2014 and 2016 Elections Watch: Florida losing key Republicans

Here is a list of Republicans who already dumped the Tea Party GOP: 
  • Charlie Crist -- Florida Republican Governor
  • Ana Rivas --  Former Florida State Representative
  • Pablo Pantoja -- High-profile Latino Republican, the former head of Hispanic outreach for Florida’s RNC. 

Other key Republicans who left the GOP in California, Texas and Arizona --  a list of Republicans who already dumped the Tea Party GOP: 

  • Loretta Sanchez -- California Representative who ran as a Republican in 1994 for an Anaheim City Council seat. She changed parties two years later and beat out incumbent Bob Dornan for a spot in the U.S. Congress. 
  • Judge Carlo Key announced that he will seek reelection as a Texas Democrat.
  • DeeDee Garcia Blase -- Founder of Somos Republicans leaves GOP and forms Tequila Party (now Somos Independents) to counter Tea Party with Get Out The Vote Initiatives
  • Laura Garza -- Texas leader of Somos Republicans
  • Gene Rodriguez -- New York leader of Somos Republicans
  • Ryan Trabuco -- California leader of California Republican Party
  • Jimmy LaSalvia -- GOProud co-founder has officially announced that he is abandoning the Republican Party 
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