Ruben Salazar Letter To Santa Barbara News Press Editor for Use of Term Illegal

January 05


Chicano lawyer, Ruben Salazar writes with regard to Santa Barbara News Press’ usage of the term “illegal” when referring to immigrants.  It’s too bad they won’t drop an antiquated offensive word and follow the Associated Press’ suit.   Please sign this petition Chipsterlife began here.  In the below, Ruben Salazar essentially gives the Santa Barbara News Press a history lesson.



By: Ruben Salazar Esq. Jan 4, 2015 ©


Santa Barbara News Star PO Box 1358, Santa Barbara, CA. 93102

Attn: Editorial Board and Taylor Brianna Knopf (805) 564-5193


I am both a sociologist and a lawyer, and in that vein, I would like to formally register my seven (7) complaints about your news outlet’s improper usage of the term, “illegals” in your January3, 2015 front page story on California’s new law relating to driver’s licenses. It is wrong on so many levels.


First, usage of the racially divisive misnomer is legally wrong and borders on unethical journalism. Nowhere in the U.S. Immigration Nationality Act, the controlling federal immigration laws, is the term “illegal” defined. The word “alien” is defined. INA Sec. 1101(a)(3), The word, “immigrant” is defined. INA Sec. Sec. 1101(a)(15). Both terms are used to describe categories of persons who are not U.S. citizens. Even the term, “special immigrant” is defined. INA Sec. 1101(a)(27). But, nowhere does the term, “illegal” appear in any of the immigration laws or regulations. Thus, the word is misleading to the general public, as it does not even exist under governing U.S. immigration laws. This begs the question: if the term, “illegal” is not found under the federal immigration laws (the definitive authority on the subject), then what gives the author – who claims to have studied sociology as I have – or the editorial board of your local newspaper the temerity to use such an inflammatory non-legal term? It would behoove the board to remember that businesses don’t like controversy or unethical practices by media outlets which don’t adhere to national professional standards of journalism. This is because publicly advertising with such unethical or misleading media outlets make their businesses look unethical or sleazy. Perhaps the more accurate legal terms, “aliens,” or “unlawful immigrants” should have been used instead.


If your regrettable use of word, “illegals” refer to foreigners who entered the country without being inspected by an immigration officer or without proper documentation, that too could or would be misplaced. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a crime to cross the border without papers or authorization. INA section 275(a) is entitled “improper entry by alien” and deals with the civil penalties for “avoidance of examination or inspection.” Given this important civil provision, many immigration judges and lawyers in removal proceedings often use the legal phrase, “entering without inspection,” or (“EWI”). Other informed people, call these people through the less offensive legal terms, “foreign nationals“ or ”arriving aliens.” Maybe the terms, “foreign nationals,” “arriving aliens” or “EWI’s” would have been more legally and factually accurate and ethical; that is, assuming ethics and accuracy is what your local newspaper strives to achieve.


Second, the term “illegals” is potentially overbroad and contrary to existing immigration case law. What you may not know is that many foreign nationals initially entered because they were inadvertently admitted into the U.S. by immigration officials. For example, it is not uncommon for an individual migrant to be “waved through” inspection at a port of entry and be allowed to enter without being asked any questions by the inspecting border patrol agent. Such a non-citizen who physically presents him or herself for inspection, makes no false claim to U.S. citizenship, and is inadvertently permitted to enter the U.S., has been legally inspected and admitted, even if the inspecting office asks no questions. Such an individual has not made an entry without inspection (EWI), and so cannot be considered to be here “illegally.” See, Matter of Areguillin, 17 I&N Dec. 308 (BIA 1980).


Third, and perhaps most notably, the term, “illegals,” is journalistically obsolete and unfair, racially biased, and passé. We remind the Santa Barbara Star News that the influential Associated Press (AP) Stylebook is used by reputable newspapers and schools around the United States. On April 2, 2013, the AP dropped the phrase “illegal immigrant” from it’s stylebook. AP no longer sanctions the term, “illegal immigrant” or the use of “illegal” to describe a person. Instead, AP Executive Editor, Kathleen Carrol, tells its users that “illegal“ should describe only an action, “such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally.” The 2013 AP move is part of broader national journalistic shift away from labeling people and toward labeling behavior. Even former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano once defined an “illegal immigrant” to reporters as “immigrants who are here illegally.” Thus, on a more fundamentally factual and journalistic level, no human beings are technically themselves illegal, albeit their actions may be.


