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National Hispanic Council of School Board Annual Nominating Committee Makes Endorsements




March 28, 2016

The National Hispanic Council of School Board Members convened its Annual Nominating Committee via conference call on Thursday, March 17, 2016.  The Committee consisted of myself and two representatives from NHC Membership, Mr. Ruben Campos (IL) and Mr. Sylvester Vasquez (TX), both members of the Council.

Charged under the NHC Constitution and Bylaws the Committee affirmed unanimously that it would endorse only those candidates who were judged to be the most outstanding leaders to represent public education and the interest of Hispanic Students. 

The following slate of candidates represents those persons whom the Committee believes has the potential to do a truly outstanding job on behalf of public education, and would serve as excellent representatives of the National Hispanic Council:

  • Chair-Elect                                                      Steve Corona (IN)
  • Vice-Chair                                                       Lydia Hernandez (AZ)
  • Secretary                                                          Jesus Rubalcava (AZ)
  • Director, Southern Region                              Gloria Casas (TX)


The Hispanic Council Nominating Committee carefully examined the qualifications of each applicant for consideration as members of the NHC Board of Directors.  The Committee believes these candidates can provide capable leadership to NHC, and recommends them for election as NHC Officers and Regional Director.

The Hispanic Council Elections will be held on Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 10:30 am – 11:45 am, at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel, Grand Ballroom E, in Boston, MA.


Respectfully Submitted,


Guillermo Z. López

Nominating Committee Chair and Immediate Past Chair

National Hispanic Council of School Board Members

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Dear Charlie, it is NOT false considering that the green card holder came here as an undocumented immigrant. Read the full story next time before wasting my time. thanks.

Mexican-Americans (largest group within Latin population) Will See If Rubio Mentions Mexican-American Border Elected Officials of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California in His Speech

Tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST,  Mexican-Americans will be listening to Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio’s State of the Union response on immigration.

Here are the things we will be listening for:

1.  Whether or not Rubio retracts his support for Arizona’s SB 1070 law that has harmed thousands of families and our economy in Arizona.

2.  Whether or not Rubio defers strong leadership to Border State elected officials in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Will Rubio mention Latin Elected Officials in Texas since Texas has the largest border length, and since Texas knows the ins and outs of border problems and solutions?

3.  Why didn’t Rubio support the DREAM Act in December 2010 when we needed him the most?  Is it because Florida turned ‘blue‘ during the 2012 Presidential election cycle?  Rubio has to support immigration if he does not want to be a one-term Senator.  [This could also explain why we witnessed 'yellow' bellies regarding the Texas GOP leaders Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen John Cornyn (with regard to Super 8 on CIR) because Texas is still 'red' in Presidential cycles.]

I don’t think Rubio  wants to go down in history as being a one-term Senator….and he has to fix the immigration damage he caused since 2010 when he did NOT support the DREAM Act.   If Rubio really cares about the solutions to the border problems….the speech will not be just about himself…he will divert attention to the Border state leaders in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Califas. Keep in mind that ‘Hispanic’ Texas Senator Ted Cruz was not part of the Immigration (Super Eight) leadership even though Texas is the state with the LARGEST border length in the country.

In the meantime, I want to share an op-ed by David Leopold who is the immediate past President of AILA.

    Rubio’s State of the Union Response: An Historic Opportunity to Lead

   “….But Rubio has an opportunity to do much more than mend fences for the Republicans. He has an historic chance to show he is not a merely a politician tasked by party elders to reach out to a disgruntled constituency, but a statesman. He can embody the bipartisan leadership in Congress that our nation needs: senators and representatives who are willing to put politics aside and partner with President Obama in an effort to fix the dysfunctional mess of an immigration system that plagues America, tearing families apart and stifling the economy. He can be the courageous leader the GOP needs, one with the guts to wrench his party out of the dark corner of the anti-immigrant fringe and into an enlightened national conversation on immigration reform. ….
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It is a mistake for people to ignore the independent vote in Arizona that is now the 2nd largest voting bloc regarding Maricopa County Sheriff race

