Jose Francisco Garcia

commented on Civil Rights / Clergy Delegation Tour Analysis & Proposals Regarding Nogales Detention Center Housing Minor Immigrant Children 2014-06-11 09:21:12 -0700 · Flag
Dee Dee Blase’s article is an in your face assessment of “Central American” panic. All, that work within the immigrant community, all that are enjoying the good life in our Country, a good life directly connected to the sacrifices and struggles of a 1st and 2nd generation born Americans, all that have can still feel empathy and pain when confronted by a situation of having ‘Mid-Eastern style" refugee camps on our Country’s borders, surely must become knowledgeable of the humanitarian crisis that has now become desperate acts endangering the lives of children..

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I know of the Murguia family in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City Kansas. The family of which Janet belongs to are very involved in development projects that ‘follow the money’. Deporter in Chief….YIKES.

I became involved with a ‘save our church’ movimiento in Argentine, a neighborhood that has been home to Mexican Americans since the early early 1900’s, in Kansas City, Kansas. Janet Murguia, is much like the person she succeeded, Raul Yzaguirre , who ran the outfit for 30 years!. Both are very connected and cognizant of our American Free Enterprise System. Hey, no problem on that front. Let the NCLR follow their noses deep into the bottomless pit that is Republican politics. It is up to Chicanos to take the lead, in these times when la Gente’ is being inundated by the Latino Tsunami, How many can remember American history that showed how the Mexican Americans, propelled themselves into the national scene through LULAC and GI Forum.

In the late 60’s, Chicanos were the one’s who marched into the streets, opened wide the eyes of educational institutions, governmental bodies and entered the civil rights and cultural wars shoulder to shoulder with African Americans, and the flower children….

It was Chicanos who plowed the field to make it fertile for MALDEF, NCLR, VRP, and many many University Chicano Studies programs. It was Chicanos in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, who initiated the state Commissions that are now fodder for the Latino movement. It was Chicanos who initiated hiring plans to put more Raza to work in State, County and City governments and municipalities. It was Chicanos who returned Cultura and la tradicion de Nuestra Raza, into the Contemporary American Experience…..I can go on and on but alas, would be accused of living ‘en Mis SueƱos’!! Now we are viejas y viejos but with so much experience asserting, inserting, legitimizing our American presence. And so it stands in your barrio, in my neighborhood in which so many of us continue our work of educating Gente’ about Cesar, about El DiesySeis, el Flor y Canto, the history seen and written with our perspective. In my neck of the woods, which is Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa, , Chicanos are teachers, businessmen, plumbers, electricians, armed forces, utility workers but also Presidents of La Union Cultural Mexicana, President of the Mexican American Historical Society, heading Univ of Mo. at Kansas City’s Latina(o)/Chicana(o) Studies program. Somos como hormigas, siempre trabajando, luchando para familia, la nacion y cultura.

Jose Francisco Garcia
Mi gente es del Valle de Mezquital, en el pueblo de Ixmiquilpan, Estado de Tabasco.