755-8162

Mary Buestrin
No contact information

Kim Travis;

Kim Babler

Brian Westrate

Brad Courtney;

Kathy Kiernan
No contact information

Dan Feyen
920) 517-6029

Jim Miller

Bill Berglund

Karl Allred
(801) 560-3628

Bonnie Foster

Teresa Richards


Sign Petition To Terminate Clay County Mayor and Nonprofit Director For Calling Michelle Obama an "Ape in Heels"

November 14

Please sign this petition to have these bigots fired for calling First Lady Michelle Obama an ape in heels. 

They do not deserve to work with the public and are a disgrace to the human race.

At the time of my signing this petition, there were 40,000+ signatures and now there are 45,000+ signatures.

The petition information reads:

Clay County Development Corp. Director Pamela Taylor Ramsey posted a hateful, racially motivated statement to Facebook, which was not only liked by the Clay County Mayor Beverly Whaling, but commented on in a way that showed she agreed with her comments. Every grant and piece of paper Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Whaling have to fill out and sign promises equal opportunities and a racism free workplace. 

Her post read:
"It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House. I'm tired of seeing a Ape in heels."



Christian Evangelical Trump Supporters Should Explain their First XXX Lady

November 14
"...Cause it was all done for Citizenship..." - Divine Sounds

Christian Evangelical leaders dropped their "witness" ball -- BIG TIME!  That whole "love thy neighbor thing?" Consider the white Christians who voted for Trump the ultimate hypocrites.  But you don't have to hear it from me because I am not an "evangelical" (after discovering how judgemental they were against other religious organizations) ... you can hear about your hypocrisy from an evangelical who "gets it."


Sneha Abraham who points to the Christian hypocrisy, and is a Writer & Assistant Director of News & Strategic Content at Pomona College.  She wrote a great opinion for the Huffington Post Religious section that  I agree with.


Here's an excerpt where she writes:
First XXX Lady TrumpI am the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of preachers. In high school, college and post-grad I held ministry leadership positions. I attend an evangelical church. But this election cycle I’ve been deeply ashamed of the American evangelical church at large. And because the majority of white evangelicals — 81 percent of that constituency, according to exit polls— supported Donald Trump that shame will extend long after Election Day, thanks to the ramifications of their support not only for women, immigrants and people of color, but for the church itself. I count myself a follower of Christ and always will. I love the church. But I believe the majority of white evangelicals and their leaders, barring a few, have failed not only the U.S., but failed the collective flock in the stance they took. I believe they have a lost a generation and, as they say in the church, “lost their witness” to future generations.

How have they lost their witness? Let’s unpack this:

This past year, the church, which is supposed to be at the forefront of racial reconciliation, supported a racist endorsed enthusiastically by the KKK and neo-Nazi groups.

Jesus uplifted women and evangelicals have strict views of acceptable sexual behavior, but regardless they got in bed with an adulterous and misogynistic sexual predator who has made a cameo appearance in a porn video.

Read full story here>>> The Evangelical Church Has Lost Its Witness In Supporting Trump


Congratulations evangelicals!

You just elected your First XXX Lady.  You lost your witness footing as we all enter the millennial dark ages no thanks to you.




2.3 million petition signatures asking Electoral College Voters to support Popular American Vote

November 11

I signed this petition.... it doesn't hurt to do so. It already has about 2.5 million signatures where folks are asking the #ElectoralCollege electors to support the #PopularVote. Hillary won the popular vote, and although I believe it is too late to do this, it takes only a second to sign the petition and it doesn't hurt to send a clear message that the #PopularVote should be supported.

Send a clear message to the electors by signing this petition.



Happy Veteran's Day: General Patton Turning In His Grave We Elected Draft-Dodger Trump

November 11


Happy #VeteransDay to all who served! Those who served our military and faced dangerous situations head on ... I implore you to summon that warrior spirit that will breed courage so that it can be contagious for others in a time of uncertainty. [You can bet your ass Patton is turning in his grave learning how Americans elected the draft-dodging son-of-a-bitch Donald Trump!]

