Julio Varela of Latino Rebels Has Pattern of Attacking Women Exploiting Mexican / Latinos

March 24

Somos Independents is led by Chicana / Mexican-American women voters.  We take issue with men who attack women and/or are in the business of exploiting Mexican-Americans / Latinos. In addition to Latino Rebels exploiting Mexicans, he has a pattern of bullying women.  Indeed he recently bullied an undocumented immigration reform activist, but women in the immigration reform movement will not tolerate his bullying of women.  

Aztlan Reads states: 

...on the historic 45th Anniversary of the Tlaltelolco Massacre, we received a comment to one of our posts on Aztlán Reads: “Setting the Record Straight: How Julio Varela of Latino Rebels Uses Marketing Gimmicks to Exploit the Mexican Community” from none other than Julio Varela of Latino Rebels fame.

In condescending colonial language he stated the following:

“Quien quiere mentir, engaña y el que quiere engañar, miente.” Mateo Alemán

Gracias por compartir mentiras y por su deseo de engañar. Los que quieren engañar con intentos de destrozar seguirán siendo mediocres. Le invito a seguir siendo mediocres. La verdad es que no importa. Pueden seguir el intento de engañar porque revela su carácter como unos falsos. Que vivan los falsos. El odio, basado en mentiras, nunca gana.

Not once did, Julio Varela refute any of the claims made by the Think Mexican blog. As usual, Julio Varela resorted to his old tactics when confronted about his business agenda and sidesteps what is obvious: Julio is a businessman with a strong acumen for marketing who is merely seeking to build his personal coffers by tapping into what supposedly is a $1 trillion market in the so-called “Latino” community of which Mexicans are the largest of the group.  His business model is based on exploiting the Mexican culture.


Julio Varela, Latino Rebels, LATISM and other Hispanic/Latino social media sites are a marketing ploy created by several Euroamerican and Hispanic Entrepreneurs, such as William Shepherd and Jack Yan of the Multicultural Branding Consultancy (MBC) and Charlie García, a marketer and businessman who brings to the Latino Rebels a political ideology “formed at the U.S. Air Force Academy in the mid-West” and “in the jungles of Central America teaching counter guerilla warfare to militaries trying to shake off communist insurgencies in the 1980s.”


More to the point, Julio Varela uses his influence to distort the history of Xicanas/os-Mexicanas/os, co-opts ideas and stories from others then use them as his own all while pacifying Raza in the social media by promoting assimilation and integration.



Chicanas take issue with Latino Rebels for giving marketing help to hijackers of the immigration reform movement like  Mohammad Abdollahi / Prerna Lal (founders of DREAMACT.org) who are on the record for stating they want to kill immigration reform.  Both co-founders will not retract Mohammad's "kill CIR" statement.  We also take issue with Latino Rebels contributing to the mocking of "FAST FOR FAMILIES."  Those who are fasting and praying take immigration very seriously because families are being torn away.  This is no laughing matter.  

Need more proof on Julio's marketing agenda?  

Susan cuts to the chase below:

Cha-ching! Corporations make a grab at $1.5 TRILLION Latino-American Market & says is the way

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Carlos Galindo: Koch Funded Operative Appears on Telemundo's Enfoque with Jose Diaz-Balart

March 24

Koch Funded Operative Appears on Telemundo's Enfoque with Jose Diaz-Balart

By Carlos Galindo

I was not so much shocked when I saw one of Jose Diaz Balart's guests this Sunday morning, but actually saddened for the Latino community in knowing that there was no way I was going to be able to counter the misinformation being shoved down the Spanish Language speaker's throat on Balart's Sunday morning news show called Enfoque, which airs on Telemundo at 11:00 EST. I have slowly watched Telemundo's star anchor dig further and further into the cesspool of Spanish speaking Republican operatives. 