For the first time in Arizona history, independent voters have become 2nd largest voting bloc surpassing the Democrats.[/caption] It is a mistake for people to ignore the independent vote in Arizona that is now the 2nd largest voting bloc regarding Maricopa County Sheriff race. Several people are forgetting the John McCain "maverick" factor and also forgot how approximately 200,000 independent votes carried the Senator. Ever wonder why the corrupt Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not attacking independent candidate Mike Stauffer for Sheriff and independent voters of Maricopa County? Indeed Mike Stauffer for sheriff is looking better and better as both the Republican and Democratic candidates go negative against each other. Arpaio NEEDS the independent conservative vote in order to survive. More importantly, if Arpaio attacks independent candidate Mike Stauffer for sheriff -- then he will have legitimatized him, and he is too cunning and wise to do that. The only folks attacking Mike Stauffer are Paul Penzone supporters and they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Additionally, it was not smart for Ann Wallack (supports Penzone) to call independent voters "ignorant" either.

Unfortunately the political novices have no idea that independent voters now make up the 2nd largest voting bloc in Arizona and in Maricopa County surpassing Democratic voter registrations for the first time in Arizona history. More importantly, independent voters become independent voters because we are sick and tired of partisanship gridlock. Period. Libertarians, Libertarian-Republicans, and Independent voters who support Mike Stauffer for Maricopa County Sheriff believe that the Sheriff Office should NOT be partisan. In fact, professionalism needs to be restored at the MCSO. Who in their right mind would attack key independent voters when they are a surging voter bloc of people sick of negative ads from both the Republican and Democratic Party? According to ABC News:

Independent voters are an increasingly important voting bloc. They have outnumbered both Democrats and Republicans continuously for the past two and a half years, by far the longest period in which they’ve done so in ABC News-Washington Post polls dating back to 1981. Gallup’s recent poll bears mixed news for the two parties. While the gap between those who identified as Democrats and those who said they were Republicans widened to 4 percent, more independents appeared to lean toward the Republican Party than to the Democratic Party and the split between the two was equal. “Increased independent identification is not uncommon in the year before a presidential election year, but the sluggish economy, record levels of distrust in government and unfavorable views of both parties helped to create an environment that fostered political independence more than in any other pre-election year,” Gallup stated.

Here is a breakdown of the demographics in Maricopa County, and it also supports why I believe Mike Stauffer is going to hurt Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Maricopa County Sheriff race.   [caption id="attachment_2151" align="aligncenter" width="813"] Maricopa County Sheriff Office Demographics between 2008 and 2012 in key Arpaio race.[/caption]  

Arizona Independent registered voters should eliminate career politicians and fact check on race between Flake, Carmona and Victor

Arizona Independent registered voters should eliminate career politicians and do some fact checking on the U.S. Senate race between Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona. Indeed the career politician via Jeff Flake stated he was for term limits before he decided to be against it. In fact, Wil Cardon (his Republican opponent in the GOP primary) exposed Jeff Flake via a political video that can be seen here. Furthermore, it was the Republican primary candidate via Wil Cardon who asked Jeff Flake multiple times for Congressman Flake to stop relying on special interest dollars and sign the Arizona First Pledge.


Debunking career politician Jeff Flake's budget myths.

Jeff Flake refused to sign the Arizona First Pledge. As an independent voter, I am disgusted with extremists and fringe groups. I am tired of do-nothing career politicians and it is time to vote in a politician who has a bipartisanship record like Richard Carmona. We have also watched Flake evolve for populist results in this key election year when he tried to paint himself as a Libertarian, however, he is far from being Libertian-esque. We've already got a Libertarian running for U.S. Senate and his name is Marc J. Victor. Over this past weekend, Flake recently sent out a mass mailer to Arizonans with regard to his attack on Richard Carmona and the budget deficits (see photo to the right); However, what Flake purposely leaves out is:

In 2002: Flake Voted to Increase the National Debt By $450 Billion. In 2002, Rep. Flake voted for passage of the bill that would increase the public debt limit by approximately $450 billion. The bill passed 215-214. [S 2578, Vote 279, 6/27/02]
In 2003: Flake Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling to $7.384 Trillion. In 2003, Rep. Flake voted for the conference report on the concurrent resolution that would set broad spending and revenue targets over the next 10 years. The agreement would allow a tax cut of up to $550 billion to be protected by reconciliation rules. On April 11, 2003 pursuant to Rule XXVII, H.J. Res. 51 was deemed to have passed the House as a result of the adoption by the House and the Senate of the conference report for H. Con. Res. 95, the FY 2004 Budget Resolution. That resolution raised the public debt ceiling to $7,384,000,000. [CRS Report, Votes on Measures to Adjust the Statutory Debt Limit, 1978 to Present, 5/10/11; H Con Res 95, Vote 141, 4/11/03]
In 2004: Flake Voted To Increase The National Debt Limit By $700 Billion. In 2004, Rep. Flake voted for a procedural motion that included a roughly $700 billion debt limit increase. The provision inserted into a popular Defense spending bill allowed supporters to sidestep a direct vote on boosting the legal limit on government borrowing, then at $7.4 trillion. Congress approved a $984 billion debt ceiling boost in May 2003, the largest ever, without a stand-along vote, and a $450 billion increase in June 2002. Before that, the cap was not increased since 1997. The measure passed 221-197. [HR 4613, Vote 284, 6/22/04; CQ Today, 6/23/04; AP, 6/22/04]
In 2004: Flake Voted To Increase The National Debt Limit By $800 Billion. In 2004, Rep. Flake voted to raise the federal debt limit by $800 billion to $8.18 trillion. The Washington Post reported, “By passing such a huge increase in the debt limit, with no strings attached, Congress has effectively given the Bush administration a blank check to continue running large deficits, said Stephen S. Roach, chief economist at Morgan Stanley. ‘An open-ended license for this kind of fiscal irresponsibility is a recipe for disaster,’ he said.” The bill was adopted 208-204. [S 2986, Vote 536, 11/18/04; Washington Post, 11/19/04]

  Do you really want to know who Jeff Flake as told by Republican Wil Cardon? Wil Cardon exposed flake on not creating one job, being involved in special interest groups and etc. I did find one mistake in the political ad because in my view, Jeff Flake does not support legal Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Flake voted against children and students via the DREAM Act vote of December 2010 -- even though most Arizonans support the DREAM Act and our youth.

Here is a video that was created by Republican Wil Cardon with regard to career politician Jeff Flake: 


Independent Voters of America: "With 'mavericky' statistics since John McCain's 2008 run, we are happy to shine light on Mike Stauffer"

From the Independent Voters of America who did an excellent job of shining the light on (I) Mike Stauffer for Maricopa County Sheriff:  

.... Why is it significant that there’s an independent candidate in the race? Because it will offer a thermometer test for the temperature of Arizona’s rapidly growing faction of independent voters, and whether they’ll support Independent candidates for office. .... Despite the fact that electoral math guru Nate Silver already reminded us that “Arizona is probably not a swing state” earlier this spring, independent voters currently make up the second largest voting group in the state, after the Republican Party. While Arizona politics has recently been known on a national level for Arpaio’s antics and Republican Governor Jan Brewer’s finger pointing tarmac greeting of Obama, the state isn’t as extremely conservative as one would think, at least as measured by voter demographics. The number of “mavericky” registered Independents has risen sharply by 23% since John McCain’s 2008 run for President, and now sits at 1,210,241, 34% of all registered voters. With these statistics in light, we’re happy to shine the light Stauffer’s candidacy. Stauffer recently turned in 29,764 signatures to meet a ballot access requirement of 19,410 signatures last month, although he’ll struggle to compete in a fundraising and communications battle against Sheriff Arpaio’s massive war chest. As the Huffington Post reported: “The sheriff’s campaign fundraising this year appears untroubled, hauling in considerable sums from people living mostly outside the state. In January, he had $3.4 million, after accounting for $2.48 million in expenses, according to his campaign finance records.” Stauffer’s campaign will attempt to unite Arizona’s Ron Paul Republicans, Independents, and Blue Dog Democrats to pull off an upset win over Arpaio, although it’s any wonder how he plans to compete against Sheriff Joe’s massive fundraising advantage. However, with Arizona’s recent surge of registered independent voters and Arpaio’s declining popularity, who knows what’s possible in November. Stay tuned to see if Maricopa County independents can walk the walk to the voting booth (assuming they decide to support candidate Stauffer), after talking the talk on their paperwork.   ... READ FULL STORY HERE>>>

      [caption id="attachment_2151" align="alignnone" width="856"] Maricopa County Sheriff Office Demographics between 2008 and 2012 in key Arpaio race.[/caption]

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Mexican American / Latino Independent Key Swing Voters Target Vulnerable Republicans / Tea Party Democrats

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