51% Mexican American Chicano and Latino Voters identify as politically independent

51% is exactly where we ought to maintain.  Both Parties need to understand that they cannot take advantage of our vote.  Mexican-Americans make up of almost 70% of the entire Latin population pie and we are the key swing voters.

We will be paying attention to politicians in 2014 and 2016 with regard to their actions on immigration reform. 


According to a 2012 USA Today/Gallup poll and POLITICO:

A slight majority of Hispanics in the country, 51 percent, identify as politically independent, according to the survey released Monday. About a third, 32 percent, consider themselves Democrats, while just 11 percent say they are Republicans.

However, the poll found that the majority of Hispanics in the U.S., 52 percent, lean toward the Democratic Party, compared to 23 percent who lean toward the Republican Party.
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TY :)
An Independent American Voter Group merging Tip O'Neill Democrats and Ronald Reagan Republicans.