I've watched his interviews with old warhorses like John McCain (R-AZ) in which he allows them to carry on with their neocon monologue. On the Immigration topic I've watched him bring some of Speaker Boehner's lap dogs to the show, like Raul Labrador (R-IA), an Immigration Attorney by profession, conveniently turned Republican politician. He also brought his own brother, Mario Diaz Balart (R-FL) whom he did not personally interview, but who was given the red carpet welcome by an alternate anchor on his show and was tendered an open mic and camera to misinform the Spanish speaking community on the GOP's "true desire" to help Immigrants. Diaz Balart's brother further expressed his absolute frustration at this President's refusal to act on stopping deportations and the separation of families. Ironically it's Diaz Balart's brother who forms part of the U.S. House of Representatives who has insisted on blocking Immigration Reform and who has tendered as an only solution, piecemeal legislation that would address stepped up enforcement of existing Immigration laws while increasing border security with the creation of a border commission that would give the green light on whether or not the border is sufficiently secure to allow Immigrants to fully come out of the shadows. Unfortunately that commission would be comprised of Republican border governors who receive Federal subsidies and who would never agree that the border is in fact secure.

Diaz Balart's facilitation of misinformation is damaging to the Spanish language speaking community. They have very few other sources of information and none are promoted and marketed as heavily and prominently as Telemundo and Univision are within the Spanish language communities. That fact alone should be a great burden for these media monsters. They have an absolute duty to fully disclose and to allow a counter argument to topics presented by these Spanish language news outlets. This is primarily absent on the news casts and on their Sunday News Shows.

As if this wasn't enough, now Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart brings a Koch funded Republican operative to bash The Afforable Care Act and to join in with National Council of La Raza's Clarissa Martinez in bashing the current administration and in particular President Obama on Immigration. Martinez and the Koch Brothers funded Republican operative Dan Garza from The Libre Initiative continued the perpetuation of lies and allegations that this President has deported nearly two million undocumented Immigrants without a criminal record. The actual facts as reported by the Pew Hispanic Research Center based on ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) statistics, show the majority of those deported had criminal records or formed part of a great percentage that were caught at the border and had not established any roots in the United States. What was even sadder is watching the spokesperson for National Council of La Raza Clarissa Martinez sharing the stage with, agreeing with, and quoting a Koch Brothers operative, without even realizing she was sharing the stage with an Obama hater and someone who forms part of a movement that would just as soon have her working the fields barefooted than allow her to live the American Dream as a Latina as she has successfully done.

Jose Diaz Balart's latest move introduces a dangerous precedent with a dangerous factor, a Spanish speaking snake oil salesman heavily funded by the Koch network to promote anti-Obama care sentiment and to recruit Spanish speakers in droves to the Republican party.

Warning to the Spanish Language Community! You have now been targeted by big money!

As I watched Clarissa Martinez from the National Council of La Raza, an organization that calls themselves the largest Latino Advocacy organization in the nation, and Dan Garza from The Libre Initiative work in tandem to bash our President on a host of issues, I realized what I was observing, the fleecing of our Spanish language community facilitated by what appears to be a Republican anchor, A Koch funded Republican operative and an Immigrant "advocate" oblivious as to who she's agreeing with and more importantly, oblivious that she was being used for the furtherance of the Republican/Koch agenda.

I have included a diagram of the Koch Brothers Network which shows The Libre Initiative as a Koch funded operation.

Koch Brothers Network

Arizona's Michele Reagan Is No Ronald Reagan and Insults American Born Citizens of Mexican Heritage

March 21


Some of these Republicans in Arizona just cannot help themselves. It is so easy for them to offend Mexican Americans. Do they not know the history of the Mexican-American War?  The Guadalupe Treaty? The land thieves when they began using English as a means to trick Spanish-speaking people for their lands?

Arizona's Michele Reagan is no Ronald Reagan, and I am deeply offended with her recent mail out.  Shame on you, Reagan, I used to appreciate the value of your mother's work in the McCain campaigns ... and she is an honorable woman, but you ma'am will have a short term political career if you do not recant your offensive messaging with your attempt to woo the far right.  Shame on you. 

