Independent Voting National Conference Call

Please join's President Jackie Salit
for the next national conference call
Tuesday, September 29
8pm  ET
(7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT)
Please Note the new call-in number when you register
As the presidential season gets underway, the American people are looking for a way to express their frustration with politics as usual. Some are eager to support candidates in the primaries who can make trouble inside their respective party establishments. Some are initiating new and novel efforts to overhaul the political process. Where are the independents in this mix? Tune in to hear a timely report from's president and a look ahead on exciting new developments in our movement!


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Sometimes it can be disturbing. but still there are advantages. This is much appreciated.
commented 2015-09-15 04:38:43 -0700 · Flag
This is nice idea to make some conference call because here is the support from people who needs some thing new
An Independent American Voter Group merging Tip O'Neill Democrats and Ronald Reagan Republicans.