In addition, the AP has also previously rejected the term, “undocumented immigrants.” This, too, is inaccurate, since many people in the country illegally do have documents; they have just overstayed their temporary non-immigrant visas. Accordingly, instead, the AP standards call for details: “Specify whenever possible how someone entered the country. Crossed the border? Overstayed a visa? What nationality?” Regrettably, the Santa Barbara Star News does not adhere to the AP standards on journalistic ethics. With that kind of history and political baggage, however, many readers may start to doubt about where to get their local news from. More importantly, some major advertisers like Best Western, Sotheby’s Realty, and Santa Barbara Homes, may think twice about where to place their advertising dollars, especially once they realize some of these people are their paying customers or after they are economically pressured with bad press and boycotts from outraged consumers and political activists.


Incidentally, for people who have overstayed more than 180 days, they are barred them from re-entering the U.S. for 3 years. An overstay of more than one bars them from re-entry for a period of 10 years. However, these 3/10 tome bars are mere “civil” penalties for violating federal immigration laws; the actions do not rise to the level of a “crime” unless there is a re-entry after an order of deportation. See, 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1369. The point here is that, despite having violated federal civil laws relating to immigration admission and documentation, even these overstay immigrants are not criminals. In reality, their behavior is diminimus and much akin to committing a mere infraction for ”jay-walking.” Labeling such a person as “illegal” based on a low level civil violation is, thus, a misnomer and is fundamentally unfair. That biased and divisive term smacks of racial code for “Mexicans.” And, it serves only to stigmatize some hard-working Santa Barbara and California Hispanic residents hoping to gain American citizenship, many of whom have ancestors and others who came to the country as children.


Fourth, the misleading term “illegals,” suggests that this group of foreign people physically present in the United States have no rights, when nothing could be further from the truth. Long ago, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886) that the protections of the U.S. Constitution apply to all persons “within the territorial jurisdiction, without regard to any difference of race, of color or of nationality.” See, also, Hernandez v. Texas, 347 U.S. 475 (1954) [finding national origin discrimination against Mexican-Americans in grand jury selection impermissible].


Fifth, the inaccurate word, “illegals,” is historically wrong, dismissive of the original indigenous people of Santa Barbara, and repugnant to many of the subsequent Spanish and Mexican settlers; many of whom still reside in and literally made Santa Barbara what it is today – a thriving popular and diverse resort destination. The Santa Barbara County area was first settled by Native Americans called the Chumash people at least 13,000 years ago. Later, Europeans from Spain first made contact with the Chumash after they landed offshore in the Channel Islands in AD 1543. Spanish explorer Sebastian Vizcaino sailed along the coast in 1602, and named the Santa Barbara Channels. The first land expedition in California was led by Gaspar de Portola who explored the coastal area in 1760 on his way to Monterey Bay. Later, the Presideo of Santa Barbara was established by the Spanish in 1782, followed by the Mission Santa Barbara in 1786. The establishment of permanent settlements had devastating effects on the Chumash people, including a series of disease epidemics that drastically reduced their population. However, the Chumash survived and thousands of Chumash descendants still live in the Santa Barbara area or surrounding counties. Moreover, after the Mexican secularization of the mission Indians in the 1830’s, the mission pasture lands were mostly broken up by Mexico into large “ranchos” and granted mainly to prominent local citizens, many of who still reside in Santa Barbara. These original Santa Barbara ranchers were sometimes called, “Los Cailfornieros.” Six-hundred and four (604) of these Mexican land grants were later confirmed by the State of California, thirty six (36) in Santa Barbara County. Eventually, Santa Barbara County was one of the 26 original counties in California, formed in 1850 at the time of statehood. After that, Santa Barbara was (successively) transformed from grand Mexican “ranchos” and haciendas to: a dusty cluster of adobes; a rowdy, lawless Gold Rush era town; a Victorian-era health resort; a center of silent film production in the 1920’s; an oil boom town in the 1930s; a town supporting a military base and hospitals during WWII in the 1940’s; and finally it became the economically and racially diverse resort destination it remains in the present day. Based on these historical facts, is it fair and does it make economic sense to offend and label potential descendants of Spanish and Mexican American settlers and residents – who have had a continuous presence in the Santa Barbara area since the 1540’s – as “’illegal”?