Gail Mokry Shoultes, an immigration leader of our community chimes in on your recent piece you sent out: 

I am a life long democrat and local activist.  I have met with Sen. Reagan in the recent past regarding dark money and local non profit organizations that facilitate that process.  I have been following Sen. Reagan because of the work she did last year regarding elections reform. I have also been watching to see if Sen. Reagan has the integrity to of campaign on facts not fiction as she is my choice for SOS so far.
I can understand your approval of the recent findings regarding requiring ID in order to vote, that's your opinion but what I cannot tolerate is this paragraph contained in that email. It reads: "Voting and helping set the course of our country's future are rights that belong to all US citizens. Far too long have we watched as illegal aliens and undocumented residents turn out at the polls to help further a cause. I appreciate their desire to influence our government through voting. However, until they follow the paths already in place to secure US citizenship, they do not have the right to vote in our election.
Essentially you are insinuating in this paragraph that there is a large number of undocumented persons who have actually voted in Arizona elections. This kind of assertion required substantiation. I know you do not have information that backs up your claims of voter fraud but if you should find some shred of evidence I would like to see it. 
It is appalling that such an accomplished woman such as Sen. Reagan would stoop to perpetuating lies just to get elected. As a centrist and a voter I'm requesting that you refrain from campaigning on falsehoods and stay on path with factual information. Right is right and wrong is wrong and if we can't even believe Sen. Reagan's words during the campaign, how are we to trust her once she gets in office and is first in line for the governor?
Most sincerely,
Gail Shoultes
Here is Michele Reagan's offensive messaging she sent out this morning:
As a supporter of election integrity on all fronts - whether exposing dark money or ensuring that every citizen's vote counts, I applaud US District Judge Eric Melgren in Topeka for ruling in favor of Arizona and Kansas in their suit against the Federal Election Assistance Commission.
Voting and helping set the course of our country's future are rights that belong to all US citizens. Far too long have we watched as illegal aliens and undocumented residents turn out at the polls to help further a cause. I appreciate their desire to influence our government through voting. However, until they follow the paths already in place to secure US citizenship, they do not have the right to vote in our elections.
This is a significant victory for state's rights as we watch our federal government virtually slide by, doing little or nothing to secure our border or solve the problem of illegal immigration. This ruling is an important step in the right direction to allow states to determine whether someone attempting to register to vote has documentation to PROVE their US citizenship.
Thank you.

National Political Radio Show Host via Carlos Galindo Switches and Now an Independent Registered Voter

March 18

"The Police Lied To Us." - Anthony Firkins Jr. Widow Responds To Police Video Footage Witnessing Husband's Sadistic Taser Death

March 17

March 18, 2014
Contact:  Julie Cobio Firkins - (208) 312-7320
Widow Responds To Video Shown:  "Law Enforcement lied leaving my husband to die after sadistic excessive force was used."
Widow Disagrees With Idaho AG report showing "No Fault"
Heyburn, ID -- Somos Independents has received an update from the widow of the late Anthony Firkins Jr. The Nampa Police Department Idaho Law Enforcement agency showed video footage regarding the Idaho-related Taser death of Anthony Firkins Jr.
Widow of Anthony Firkins Jr. via Julie Firkins states:
"After reviewing the law enforcement video footage in a meeting last week with the Nampa Police Department (NPD), it comes with a heavy heart in discovering how the NPD misrepresented facts regarding my late husband's death. We are heart-sick. Initially law enforcement agencies told us our late Anthony Firkins Jr. retaliated and fought law enforcement officers, however, the video footage shown to us proves contrary.  Officers involved used brutal and sadistic excessive force. Our grieving family acted in good faith and relied on statements by the NPD and affiliated agencies that are detrimental to this incident. 
Indeed the attorney general's office stated  my late husband fought the police when  video shows he was trying to run away and prevent himself from being tased to death after he exited his vehicle. My husband was screaming in pain as law enforcement tased him over and over and over again. The NPD beat him and continued with their multiple tasings while tying him in hog-like fashion. I sawmy husband's hand clench before he 'let go' and passed away in the video shown to me.  
The officers who beat and tased him to death joked about scuffed uniform(s) as my husband lay crying for his life. Repeatedly he stated he could not breathe. After his body went limp, the officers did not resuscitate my husband and waited approximately 8 minutes before the medics arrived.  It was too late.
I will be seeking further aid by the Department of Justice so that they can review the videos of all 7 officers involved in my husband's death. In additions, I will be asking the Department of Justice to step in and help me obtain a copy of all 7 videos (only 5 were provided to us) in an effort to show the public how inhumane the NPD is. Additional tasing training must be given to prevent future deaths like Anthony Firkins Jr., and Idaho taxpayers should not employ irresponsible law enforcement officers who abuse their authority making jokes about uniforms despite a man begging to breathe and for his life.  I believe the officers involved ought to be held accountable.
How can the Idaho Attorney General's office see no fault on the part of law enforcement officers with regard to the video shown to me and my family when clearly evidence within the video shows excessive and brutal force were used?  
Did the Idaho AG  via Lawrence Wasden see the videos that clearly show the excessive force and murder of my husband?  
It has been almost one year since the passing of my husband and the NPD refused to release a copy of the video to our family at the meeting last week, nor would they allow us to bring in our own video recording devices to tape what we have been requesting for months.  Though the Chief of the Nampa Police Department admitted an apology -- a mere apology can never bring my husband back to help raise the fatherless and other small children he cared for and left behind.  
I pray justice will be given on behalf of my husband. Anthony Firkins Jr., was merely driving near the scene where a caller called in a “woman screaming,” however, he was not associated with the screaming woman. 
My husband did not have to die under the hands of law enforcement and we now have proof of how my husband was murdered."  