A Trump presidency is not the end of the world ... it just means we have to do more shit, more work and be extra vigilant. It sucks having to do more work! Believe me! I have been advocating for a humane immigrant rights law for over a decade and it's discouraging sometimes. However, rather than bitch and complain... we have to suck it up. Pull up our bootstraps (if you will), and move forward and stare evil bigotry in the face. We've defeated racism before when we kicked #Hitler's asshole ... and we'll defeat it again. Those who fight for what is right has the arc of justice on their side -- always.

Be strong.

One of my favorite war heroes is General Patton. He had balls of steel and did what was right no matter the pies he got in the face for trying to instill courage in soldiers that were afraid to go to war. I understand why he did some of the things he did -- despite the controversies. Bottom line: He was instrumental in kicking Hitler's ass when all was said and done. How can you NOT admire that!


-- DeeDee


Andrew Puzder (Sexist Trump Supporting Business Leader) Should Step Down As CEO In Burrito Biz Before Full Boycott Initiated By Latina-led Organization

November 01


And some of these basic things, in being brought up in a Christian family atmosphere is why I’m here today. --  Carl N. Karcher, Founder of Carl’s Jr.
Phoenix, AZ -- Like Trump, Andrew F.Puzder isn’t afraid to offend people with his misogynist-like advertisements, and according to the Entrepreneur, he does not care.  Puzder is a proud advisor to Donald Trump.  He is also the CEO for Carl’s Jr, Hardees, Green Burritos and Red Burritos Restaurants. 
Per Puzder’s exclusive interview with R Magazine, “In 2016, CKE Restaurants, Inc., boasts two burger brands, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, as well as two side cart businesses, Green Burrito and Red Burrito, the latter two operated inside the burger restaurants. The company has also extended its global reach recently, opening outposts in India, and throughout Japan.”
Not only is Puzder a misogynist for his racy ads against women, he has been busy boasting about being a Donald Trump advisor and supporter, too, with his many appearances on the FOX network.  We are not surprised to hear of Puzder’s turning a blind hypocritical eye to Trump’s own sexual predator nature against women, but we are surprised the CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees is benefiting (revenue-wise) in a state where Chicanos and Latinos outnumber whites in California.
Is Puzder so ignorant to how Chicanos and Latinos feel about Trump
Do the board of directors realize the receive more revenue from California (a state with a high population of Chicanos) than any other state?
If so, why are they taking a risk with a possible boycott in a perfect storm? There are over 600 Carl's Jr. restaurants in California, with approximately 70 in Arizona, approximately 50 in Nevada, more in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, etc.  There are 3200 restaurants total world wide.  This means Puzder is more than likely receiving most of his revenue in the state of California where Latinos outnumber whites per the L.A. Times.   
One would think the Trump supporting CEO is committing business suicide in California as the political shift in the southwest continues its course where Mexican Americans continue to reshape the electoral map in the southwest.   According to Five Thirty Eight, Mexican-Americans constitute 63 percent of the 57 million U.S. Latinos. Some Mexican-Americans can trace their heritage in New Mexico and other regions later acquired as U.S. territory back to the 1600s and earlier, while others are recent immigrants.”
One thing is certain: Puzder has no business selling burritos – a Mexican American dish.  Green Burrito is part of Carl's Jr. and is under Andy's purview, while Red Burrito is part of Hardee's which is the east coast sister company of Carl’s Jr. (also under Andy's purview). 
It’s time for the Carl’s Jr. / Hardees Restaurant board of directors and decision makers to get their racist and sexist cancer out of their midst before Chicanas and Latinas ask for a full-blown boycott for his sexist offensive advertisements, and for his proud stance of supporting Donald Trump’s bigotry when he depicted our community as rapists and murderers.   Though “Many franchisees of CKE have asked the corporation to tone down the sexual side of their advertising,” Carl’s Jr. franchisee Russ Clark said in a Sept. 4 letter to the California newspaper the Appeal Democrat, we believe board members should also get rid of the man who supports a candidate who depicts Mexican Americans as rapists and murderers.  When the burger chain began running its racy TV ads, the Rev. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral said Karcher (founder of Carl’s Jr.) was "just heartbroken that a company he founded on Christian principles has taken such an amoral act."
Like the Carl’s Jr. founder, I believe in the free market system, too -- and we are free to call out racist and sexist individuals who are on the wrong side of history.  It may be high time for Andy Puzder to go a different way in promoting Russian foods since his hero (Trump) loves Vladimir Putin so much. But for now, he would be wise avoiding promoting Mexican foods that are on the Carl’s Jr., Hardees and Green Burritos menu.  It’s time for Puzder to step down or else he will be responsible for the decisions he has made as CEO and as more and more Latinos visiting the approximate 600 restaurants in California and in the southwest will be informed with how they are creating the monster they provide revenue for.