“Who really is the ‘illegal’ one here?,” some may quip!


Sixth, the term, “illegals,” is politically insensitive and offensive to many of the Hispanic people of the United States, California, and of Santa Barbara. In March of 2014, for the first time ever, the official population of California was 39% Latino, surpassing the 38.8% of the state residents who are white non-Hispanic. After New Mexico, California has become the second state in the U.S. to undergo such a major demographic shift. More importantly and relevant, the 2010 U.S. national census reported that there are 423,895 residents in Santa Barbara. Out of this, approximately 76.54% are white, and 42% are Hispanic or Latino. Last year, the Pew Research Center called Hispanic electorate “an unawakened giant” that is likely to double in size over the next 16 years. Presumably, many of the so-called “illegals” here and others who will arrive in the future have ancestors or family relatives in Santa Barbara, and they may naturally find this ugly term extremely offensive. Based on these compelling demographics and electoral realities, is it politically appropriate or wise in today’s supposedly enlightened and post-racial period to label potential descendants of many Santa Barbara Spanish-Mexican settlers as “’illegal”?


Seventh, as you must know, the southern portions of Santa Barbara county has a bustling economy based largely on tourism, with a significant portion of people with white-collar and high-tech jobs which have contributed most recently to a liberal populace. The southern portions of the county has a strong history of left-wing activism with anti-war protests common in Santa Barbara. In fact, it is generally believed that the inspiration for Earth Day was the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill. These white non-Hispanic liberal residents from Santa Barbara are also likely to be taken aback at the harsh and divisive “illegal” label. No doubt, some of these liberal whites in the burgeoning and thriving southern areas of Santa Barbara financially support the Santa Barbara Star News through their subscriptions or contributions, and would be disturbed and less inclined to continue to support a newspaper still using such radical or racially-charged terms.


In summary, if the editorial board or individual journalist must use a label, perhaps the phrase “foreign nationals” who “illegally entered the country” is more legally and factually accurate. It is certainly less unfair and offensive. If that long phrase is unacceptable, then maybe the Santa Barbara News Star should employ the unbiased terms, “undocumented” or “non-citizen” residents. A third acceptable alternative could also simply be, “unauthorized migrant.” Accordingly, given these three (3) reasonable alternatives in terminology, and based on my seven (7) valid objections stated above, I hereby demand on behalf of many outraged and offended “Barbarenos ,“ Santa Barbara Hispanics, and liberal white citizens, to retract the offensive, inaccurate, overbroad, unfair, and misleading term, “illegals.” Perhaps it is high time for such an old prestigious newspaper like the Santa Barbara Star News- which was established in 1850 when statehood occurred- to get with the times; and to start adopting the nationally accepted standard used by the Associate Press when referring to the 11 million people in the country illegally. Humans are not “illegal,” only their actions are. If for no other reason, you should stop using the arcane word out of sheer respect and concern over your advertisers, subscribers, and contributors, many of whom may justifiably not want to be associated with such backward dog -whistle tactics designed only to rally the more uninformed, conservative, or nativists elements in our society.

Ruben Salazar, Esq.





Arizona Rep.-elect Jay Lawrence Puts Super Bowl Super Bowl XLIX In Jeopardy For Submitting Anti-DREAM Bill