Somos Independents is a national group of key swing independent registered Independent women voters who support bipartisanship in our government that will help solve tough issues.   We are organizing the growing independent registered voter group by getting out the vote with millenial voters, and we realize college-aged students prefer registering themselves as independents rather than choosing a major political party.  We believe in putting people before Party politics.  Co-founders include a former Republican and a former Democratic voter. 

Republicans / Speaker Boehner Quick Giving Ukraine $1Billion in Aid; Damning Americans Who Need Food Stamps

March 05

From the Root

The Republican Party is engaged in class warfare against poor and middle-class white Americans. It is a little-discussed fact but an ironic one worth noting, since those are the very same people who elect them.  ... House Republicans passed a nutrition bill [in 2013] that eliminates $39 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, previously known as food stamps. Nearly 47 million Americans currently rely on SNAP -- roughly 15 percent of the population -- and 17.6 million U.S. households are considered food insecure, which means they aren't sure where their next meal will come from. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (pdf), nearly 17 million of these people are children, 5 million are seniors and 300,000 are elderly veterans.

So why is the Republican Party quick to damn Americans with their needs while being quick to give aid to other people in other parts of the world?  

According to USA TODAY:

Congress has to sign off on the $1 billion in loan guarantees but leaders have said they want to take action against Russia, and have given Obama plenty of advice. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, pledged to work with the Obama administration "on measures to impose consequences on Russia for its hostile act."

The GOP is still the same.  Quick to fund possible wars with billions of our tax payer dollars while damning single mothers and veterans.   It's time to DUMP THE TEA GOP!


Boehner Wants To Work With Obama on Potential War Issues Abroad But Delays Homeland Immigration Issues

March 05

2 things I want to point out with regard to why the Repulican Presidential candidate via Mitt Romney failed in 2012. 

1:  Americans are tired of Republican war mongers. 

“Currently, 52% say the United States ‘should mind its own business internationally and let other countries get along the best they can on their own.’ Just 38% disagree with the statement. This is the most lopsided balance in favor of the U.S. ‘minding its own business’ in the nearly 50-year history of the measure,” Pew explains.

2.  Women, Mexican-American / Latino and Independent Key swing voters want things fixed in our Homeland now.  We are paying attention to the GOP and Speaker Boehner with respect to their decisions here at our Homeland base.  It has been over 7 months since the Democratic-controlled Senate passed the much needed legal immigration reform bill from a clearly broken system.  The do-nothing Republican-led House of Representatives are dragging their feet.  But make no mistake, we are expecting them to have blood on their teeth as they play the "our missile is bigger than your missile" game with Russia.  

Speaker Boehner willing to give $1 BILLION in aid to the Ukraine, but he and his ilk won't help AMERICANS here in our homeland with foodstamps!

It's time to DUMP THE TEA GOP.


