Mexican-American Women Political Group Welcomes Immigration Talks and Slams Rep. Steve King

April 17

For Immediate Release– April 16, 2013
Shirl Mora James, President and Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer
DeeDee Garcia Blase, Communications

Latina-led National Political Movement Welcomes Immigration Discussions / Slams Rep. Steve King

Lincoln, NE / Phoenix, AZ — Somos Independents (a national Latina-led political movement) believe that the introduction of a legal comprehensive bill that includes a pathway to citizenship is a big step forward. We must remember that the designated GOP Presidential candidate just last year was promising to veto the DREAM Act and encouraged self deportation. Thus, this is why we believe this bipartisan cooperation is a big step forward.

Shirl Mora James, a Civil Rights and Immigration Attorney who is also President of Somos Independents states:

This is a much needed step in the right direction for all our families who are aspiring Americans from across the world. We applaud the Gang of 8 U.S. Senators for their courage, foresight and their hard work which begins to address the much needed comprehensive immigration reform.

We look forward to reviewing the bill in its entirety as it relates to the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. We will be diligent in following all the immigration debates, proposed amendment changes and we will keep you updated as such.

It is our belief that our political leaders need to be prudent about this process. We are extremely dismayed and disappointed in the irresponsibility of Iowa Republican Representative Steve King’s xenophobic statements by attempting to use the Boston Marathon national tragedy to stop the forward progress in fixing the broken immigration system. For all King knows, this could be a home-grown domestic terrorist attack likened to the Oklahoma City Bombing or the Centennial Olympic Park Bombing.

The 2013 Legal immigration reform bill is a major step forward in securing our Nation because only after everyone is registered and documented will we know who is in our Nation and where we can find them. We know that once we fix the broken immigration system, and once we document all immigrants — then they can feel safe to help law enforcement agencies to target criminal activity without the fear of deportation when they report suspicious activity to the law enforcement authorities. Therefore, bringing the immigrants out of the shadows will only strengthen our Nation’s security.


SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement) is a woman-led political movement. It is our goal to communicatto women and Latina matriarchs across the nation with regard to the need in fixing the broken immigration system. We organize events, and college rallies that encourages a massive Latino Get Out The Vote and political participation. This movement is a non-partisan movement. We don’t care how people vote, we just want them to get on the early ballot system, become consistent primary and general election voters.



Regarding Don Young's "Wetback" Slur -- Rep. John Boehner isn’t the leader of the Republican Party — Chairman Reince Priebus Is

April 02

We are glad to see Republicans like Rep. John Boehner speak out against Rep. Don Young — a Republican of Alaska who used the defamatory term “wetback” recently on a radio show program.  However, Boehner is not the leader of the Republican Party — Chairman Reince Priebus is the current leader and Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Chairman Reince Priebus has access to emails and addresses of registered Republicans and GOP Precinct Committeemen across the nation (not Boehner), and he has the tools to communicate to Party members and leaders in an effort to educate and avoid terms that are considered discriminatory and offensive in the new millennium.

Russell Pearce is currently the 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party and continues to use the slur “wetback” despite being told it is offensive.

Mexican-Americans are sick and tired of Republicans using these discriminatory terms and we have been informing Republican politicians such as Russell Pearce (currently 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona GOP) that we consider this term unacceptable.   Russell Pearce used the offensive term “wetback” on an Arizona Radio station almost 7 years ago — and we still see Republicans use that offensive term today.  This is precisely why Mexican-Americans have left the GOP, and this ought to be of concern to the RNC considering those of Mexican descent make up almost 70% of the entire “Latino” population pie.   It will take communication from the top via Priebus in order to stop the cancerous hate against Mexicans, and he ought to remember how the Father of the Republican Party via Abraham Lincoln fought against the anti-Mexican hatred as early as 1848.

Since Rep. Don Young has made claim the offensive term was commonly due to his farm upbringing in California, this ought to be a clear reason why Reince Priebus should educate Party leaders on what is considered dehumanizing, discriminatory and offensive today.

Priebus could easily educate Party leaders within all 50 states quite simply via a memo.