December 31
December 31, 2014 - New Year's Eve

Arizonans To Protest Super Bowl XLIX If Jay Lawrence Submits anti-DREAM Bill

Phoenix, AZ -- Arizona is infamous for not supporting the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. It is also a state where former Arizona Governor Evan Mecham publicly defended a book that used the derogatory term "pickaninny" to describe African-American babies and children.  It is a state where the economic restrictionist Governor Jan Brewer signed a draconian anti-immigrant law via SB 1070 that cost Arizona millions of dollars when believers in human rights boycotted Arizona.  Arizona is a state that continued to dehumanize babies when Republican lawmakers referred to brown babies as "anchor babies".  Arizona is a state where a Republican lawmaker submitted an anti-gay bill via SB 1062. And now we have a new Rep.-elect Jay Lawrence who essentially fits in with the aforementioned bigots in light of singling out DREAM Act students and their drivers licenses in our state even though a federal judge has pointed out racial profiling concerns in our State of Arizona with regard to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his department.   
Lawrence's bill would enable racial profiling and undo the progress the Courts have made with regard to law enforcement and immigration.  The Phoenix Police Department and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association are already under fire with regard to an unarmed black man via Rumain Brisbon getting shot to death by an Anglo police officer while delivering food to his family and we cannot support Arizona bills that enable racial profiling any longer.
Arizona pro-Immigrant Jewish advocate via Lou Lernor states:
My Jewish sensibility tells me we've seen the likes of Jay Lawrence before, wearing a Nazi uniform. It is unconscionable, in this day and age, to differentiate an Arizona Driver's License with "Non-Citizen". How is this any different than the Nazis requiring Jewish Germans to identify themselves with yellow arm bands while making passage in public? Such profiling is insulting and divisive. Jay Lawrence wants to continue the "Us vs. Them" attitude in Arizona, an attitude that has colored legislation and culture, an attitude that has been officially struck down in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and cost our state $1.5 Million dollars. Such an attitude brought down Nazi Germany as the world fought against similar mindless prejudice. Lawrence is the new face of Conservative Arizona, bound to continue contributing senseless and hateful ideas that most will see as reinforcing Arizona's reputation as the laughing stock of the nation.
We commend State Senator Catherine Miranda for taking a proactive aggressive approach to stop future Arizona Republican lawmakers like Jay Lawrence and their bigotry.  She states:
“I hope that the new members of our Legislature will embrace the positive and productive immigration policies that we have been focused on recently. The courts have spoken. Dreamers are getting driver’s licenses. There is no need for further attempts to stigmatize this community.”
We also applaud Sen. Miranda for her rapid letter to Governor Jan Brewer in light of this humanitarian concern.


Homebound — Promoting Movies Starring Chicanos / Latinos Must Begin With Us

December 30


Enrique Castillo (Blood In Blood Out, Weeds, Zoot Suit) 
Photo Credit:  Homebound

Another Reason To Revive The Chicano Movement

By DeeDee Garcia Blase

Homebound is a new independent movie that received numerous awards west of the Mississippi River. It is the story of Richard Lynn, a successful young man who returns to his small hometown, El Campo, Texas. He has to help his father Gilberto who’s ill with cancer, run the family business, a dilapidated bar. Richard Lynn, accidentally falls in love for the first time with Sofia, a Venezuelan immigrant who speaks very little English. It is a heartwarming film, with inspiring performances, unexpected twists and a passionate ending that will delight audiences around the world.


The movie is packed with dynamic Chicano and Latino actors like Enrique Castillo (Weeds, Blood In Blood Out, Zoot Suit) who plays a strong patriarch wanting to ensure his family is taken care of in light of his illness. His character’s background is one of a Vietnam veteran hero reminding us of those who have contributed their service and sacrifice that protects the liberties we all enjoy now.


Although it feels like the current face of Chicanos and Latinos is solely the immigration issue – nothing could be further from the truth. The economy is just as important to us as we have become real contributors to the economic and labor force. According to Partnership For New American Economy: “Hispanic households, both native and foreign-born, account for a large portion of America’s overall spending power. In 2013, Hispanics had an estimated after-tax income of more than $605 billion.”


Chicanos (Americans of Mexican descent) and Latinos are the fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, and our passion for movies has shown itself when our demographic group bought 25 percent of the movie tickets sold in 2013 even though we comprise just 17 percent of the population, according to the Motion Picture Association of America’s year-end study. Mexican Americans account for approximately 70% of the entire Latin / Hispanic population pie, which is Chicanos should step up and promote, buy movie tickets that depict our community in a good light.


You don’t have a major hit without Hispanic moviegoers,” Chris Aronson, Fox’s president of domestic distribution, told TheWrap. In addition, it is not surprising to hear Chicanas and/or Latinas are the most avid moviegoers according to an exclusive study.


What will it take for Chicanos and Latinos to have a more dominant role in the entertainment industry? I asked Enrique Castillo that question and he believes “we need more of us involved behind the scenes – from script writing to producing.” He also said, “…too often we are more concerned with being in front of the camera, but we should diversify our roles in other areas because a lot of power to control and change things happens behind the camera, and influence goes behind the writer, producer and investing into film.”