Vote No on Prop 205 and Poorly Written Laws

October 28

I support medical marijuana in the State of Arizona.  However, I am not ready for poorly written laws like Prop. 205.  The former Denver Mayor in the State of Colorado has exposed the lies of the recreational marijuana advocates when they told Colorado voters that a chunk of their approximate billion dollar annual profits would go to education.  They lied.  Since the passage of recreational marijuana in Colorado, state lawmakers have had to make approximately 9 amendments to the poorly written law.  Arizona does not get to make amendments to laws supported by propositions and in my view that is not smart.

From La Voz:

Nuevo impulso entre latinos en campaña contra Prop. 205

Rafael Carranza , La Voz 5:50 p.m. MST Octubre 27, 2016
El gobernador Doug Ducey se reunió con líderes comunitarios

A menos de dos semanas de las elecciones del 8 de noviembre, líderes latinos en contra de la legalización del uso recreativo de la mariguana dan un último impulso para convencer a votantes latinos de Arizona de votar en contra de la Proposición 205.

Como parte de la estrategia, una decena de estos líderes comunitarios y electos se reunieron para un panel el jueves con el gobernador Doug Ducey, quien ha liderado la campaña en contra de esta medida.

"A estas personas, les importan sus comunidades, le importan sus familias, valoran la educación, quieren lo que es posible en el futuro para sus hijos en este país", dijo Ducey sobre el grupo reunido. "Me parece que todo ellos entendieron de inmediato porque esta medida es una mala idea".

Durante la reunión, el gobernador destacó que la campaña en contra ha recaudado seis millones de dólares y que los utilizarán principalmente en anuncios televisivos para convencer a los padres de familia de votar en contra de la Proposición 205.

La propuesta de ley le permitiría a personas mayores de 21 años portar hasta una onza de mariguana. Su venta sería controlada de manera estricta y sujeta a un impuesto especial que beneficiaría a las escuelas, según los proponentes.

El gobernador Ducey dijo que su problema más grande no tiene que ver con la legalización, si no con la forma en la cual está escrita la medida y el proceso para aprobarla

"Si es aprobada, tiene la protección de los votantes, es parte de la constitución y no se podrá cambiar", explicó Ducey. "Como gobernador no puede vetar esta ley, como legisladores no pueden hacer enmiendas, no se puede mejorar. No puedo pensar en cualquier otra ley que hayamos aprobado que no ha necesitado de algún mejoramiento, y ésta es una afectaría dramáticamente al estado".

Reacción de líderes latinos

La gran mayoría de líderes latinos comunitarios o electos que estuvieron presentes en la reunión dijeron estar en contra de la medida.

Durante la reunión, varios argumentaron que la legalización de la mariguana crearía una distracción innecesaria para los estudiantes en las escuelas, al igual que las comunidades mayormente latinas como Maryvale.

"En las entradas de nuestra comunidad el apeste, y el humo de segunda mano, le digo yo a la gente tal vez salga yo intoxicada aunque la gente no quiera", dijo Lydia Hernández, una ex legisladora estatal y actual miembro de la mesa directiva del Distrito Cartwright.

"¿Qué va a suceder con estos lugares de ventas si esto llega a pasar?", ella se preguntó. "No van a estar en Scottsdale, la gente de Scottsdale viene aquí".

Hernández dijo que como parte de la mesa directiva de Cartwright, buscaría formas de hacer llegar mayor información a los padres para que "tengan y manejen con los datos apropiados".





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