How many more times must we hear offensive and dehumanizing terms before the Republican Party leadership educates their Party leaders and public officials?

Should these tax payer-funded officials like Rep. Don Young receive a type of human resource training that educates what is considered discriminatory and offensive?  United States elected officials are paid to do a job that is funded by United States citizens and they ought to be held to the same standards as other government employees.

Let it be understood that if we do not see the current Chairman of the RNC recommend the resignation of Rep. Don Young … we will consider it another slap in the face towards Mexican-Americans and Latinos.  We want to remind the Chairman how the 1st Vice Chair of the Arizona Republican Party continues to use these slurs despite being told it is offensive.   We should encourage progress and forward thinking and resist ideas that predate the ugly pre Civil Rights era.



Dear Sen. Marco Rubio: Pretend Cuba is Mexico regarding urgency of legal immigration reform

April 02

After 10 long years of Mexican-Americans and Latinos fighting for comprehensive legal immigration reform because they do not benefit from Cuban amnesty, we are now hearing Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio state legal comprehensive immigration reform cannot be rushed.

It is a fact that the majority of those being deported are of Mexican descent so naturally we believe Rubio doesn’t feel the pain we feel.  [Mexican-Americans account for almost 70% of the Latin population pie while Cuban-Americans account for 3% of the pie.] Why should Rubio feel the angst and pain we feel?  His people benefit from amnesty so of course he isn’t in a hurry to help the Mexicans and other Latino groups who don’t receive privileged amnesty.

The solution is quite simple … all Marco Rubio has to do is pretend Cuba is Mexico with regard to the urgency of the matter.  Since Mexico is considered more corrupt than Cuba — wouldn’t it make sense to support a Mexican Adjustment Act that emulates the Cuban Adjustment Act?

According to a POLITICO story, Rubio stated CIR “…  cannot be rushed …

Rubio cannot be relied upon because he has changed his position too many times.  For instance, Rubio was against the DREAM Act before he was for it.  He kicked Mexicanos and other Latino groups while we were down and out in December of 2010.  Rubio also stated his support for Arizona’s harsh anti-immigrant law via SB 1070 (he hasn’t retracted support of it), and now that President Obama has stated he wants to fix the broken immigration system right now …. we see Rubio being the person who is dragging ass. In the last couple of years, we have witnessed anti-immigrant organizations like NumbersUSA and the Tea Party movement align themselves with Latino Republican politicians who will support their similar anti-immigrant policies. They use the Cuban community who benefit from unique amnesty to attack those of Mexican descent because Mexicans account for almost 70% chunk of the total Latino population.

I support the Cuban Adjustment Act, but I do not support Tea party politicians like Rubio who forget  their relatives and family had compassion afforded to them.  We are not asking for amnesty with entitlements that are afforded to Cubans via the wet foot dry foot policy, all we are asking for is a secure border plan and legal immigration reform — without the government entitlements. We believe that’s reasonable.  Will Senator Marco Rubio who claims to be for less government insist on protecting the unique Cuban amnesty and at least one year of government entitlements using our tax payer dollar? Republicans have forgotten that the GOP has indeed supported immigration amnesty for years under the Cuban Adjustment Act(CAA). Under the unique Cuban amnesty program, Cuban immigrants can receive at least one year of government entitlements once their foot touches American soil. Since the Tea Party claims to be champions of government entitlement reform, it will simply be a matter of time before they want to do away with the CAA and their government entitlements, too.

The Mexican-American community which makes up the muscle of the Latin population numbers are watching Rubio closely.  We are recording and documenting how soon he reacts to Cuban-related crisis versus the crisis affecting my people via Mexican American families.

Oh, and by the way, we are noticing the Cuban American Texas Senator Ted Cruz is still Missing In Action (MIA) on immigration reform even though Texas shares the longest border length with Mexico.  But here is the thing — Cruz isn’t Mexican-American either so of course he doesn’t care to take the lead on this.   It doesn’t hurt him the way it hurts us.