We have a model to pattern ourselves from with regard to the successes of Hollywood. Though Hollywood does not appear eager to create a dynamic movie about one of our Chicano heroes like Corky Gonzales, it is their business decision to make. After all, why would “Hollywood” be interested in creating a new mega Chicano actor that could very well compete with the likes of Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt?


We must on our own accord prove we can handle the entertainment business by demanding what we want to see. Obviously we want to see Chicanos and Latinos starring in movies, and as such we should begin right here within our own communities at a grass roots level. We have the numbers and should have the ability to create our own network that will promote independent movies like Homebound. We don’t do it by playing victim – we do it by promoting our movies with social networking. Indeed, this film has already been to 9 cities already because of the support of our community with less than 5% of all television and film directed by women. Of that 5%– less than 1% are minority women. This is why it is important to support Homebound a film written, directed and produced by a Fanny Veliz. Until there is enough power in distribution, financing and promotion of a film – it will always be a struggle for Chicano and Latino film makers. But for now we should continue to promote movies that impact our communities like Homebound that visit theatres near you, and right now we want to see this movie in Arizona.




Fanny Veliz is an award winning female Latina director.  

Mexican Americans To Phoenix City Manager: Bring Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia Back and Hire More Chicanos / Latinos Representative of Phoenix Demographics

December 19
December 19, 2014

Mexican Americans To Phoenix City Manager:  Bring Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia Back and Hire More Chicanos / Latinos Representative of Phoenix Demographics

Phoenix, AZ -- There are approximately 20+ director positions within the City of Phoenix but only 2 Latinos held those positions until yesterday.  The demographics in the City of Phoenix do not reflect the leadership under Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher and the City Council.  Mr. Zuercher was unprofessional in the firing of Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia on the heels of Rumain Brisbon's death (an unarmed man who was shot to death by a Phoenix police officer).
There was tremendous outcry from the public who had questions for Chief Daniel Garcia who oversees the operations of the Phoenix PD.  Unfortunately Zuercher fired Police Chief Garcia (for holding a public news conference) when Garcia should have been allowed to answer questions by the public regarding Rumain Brisbon.   Zuercher must now explain why Latinos and Chicanos are not properly represented under his management in the City of Phoenix after firing Garcia.
We believe Garcia should have been able to defend himself considering the horrible criticisms he received no thanks to columnist Laurie Roberts of Arizona Central who wrote a scathing story about  him when he decided to run a tight ship and fire law enforcement officer Craig Tiger (whose job was on the line when he committed a DUI).  We believe Garica made the right decision.   As a former member of the law enforcement community, I believe police officers should be held to higher standards and they must walk the straight and narrow considering they have the badge to charge someone with a DUI, too.  It is hypocritical for police officers to charge someone with a DUI after they themselves are guilty of one and they must not serve as public safety officers when they are guilty of a DUI.
Councilman Sal DiCiccio is another person well known for not agreeing with Chief Garcia, but DiCiccio has no leg to stand on considering it was DiCiccio who supported a repeal via Prop 487.  Prop 487 would have repealed the defined Public Safety Retirement System --  a defined retirement benefit program for Phoenix police.  It is hard to tell what side DiCiccio is on given his hypocrisy.   DiCiccio is considered an extreme Tea Party Republican, who holds many anti-immigrant views his colleagues do, and it does not surprise us to hear he has had it out for Garcia since Garcia stated his department would not tolerate racial profiling in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on SB 1070 (anti-immigrant / anti-brown) law.  
We are demanding Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher to reinstate Chief Garcia to his position, and have more Latino directors promoted to management forthwith that reflects our demographics in the Phoenix metro area.  Garcia is on the right side of the law to call for “more power over internal disciplinary actions” that will could prevent wrongful deaths like Rumain Brisbon – an unarmed black man who was shot to death by a Phoenix Police Officer.   We believe Phoenix Police Department should have the utmost high standards and we cannot have rogue officers running amok.