Somos Independents Interview On Fernando Espuelas Show Regarding Growing Indie Voters Who Support Immigration Reform

March 04

Fernando Espuelas is host and managing editor of "The Fernando Espuelas Show"broadcast on the Univision America Network, as well as on univision.com and at espuelas.com


Photo: Only one chance - Election 2014.  Will we change Congress and save America?  Yes we will:


(Above) Fernando Espuelas Show writes:  Only one chance - Election 2014. Will we change Congress and save America? Yes we will: http://www.eac.gov/voter_resources/register_to_vote.aspx


On March 5, 2014, co-founder of Somos Independent via DeeDee Garcia Blase will be interviewed by Fernando Espuelas at 2:35 ET or 11:35 Arizona time to discuss the growing and key swing independent registered voter bloc.  Ms. Blase will discuss how immigration reform benefits our American economy and our Nation; and she will also help expose a few DREAM Act students who profit or benefit financially from crisis situations with their activism.  

On multiple occasions, politicians have made it loud and clear they are not driven by undocumented people who cannot vote, but by American registered voters.  Though the undocumented cannot vote, they can certainly help by encouraging their American relatives to vote on their behalf. 

SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a Mexican-American / Latina led organization that encourages Get Out The Vote promoting legal immigration reform.  Our leaders within the movement consist of people are American first but we are also proud (not embarrassed) with our heritage albeit from Mexico, Uruguay, El Salvador, Venezuela and so forth.  

The Somos Independents voter group is keenly aware of how many millions of dollars Republicans and Democrats spend to reach out to our voter block group.  But, Independent voters are ready to DUMP THE TEA within the GOP

According to the Gallup, "Forty-two percent of Americans, on average, identified as political independents in 2013, the highest Gallup has measured since it began conducting interviews by telephone 25 years ago. Meanwhile, Republican identification fell to 25%, the lowest over that time span. At 31%, Democratic identification is unchanged from the last four years but down from 36% in 2008." 
According to the Independent Voter Network (IVN):  
"The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. ... These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative."  
As Independent voters' numbers rise, the GOP is hurt the most and many former Republican voters have already dumped the tea to leave the GOP. 
Somos Independents -- a group led by women and Mexican American / Latina(o) independent registered voters refuse to support taxation without representation ideas mentioned in Speaker Boehner's immigration proposal.    Our group does not consist of naive politically undereducated undocumented DREAM Act students who have been used and splintered by the GOP.  We know there are some undocumented DREAM Act student immigrants who are willing to take less not knowing the political consequences because the likes of Speaker Boehner are taking advantage of their desperate situations.  We know taxation without representation chips away at our very ideals that made this Nation great sparking the American Revolution.
As informed and educated voters, SOMOS INDEPENDENTS will repudiate taxation without representation ideas and it begins with dumping the tea within the GOP.  Independent voters are the new American revolutionists, and tyranny is tyranny. We cannot repeat the British taxation tyranny ideals we see the GOP attempting to propose in handling the undocumented immigrants. In fact, Social security and government benefits given to the aging population are exhausting our federal tax revenues, and in order to take care of our elderly, we must create new tax payers with new immigrants instead of increasing tax burdens on existing Americans.  

Blase will highlight genuine immigration activists concerns from the likes of Claudia Long on the Fernando Espuelas show, so tune in on March 5, 2014!

Genuine immigration activist via Claudia Longo states:

All I can say is the undocumented community feels left out by the dreamers organizations, who are trying to kill the only bill we have so far, the only real chance that came out of the senate. They are killing it by asking the wrong people to stop deportations and attaking the only ones who have showed support to the community of undocumented: PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, DEMOCRATS AND JUST A FEW REOUBLICANS. Dreamers don't care about the rest of undocumented. Dremer organizations are ruining it for all of us. SELFISH, SHAME. PUSH FOR A COMPREHENSIVE REFORM FOR ALL. If your organizations were doing that, with all the power you guys have, we would have CIR for all now and deportations would've stopped.