President Obama wants to fix the broken immigration system, but Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio doesn’t want CIR “to be rushed” while Mexicans continue to be deported. More importantly, Cuban-American Sen. Ted Cruz is still MIA on CIR efforts even though Texas shares the longest border with Mexico. In other words, we see a non-border “Hispanic” being the vocal piece for CIR instead of the Texas border “Hispanic.”


Mexican-Americans to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: Prove Your “Minority Outreach” Efforts In Asking Don Young To Resign

March 29


It is okay to get angry with public servants and politicians who use derogatory and offensive terms. Get mad and demand for Republican Don Young to resign. During 2011, a freshman Republican lawmaker resigned because his wife sent “an offensive and racist” email to the Democratic state Senate campaign of nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis.

As many of you may already know, most Mexican-Americans know we are indigenous to this land, and it appears we have to educate and remind politicians that those of Mexican descent are natives to this land.

It is now 2013, and it has been almost 7 years since the ousted Arizona Republican Sen. Russell Pearce has used the “wetback” term — and he continues to use that term. Yet, Pearce is still in an influential position with access to Arizona Republican Precinct Committeemen as he is still the 1st Vice Chairman of the Arizona GOP today. The National Republican Committee and Chairman Reince Priebus have done nothing in the way of leadership, nor have they initiated educational seminars that would prevent discriminatory or offensive environments. All public servants and politicians should receive the same training military GI’s receive in order to prevent offensive discriminatory environments.

Since Rep. Don Young claims to have grown up on a farm in California, we believe he should have known the real history of the California-born Mexicans [post-conquest California] as it relates to who the real “immigrants” were when the 10,000 Californios (pre-conquest Mexican Californians) soon found the territory swamped by Anglo-American migrants and foreign immigrants.

These California-born Mexicans would automatically be come U.S. citizens under the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. But according to the United States National Park Service and the U.S. Department of the Interior, “The state anti-vagrancy act of 1855 was so obviously anti-Mexican that it became known popularly as the Greaser Law. Possibly the most blatantly anti-Mexican law was the 1855 act negating the constitutional requirement that laws be translated into Spanish.” Already suffering from heavy taxes and lacking capital, Chicano landowners had to go through the slow, expensive process of legally confirming their claims, and often were forced to borrow money at high interest rates to cover the costs of the legal struggle.

The anti-Mexican rhetoric continues to be fueled by Republican lawmakers, and since the National Republican Committee Chairman Reince Priebus states he wants to spend million$ in “minority” outreach — we believe he can start by asking Don Young to resign. It will not cost $1.00 for Priebus to make Don Young an example. Priebus should also explain why the GOP has not yet reversed its protectionist and restrictionist anti-immigrant platform of 2012.

We have witnessed Republicans rebuke Don Young, however, the rebuke ought to come from top. It is a reasonable idea for the RNC Chairman to rebuke offensive and derogatory terms used by Republican officials. More importantly, they ought to be more responsible in conducting educational seminars in order to educate their members/leaders on how to avoid offensive and derogatory remarks. Republican politicians like Don Young and Russell Pearce undo what the Father of the GOP via Abraham Lincoln intended.

Abe Lincoln rebuked President Polk for the Mexican War

Indeed Abraham Lincoln showed real leadership when it was unpopular to do so.

As a Congressional freshman, Lincoln got on the floor of the House on January 12, 1848, when he defended the vote of his party given a few days previous “declaring that the war with Mexico was unnecessarily and unconstitutionally commenced by the President.”

Will Reince Priebus declare war on continued Republican bigotry against Mexican-Americans?

Will he educate his Party members and leaders with regard to discriminatory terms that we consider offensive?

Please tweet Priebus and suggest the resignation of Don Young today @ReincePriebus or send him an email at:

Remind Priebus to how many Mexican-Americans / Latinos have fought and died for American wars and why we continue to be in support a “United” States and not a divisive one.