Arizona Senator John McCain's legacy: Stealing Native American Land and Giving It Away

December 13

Honor the treaties, Senator John McCain.  Haven't you read history with regard to the genocide of our Native American brothers and sisters with regard to manifest destiny when white settlers moved westward and stole their lands after killing them?  Haven't Native Americans and the indigenous gone through enough already? The land deal you were part of was not your land.  Now your legacy will include stealing MORE land from the Natives so that you can give it to a mining foreign company.  The land you stole and gave away was rich in mineral$. 

You are sham and a disgrace.  Your legacy includes not supporting the Martin Luther King holiday, flip flopping on immigration, and now stealing more land away from Native Americans to help out foreign greedy corporations. 

From Tucson News: 

Former San Carlos Apache Tribal Chairman Wendsler Nosie said he felt sick when he heard what legislators did last week.

Members of Congress — including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. — inserted into the National Defense Authorization Act a controversial land-swap measure that would privatize national forest land sacred to Western Apache tribes.

More than a dozen versions of the land-swap bill have failed to pass Congress since 2005. But now the U.S. Senate is expected to make a decision on the defense spending bill by late Thursday.

After almost a decade of fighting the land swap, Nosie said he couldn't believe it had been tucked into the must-pass defense spending act.

"I was questioning, 'Why isn’t anybody listening? Why are McCain and these guys allowed to do what they’re doing?'" he said.


If you are disgusted the way we are, please sign this petition:


Arizona's Sen. Katie Hobbs Should Not Make Statements / Promises She Cannot Keep

December 11



What could take so long for Arizona Democrats to sign off on a letter stating they do not support a recall against one of their own colleagues? 

It is no wonder the Democratic voting bloc is in "last" place here in our State of Arizona with independent registered voters surpassing the Republican voting block in 2013 putting the Democrats in 3rd place.  I believe the Democratic voting bloc is in 3rd place because of poor leadership.  The Arizona Democratic Party should learn from the "unified front" strategy their counterpart has been successful with.   We saw with horror how Democrats distanced themselves from President Obama during the 2014 elections, and if they don't have any faith in their own Party leadership then how do they expect key swing independent voters to put trust in them?

Arizona tax payers are tired of seeing our taxes being wasted on frivolous recall(s).  Don't get me wrong, I support doable and just recalls on discriminatory lawmakers as was the case when several walks of life and a broad coalition effort recalled former Arizona Sen. Russell Pearce.  It took Jerry Lewis, a moderate Mormon lawmaker of Mesa, Arizona, to oust the more extreme one even though the moderate Mormon hypocritically ended up supporting Mitt Romney for President in 2012 who held similar immigrant self deportation views Pearce held.

That said, I never supported ideas circulating in Arizona for a recall against Arizona lawmaker Catherine Miranda.  I do not agree with all of her political views, however, her political views are not so extreme to me that it should warrant wasting tax payer dollars on a recall.

Arizona's (D) Sen. Katie Hobbs told members of the Chicano/Latino community and caucus that she would facilitate a letter acknowledging they would not support a recall against (D) Rep. Catherine Miranda.  Hobbs assured the caucus a letter signed by all  -- but to no avail.  Make no mistake, I contacted Katie Hobbs two times in writing and she has not responded to my questions. So I have no idea if she will follow through with what she told the caucus.

As a tax payer I want to ensure wasted tax payer dollars will not be spent on a frivolous recall against a moderate politician.  We have watched non profit organizations accepts hundreds of thousands of dollars on failed recall(s) with nothing to show for, and we want to tie loose ends before the end of this year. 

Hobbs is busy, organizers and activists are busy -- we are all busy, however, politicians need to understand why we equate them to car salesmen, and much of it has to do with not following through with what they say to begin with.






Justice For Rumain Brisbon Letter To Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garza, Arizona Attorney General & DOJ

December 08

December 9, 2014


City of Phoenix
Police Chief Daniel Garcia
620 W Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003
(602) 262-7626 

Subject: Arizona Law Enforcement Excessive Force Concerns / Homicide 

Dear Police Chief Garcia:

I began the facebook event in support of Justice for Rumain Brisbon with regard to the rally held at Space Park in downtown Phoenix with other community leaders.  We were happy with the diverse protestors that resulted in a peaceful and civil disobedience protest.

