2013 Immigration Reform: Mexican American Voters Hawkish Regarding (AZ-R) Trent Franks For Voting Against 2010 Dream Act

Rep. Franks voted AGAINST the Dream Act in 2010.

Rep. Franks voted AGAINST the Dream Act in 2010.

We know Mexican American / Latinos are the fastest and growing demographic here in the greater Southwest, and we also know both parties will want to woo the growing registered Independent and Mexican American voter(s). We are targeting both the Democrats and Republicans who will not vote for legal immigration reform, and it will begin with Rep. Trent Fanks.    Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks  voted NO for DREAM Act in 2010 according to the New York Times, but will he vote for CIR in 2013? We are not holding our breathe but we are hawkish with regard to his opponent will be.

If we cannot get a commitment from him to support legal immigration reform this year when we need his support, The Republican Party via the National Republican Congressional Committee www.nrcc.org  ought to re-evaluate giving Rep. Franks campaign support since he did not vote in support of keeping Mexican American and Latino immigrant families together.

This is the time for the GOP to step up to the plate?

How bad do they want to tap into the fastest and growing demographic in our Nation?

Are they paying us more lip service with regard to “Latino” outreach?

Time will tell.

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