Con Safos


DeeDee Garcia Blase


Mexican-American / Woman-led Organization Slams Republican Don Young For Using Derogatory Term “Wetback”

March 29

Mexican-American / Woman-led Organization Slams Republican For Using Derogatory Term “Wetback”


or (520) 329-1877

For Immediate Release – 3-29-13

Shirl Mora James, President – Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer
DeeDee Garcia Blase, Communications

Phoenix, AZ – We are disappointed to learn that Republicans are still using derogatory terms that predate the Civil Rights era.  We consider the term “wetback” offensive.  According to the Washington Post, Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), in an interview with a local radio station released Thursday, referred to Latinos working on a ranch by using the derogatory term “wetbacks.”


The ousted and former Republican Senator Russell Pearce also proudly used this derogatory term despite being told it was offensive. This is precisely why Mexican-Americans who account for almost 70% of the entire Latino population pie are leaving the Republican Party and this is precisely why members of SOMOS REPUBLICANS joined a new movement via SOMOS INDEPENDENTS.  In fact, the GOP has not yet reversed their restrictionist and protectionist anti-immigrant platform they adopted in 2012.


About the National Tequila Party Movement:
The National Tequila Party Movement (now known as SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a woman-led political movement. More females vote in Presidential elections than men strong Latina matriarchs are emerging. It is our goal to communicatto females and Latina matriarchs across the nation with regard to the need for compassion towards undocumented immigrants and the need to fix the broken immigration system. The Tequila Party is currently organizing a national tour of concerts, events, dinners and college rallies that will encourage a massive Latino Get Out The Vote and political participation. This movement is a non-partisan movement. We don’t care how people vote, we just want them to get on the early ballot system, become consistent primary and general election voters.


Republican Don Young of Alaska uses derogatory term “Wetback”


New Arizona History Being Made With First Jewish and Chicano Radio Show to Hit KFNX!

March 22

You guys ready to watch Tea Party heads explode in Arizona?

I am so happy to announce the very first Jewish and Chicano Radio show in the history of Arizona!

DATE OF PREMIER: 31 March 2013

TIME:  10:00 AM on 1100 AM KFNX.

I will be the very first one to tell you that I believe in strengthening Chicano and Jewish relationships! We know that Mexican-Americans are the fastest growing demographics in this Nation, and I have always believed in building a stronger rapport with the Jewish community.

These independent progressive hosts are going into the belly of the beast via KFNX. Do you know how many tea party people listen to the KFNX radio programs? Hell, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are on that station, and I’m afraid Lou and Bobby are gonna get a lot of NASTY calls from the Arizona Tea Party people. In fact, I predict ratings will skyrocket when tea party heads explode when they figure out progressives are talking on that radio station.

En serio!

Lou and Bobby are no dummies — they know there is a need and market for registered independent voters and moderates who will listen to what these progressives have to say.


VIDEO: Woman Leader Testifies/Defends Women Against Continued Republican Bigotry

March 21


Right now Republicans are attacking a woman’s right to choose life for their babies, and the big legislative showdown was today.

Shirl Mora James is a Civil Rights and Immigration lawyer in the Midwest who has committed her life to protecting a woman’s right to choose in having their babies.   Shirl is also the President of a woman-led movement via SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly the National Tequila Party Movement).

The National Right to Life (NRLC) needs to take a strong stance against the Republicans like the Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman and  Nebraska Senator – Charlie Janssen.  The NRLC  cannot expect a State Chapter to do it all and they should set a national precedent warning other Republicans across the Nation.  If Republicans continue to attack women, and prenatal care to  US Born-Children (protected under the 14th amendment) they will continue to be viewed as bigots.

Here is the video of Shirl Mora James who made a strong statement against Republicans in Nebraska who claim to be pro-life, but are really in support of encouraging undocumented women to receive abortions rather than to support healthy U.S. born babies.

Shirl was fierce and strong in the defense of LIFE today, and you can see her give her testimony here.



Native American Woman Legislator via Ponka-We Victors Reminds Anti-Immigrant Politician (Kris Kobach) of American Immigrant History

March 20

In August 2011, the National Tequila Party Movement (woman led counter-movement to the extreme Tea Party Movement) hosted a Kansas Latin Get Out the Vote with the help of immigration reform community leaders who want to protect children and students via the DREAM Act.  Rep. Ponka-We helped the Tequila Party register brand new Latino voters.