I was happy when you stated your department would not tolerate racial profiling in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on SB 1070 (anti-immigrant / anti-brown) law.   I hope you will be fair and instrumental with regard to the outcome of this wrongful death situation involving Rumain Brisbon.  Even though  columnist Laurie Roberts of Arizona Central wrote a scathing story about you when you decided to run a tight ship and fire law enforcement officer Craig Tiger (whose job was on the line when he committed a DUI), I believe you made the right decision that causes me to think you are fair instead of toeing the stereotypical cronyism line.  As a former member of the law enforcement community, I believe police officers should be held accountable for homicide(s) since they are supposed to enforce the law and commit to safety.   

In my view, nobody should be killed for delivering food to their family.

That said, I am asking your office to look into aggressive misconduct of the Phoenix police officer who fatally shot Rumain Brisbon.  I believe the officer who shot Rumain was eager to pull the trigger with regard to an unarmed man and he must be used as an example for the nation with a message that essentially states:  Police Chiefs will not tolerate trigger happy police officers in our Nation.

At some point we must stop the wave of trigger happy police officers who are not held accountable – particularly unarmed individuals.  Making an example out of the officer who killed Brisbon would make positive history sending a message that conveys trigger happy officers could get criminally charged for wrongful death situations.  Judge Dredd is a fictional character I wish to remain part of fiction as we cannot in good mind support men and women in uniform who act as the law, the judge and the executioner.   Although the Nation has been focusing on the mantra: all black lives matter, I would like to focus on “all lives matter” since whites, reds, yellows and browns have lost their lives across the Nation due to police excessive force.

Finally, we are asking your office to terminate the officer who shot Rumain Brisbon because we believe he is unfit and unsafe to carry out responsible and safe police duties.  Public trust and safety is imperative right now. We pray your office will assist that could help restore Arizona’s law enforcement image and public trust with your guidance and/or leadership. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  






DeeDee Garcia Blase

Co-founder - Somos Independents



CC:  Arizona  Attorney General Tom Horne
        Incoming Attorney General Mark Brnovich
        State of Arizona
        Office of the Attorney General
        1275 W Washington St.
        Phoenix, AZ 85007

       Department Of Justice
       Office of the Attorney General
       Eric H. Holder, Jr.
       9500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
       Washington, DC 205030-0001

       FBI Headquarters
       935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
       Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


       National Center for Health Statistics
       1600 Clifton Road
       Atlanta, GA 30333


Carlos Galindo Podcast: How the DREAM Act Movement Essentially Got RatF*cked with TeaDREAMers Who Hijacked Immigration Reform

December 07

Via Corrente, "Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention during the Watergate scandal investigation that during the 1972 presidential campaign the Nixon campaign committee maintained a "dirty tricks" unit focused on discrediting Nixon's strongest challengers.   ... Among the tactics were: canceling meeting-hall reservations just prior to rallies, putting out false press releases or "leaked documents" in the name of political opponents, spying on rival campaigns, putting plants into rival campaigns, purloining speeches and information, vote contracting, jamming phone lines, ordering vast quantities of food for delivery in the name of rival campaigns, hiring "rioters" and "activists, conducting deceptive or offensive get out the vote phone canvasses, push polls, and similar activities."

Genuine immigration reform activists have known for a while how Republicans have essentially hijacked or 'ratf*cked' the DREAM Act movement.  We saw Nixon-like tactics employed with the political under educated students regarding the DREAM Act.

Carlos Galindo's podcast spells it out below (click on below link to hear podcast).


Podcast: The Carlos Galindo Show December 04, 2014 (Obama responds to Boehner and Tea Dreamers screw the pooch)


In this hour I question why Latinos and Immigrants have allowed the Tea Dreamers to hijack the Immigration Movement. I also analyze the Tea Dreamers failed leadership and explain how they are destroying the movement. I also delve into our inability to pick articulate presentable leaders, which makes us look like Idiots. Finally I say "Screw you" to Latino activists and leaders who have been the pied pipers of the Latino communities.

En esta hora cuestiono por qué los Latinos y los Inmigrantes han permitido a los Dreamers del Partido de Té secuestrar el Movimiento de Inmigración. También se analiza el fallido liderazgo y se explica la forma en que están destruyendo el movimiento. También profundizo sobre nuestra incapacidad de elegir a líderes presentables que pueden articular, lo que nos hace quedar como idiotas. Finalmente digo "Que te jodan" a los activistas y líderes Latinos que han sido los flautistas de Hamelin de las comunidades latinas...."