And many other genuine CIR legal immigration reform activists chime in on hijackers of the movement -- see below: 

Haime Xvier Badillo Yo no estoy de acuerdo con el actuar de Erika andiola. lamento tambien que a las personas sigan los pasos de gente que absolutamente no tienen vela en este movimiento como son estos iranies. Más no podemos solamente culpar a ellos si no a la ignorancia de muchos dreamers y seguidores que no se dan cuenta el daño hacen y se hacen con estas acciones y todo el movimiento.. Lamentó nuestra capacidad intelectual como hispanos se limite a seguir a personas como a esos iranies radicales y poniendo en riesgo el estatus de personas inocentes entre sus patas. Asking for citizenship or nothing...? Hard to explain but we are not poquiteros hay que tirarle arriva... Si le tiras a lo poco, obtienes nada no lo olvides..

Richard O. Hornos So , Do you understand ?? Erika [Andiola]??? Haime just tagged you but you're getting innocent people following you when we fought for you and now you are exposing us to don't deliver the right message ?? I know you are there reading us. C'mon girl !! You got DACA benefit , don't mess this #CIR 

Claudia Longo I'll be there supporting ALL UNDOCUMENTED! Is unbelievable what Andiola is doing, making undocumented get arrested and deported

Alicia Lupercio I will fight for the ones are arrested at their jobs, driving ,but doing this stupidity?? 

Nora Adriana Viayra Apoyar a todos los indocumentados , no solo a una parte de ellos. hay que decir la verdad de las cosas.la cosa es no equivacar el camino.si handamos un solo camino seremos mas.

Gail Mokry Shoultes For some reason civil disobedience to the point of getting arrested is the latest craze. CBA keeps trying to do the same thing here locally. 

Susan Pai I'm getting pretty damn tired of these spoiled snot nose kids like Ju Hong, Erika Andiola and even Gaby Pacheco now tweeting about their newfound celebrity status. I just came back from a Civil Rights panel with original Civil Rights leaders from the 60s and this aint no game. The fight we fight is the same fight African Americans have been fighting since 1965 and well before. True activists aim to collect on the promise yet unfulfilled made to African Americans when Lyndon B. Johnson presented the Voting Rights Act in 1965, 48 years ago. This aint no Celebrity Star Search of the Undocumented and I aint interested in your $20k speaking fees, your limo rides and your crocodile tears. Good, hard working people like Richard and Claudia are asking for a chance to become Americans, not seeking fame or fortune. They are asking for the same chance given to America's forefathers. In asking for liberty, equality, and dignity we pick up the torch in the American Civil Rights Movement and we fight alongside our African American brothers and sisters. We aim to collect on the promise made to our African American brothers and sisters for their first class citizenship, and in doing so, continue the fight for ALL AMERICANS: Immigrants, women, LGBTQ, the disabled, the elderly poor. WE AIM TO COLLECT ON THE PROMISE MADE TO OUR AFRICAN AMERICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. We aint got no time for anything but.

Isabel Framer I'm in DC since yesterday but I am following some of the issues going on. It is truly a shame that some are being misguided and due to their lack of sophistication and/or maturity are placing other Dreamers in harm of being deported. Many of us advocates as well as undocumented community do not support the those misguided actions. Very upsetting! 

Haime Xvier Badillo Unfortunately I don't think Cuban-Americans care much about this CIR movement since they are in a totally different category in their legal status and benefits in the US. It's well known some Cubans use Mexican soil in order to arrive to safe heaven fast and ez.. Is not the case for the rest of our people. That's the main reason the media its wrong to call ted Cruz, balart so on Latino as the rest of us.. But its our fault not being political educated so our Mexican American hijos take those government seats. We have to change that asap or we gonna be in big trouble in the near future.

The Carlos Galindo Show: TWITTER BOMB!!!  Let congress have it! We need to do what's right for this country. Immigration Reform is a no brainer. We've had enough with the Office of Speaker Boehner and his obstructionist henchmen aka congressmen. 



Carlos Galindo: 1st National Bilingual Political Radio Talk Show Host Blasts NCLR's Janet Murguia

March 04

Logo Carlos Galindo.jpg


Tune in on Wednesday morning, 7 am - 9 pm Arizona time as we listen to the Carlos Galindo show.  Galindo is the first National political radio show that conducts its program in both Spanish and in English capturing a wider audience. 