Rep Ponka-We Victors is a Native American serving in the Kansas state legislature.  She is a sister to Mexican-Americans for life due to  her continued support for legal immigration reform.  This dynamic woman puts her money where her mouth is and knows immigrants help the farming and agricultural industry.  She believes all [wo]men are created equal.  (I would like to see this woman run for Governor some day).

For those of you who may not know who Kris Kobach is — he is the author of Arizona’s Draconian SB1070 law.  He has helped suppress voting rights for the elderly, the disabled and minorities. We were glad to see Ponka-We Victors courage and compassion for children and students rise to the occasion today when she put Kobach in his place.

More importantly, Kris Kobach has hurt the business and agricultural community in Kansas with his restrictionist and protectionist views with regard to our economy.  Kobach is putting the agricultural and business community in a pickle that reminds us of the Dixiecrats of yore.

A coalition of business groups will propose Kansas start a new program to help some illegal immigrants remain in the state so they can hold down jobs in agriculture and other industries with labor shortages, coalition representatives disclosed Tuesday.

Kris Kobach’s views are affecting large Kansas dairies and feedlots, too.

Here is what Ponka-We Victors communicated to Kobach.

From CJ Online:

The Legislature’s annual attempt to repeal a statute allowing in-state tuition for Kansas students without legal residency drew an emotional crowd to a House committee Wednesday.

Students who have lived in the United States most of their lives got choked up as they described the academic lifeline in-state tuition has provided to improve their lives. A counselor who works with such students in Wichita high schools shed tears as she showed legislators a scrapbook of success stories. Murmurs of unrest were heard in the gallery as one House member asked about the prevalence of illegal immigrants from gangs and drug cartels in American prisons.

But nothing drew a bigger reaction than when Rep. Ponka We-Victors, D-Wichita, wrapped up a series of questions to the bill’s chief proponent, Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

“I think it’s funny Mr. Kobach, because when you mention illegal immigrant, I think of all of you,” said Victors, the Legislature’s lone American Indian member.

The heavily pro-immigrant gallery burst into cheers and applause — a rare reaction in normally staid hearings.

Way to go, Rep. Ponka-We Victors!  For reminding people the basics of American history.

You can support this fierce woman legislator at


The Republican Party's Continued War on "Brown" Women Who Choose To Have Their Babies

March 20

Right now Republicans are attacking a woman’s right to choose life for their babies.

Shirl Mora James is a Civil Rights and Immigration lawyer in the Midwest who has committed her life to protecting a woman’s right to choose in having their babies.   Shirl is also the President of a woman-led movement via SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly the National Tequila Party Movement).

There is a big State Capitol “pro life” showdown that will take place in Nebraska. Shirl Mora James will be giving her testimony that protects our unborn U.S. citizen babies, and we will share her written testimony as soon as I receive it from her.

The Republican Party used to be known for being the party of pro life, however, several GOP lawmakers have been supporting laws that encourage women without status to get abortions instead of prenatal care.

Will the Nebraska RIGHT TO LIFE rise up to the occasion?

Will the pro life movement chastise those politicians who claim to be pro life but are hell-bent on taking away prenatal care from brown colored women?

Write them now and ask them where they stand on prenatal care for the undocumented.

Nebraska Right to Life
404 S. 11th St., PO Box 80410, Lincoln, NE 68501,
Phone: (402) 438-4802, Email:

If the National Right to Life Organization truly believes all babies are created equal, then where is their leadership at?

We did not see the National Right to Life, nor the Arizona Right to Life  leadership when GOP lawmakers were attacking the 14th amendment in Arizona. Will we see them testify in support of prenatal care for undocumented women tomorrow?  Will they stand up against Nebraska Governor Heineman and Senator Charles Janssen?  Will they continue to support these GOP lawmakers who are in essence encouraging abortions?

Where is the National Right to Life’s passion for the unborn?  [Keep in mind that these are the same folks who endorsed Mitt Romney who profited in the million$ from abortions.]