Farmer Making Hasty Get Away Stealing Alfalfa Bales From Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp?

December 04

Farmer Making Hasty Get Away Stealing Alfalfa Bales From Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp?

View south over the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp where hay bales of the south wall were stolen. The sweat lodge in the upper right along the road had all of the hay bales surrounding it stolen.  Photo by Gary Dorr


Unbelievable! We are raising awareness to this farmer in a semi-truck allegedly making a hasty get-away when confronted on taking Alfalfa Bales from Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit camp.


Here is their presser:



Wednesday December 3, 2014

Contact: Wayne Frederick, Rosebud Sioux Tribal Council Representative Gary Dorr, Oyate Wahacanka Woecun, Rosebud Sioux Tribe Email: Phone: (605) 828-1266


Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp near Ideal, SD: In a surprising move of boldness and lack of regard for treaty and property rights, a farmer allegedly stole 29 of the 1,500 lb alfalfa bales from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp near Ideal, SD this afternoon. Camp resident Leota Iron Cloud attempted to make contact with the semi-truck driver as she was contacting people by phone to make them aware that someone was taking the bales. The driver of the truck made a hasty retreat off the tribal land across an adjacent field. The first bales removed by the farmer and his staff were removed from the barrier protecting the sweat lodges where ceremonies are held at the camp. The second series of thefts occurred at the tipi area where several more bales were taken from the south side of the encampment. The tribal police, Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Tripp County sheriff were notified as well as the South Dakota highway patrol.


The criminal act of taking bales rightfully owned by the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and located on Tribally-owned land, held in trust by the United States Federal Government, was witnessed by Iron Cloud, one of the camp residents. The farmer stole bales that were taken from another piece of tribally-owned land that did not have a lease. The bales were confiscated because the land did not have a lease.


When contacted through the Winner Dispatch a person identified as Tasha indicated that the Tripp County Sheriff’s office passed the investigation off to The Rosebud Sioux Tribal Police. This is an investigation into the theft of tribal owned property from trust land which is a Federal Offense.


Since this is a Federal Offense which involves a Non-Indian offender against an Indian Tribe this investigation bears investigative action by the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Police and the United States Attorney’s Office.


Section 1163 of Title 18 USC makes embezzlement, theft, criminal conversion, and willful misapplication of any of the moneys, funds, credits, goods, assets or other property belonging to any tribal organization a crime. It is a felony if the amount taken exceeds $1,000, and is subject to imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years, a fine pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3571 which cannot exceed $250,000, or both. The value of the bales stolen from the grounds of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp on December 2, 2014, combined with transportation costs and overhead is approximately $5,000. A non-Indian is also subject to this law.


It is no mistake that this is a criminal act of the highest degree, far removed from the civil argument over the loss of unleased crops from almost a year ago. The unleased crops themselves presented a case of Trespass. The bales were seized and returned to the tribe under authority of 25 CFR 162.106. Section 162.106 (a) of this Federal Regulation specifically states If an agricultural lease is required, and possession is taken without an agricultural lease by a party other than an Indian Landowner of the Tract we [BIA] will treat the unauthorized use as a trespass. Unless we have reason to believe that the party in possession is engage in negotiations with the Indian landowners to obtain an agricultural lease, we will take action to recover possession on behalf of the Indian landowners.


The farmer alleges that the bales are his crop from last year; however, he had not leased the land, and this shows that this is clearly a pre-meditated act of theft of tribal property which was located on tribal trust land at the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Spirit Camp. The farmer has taken the bales to his own property which is located 7 miles away from the Spirit Camp.


This story will be updated as the investigation into the felony act of stealing from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe continues to develop.


Black Brown Alliance Rally for Rumain Brisbon Justice (Shot By Phoenix Police Department)

December 04

Via Thug Army Life:


Racial Struggles: Rally For Rumaine Brisbon Shot by Phoenix PD Tonight 8:00 pm PDF Print    
Thursday, 04 December 2014 08:25
(Above Rumain Brisbon with his baby)

Date:  Tonight, Thursday, December 4, 2014

Time:  8:00 pm

Where:  Downtown Phoenix Civic Space Park, 424 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Reverend Jarrett Maupin and other local black and brown leaders speaking for justice tonight.


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