Here is what Galindo has to say about NCLR's President via Janet Murguia:


Janet Murguia is way out of line! She and others are complicit to the deportation of millions of my brothers and sisters. I will not stand for this, and neither should any of you. Largest Latino Advocacy Organization? Get real! They became a corporate monster long ago. They don't serve our communities, they serve the Hispanic Chamber's of Commerce and others who profit off of us. 

People! Wake up! NCLR and the rest of these failed Pro-Immigrant leaders are hurting our mid-term election chances. The more they attack this President, the more they damage his image the way the Republicans have been doing, the less of a chance of us getting anything done in this country.

In 2010 members of NCLR floated the idea of punishing Barack Obama by abstaining from voting in order to hurt his allies who were Democratic candidates. We lost the house to Tea baggers. Do we want a repeat?

How many of you really see National Council of La Raza as your Latino Advocacy Organization? 


It appears NCLR has lost it's touch with regular people when they sold out to major corporate giants. 

Here is how genuine immigration leaders and activists responded to NCLR earlier this morning:




Open Letter To Idaho Attorney General Regarding Excessive Force Concerns In The Matter Of Anthony Firkins Jr.

March 03
March 3, 2014
Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden
State of Idaho
Office of the Attorney General
700 W. Jefferson Street, Suite 210
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Idaho 83720-0010


Subject: Idaho Law Enforcement Excessive Force Concerns
Dear Sir:
We were happy to hear you ordered a criminal investigation with regard to the situation regarding the Correction Corporation of America’s under-staffing of the Idaho Correctional Center after learning that a police investigation announced last year was never done. Falsifying government documents and wasting taxpayer monies should be eradicated from the State of Idaho and government operations.
That said, we are asking your office to look into police misconduct of the Nampa Police Department (NPD). The NPD has a questionable history after a number of internal affairs law enforcement officers sued the former Nampa police chief in light of blowing the whistle on police misconduct, and it appears the department may not have rooted out all of the corruption within the NPD. The public trust in Idaho law enforcement is waning with Idaho's negative rankings compared to the rest of our Nation. As of today, the NPD currently has a low rating of 2 stars out of 5 stars -- having a total of 97 one star ratings and a mere 29 five stars given to their organization by the public. In addition to more Idaho law enforcement concerns -- it was only a few years ago, the state public defender’s office had to go through its database and notify everyone who had evidence at a crime lab between January 2003 and June of 2011 – a range of dates in which the Idaho State Police said misconduct may have occurred at its forensics lab.
Adding insult to injury with regard to the Idaho law enforcement image, a recent Filer, ID, dog shooting caused several concerned citizens to rallyagainst the Filer police officer Tarek Hassani who killed the dog and threatened to take the owner to jail during his son's birthday party event after an understandably heated conversation.
Another mishap involving Idaho law enforcement authorities includes a family who has been seeking answers after Anthony Firkins Jr. died after reportedly being shot three times with a Taser by NPD. The family is now approaching the one year anniversary since the death of their loved one to no avail and still with no answers. How can the family file an internal affairs complaint with the NPD when they do not know the names of the officers involved in the death of their loved one? The family needs closure and it would be in the best interest of Idaho government to solve this case considering the added emotional stress this can bring to the family.
Finally, we are asking your office to expedite the investigation of the NPD since we are approaching the one year anniversary of the late Anthony Firkins Jr. We pray your office will assist with the much needed expedited closure that could help restore Idaho's law enforcement image and public trust with your guidance and/or leadership. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact Julie Firkins at (208) 312-7320.
DeeDee Garcia Blase
Co-founder - Somos Independents
Julie Cobio Firkins
Widow of Anthony Firkins
CC: Department Of Justice
       Office of the Attorney General
       Eric H. Holder, Jr.
       9500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
       Washington, DC 205030-0001
       Idaho State Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett
       Idaho Capitol Building
       PO Box 83720
       Boise, ID 83720-0081
       FBI Headquarters
       935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
       Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
       National Center for Health Statistics
       1600 Clifton Road
       Atlanta, GA 30333



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