Does their right to life movement only apply to white babies? LB518 is Janssen’s bill in an effort to take away prenatal care from brown undocumented women.

Will our Creator see how these so-called Right to Life Organizations and their leaders have squandered their talent and donated monies in fear of GOP reprisal?

Will the good Lord create another entity who are truly pro life?  Not just from a womb standpoint — but protecting life from the womb to the tomb standpoint?

Meanwhile, a fierce woman like Shirl Mora James who has compassion in her heart for the disabled, the women, the minorities and the undocumented is issuing a rally cry.

Shirl Mora James states:

Tomorrow, State Capitol SHOWDOWN, Protecting our unborn U.S. citizen children of mothers without status….be there….STAND-UP and FIGHT for the BABIES! Prenatal care must be provided to them regardless of their mother’s wealth or status! This Thursday, the 21st, we are meeting at 1:00 p.m. outside of Room 1510, please feel free to provide written testimony, 10 copies of your testimony are needed to hand out to the Committee members. We stopped Janssen and the Governor last year, we will stop them again from committing civil violence to the mothers and their unborn Innocents!

If prenatal care is voted down tomorrow, then we will take this as a sign from the universe that the pro life movement is dwindling within the Republican party.  The midwest is as Republican as it gets and we look forward to seeing “life” win.



Humanitarian Concert and Music CD Launching April 5, 2013, in Support of Earned and Legal Immigration Reform

March 11

Arizona Humanitarian Concert and Music CD Launching April 5, 2013, in Support of Earned and Legal Immigration Reform

For Immediate Release

Shirl Mora James, President – Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer


Phoenix, AZ — We are happy to announce the launch of a humanitarian music CD that pushes for earned and legal immigration.  We believe in communicating through art and music.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once penned: “Music is the universal language of mankind — poetry their universal pastime and delight.”  Many of us have fond memories when it comes to lyrics we identify with in songs sung by the likes of Bob Marley, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, Pink Floyd and so forth. How is it that a John Lennon or Marvin Gaye song has everlasting global and sustaining reach when they sing of peace or war?  We have come to the absolute conclusion that musicians and great writers are the ones who come up with memorably coined phrases and quotes leaving a lasting global ripple effect.

The Tequila CD consists of music created by new emerging Latino artists and poets across the country.  Throughout 2011 & 2012 the National Tequila Party Movement visited universities and cities in an effort to help get out the Latino vote pushing support for pro immigrant politicians.  We hosted tequila party rallies (countering the extremist tea party movement) in states such as Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas, Nevada, Texas, Florida, New York, Indiana, Michigan, and more.  New emerging Latino artists performed at our tequila rallies and created songs with regard to the immigration movement.

A portion of our CD sales will go to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students since they have to approximately $575.00 for documentation fees + attorney fees, and the other portion of our CD sales will go to Mexican-American artists who helped contribute their talents to this important message.


Our goal is to communicate through music with regard to the humanitarian aspect of immigration.  Mexicans and other immigrants are not asking for a handout – they are seeking earned legal immigration reform.  Chicanos and American citizens are here to push the American Dream, and we know that when our Nation continues to be a Beacon and a light to the Globe – blessings come our way.

The launch of our Tequila CD will take place on April 5, 2012.  We will be having a concert to promote our CD in the heart of where the draconian anti-immigrant law originated.

Date:  Friday, April 5, 2013

Time:  7:00 pm

Location:The Lot -  1005 North Second Street, Phoenix, AZ.

For more information, contact:  DeeDee Garcia Blase – (480) 200-3748

Music taps into emotions of the human spirit and it also connects it to a memory.  The world is ready for new and emerging talented lyricists and musicians who are able to express ideas that embrace love, life, and positive political messages. Musicians who have a sincere concern for the direction of our nation ought to rise up — because the time is now for their message to be received by others in the most memorable medium possible.


They say Spanish is the language of love and it is wonderful to hear the fusion of English and Spanish music challenging hate and bigotry.



Artist of Tequila CD -- El Moises of Phoenix, Arizona


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