#‎ISupportDoloresHuerta‬ Launches After Rosario Dawson Attacks Dolores Huerta

Bel Hernandez is the President / CEO of Latin Heat Media with over 25 years of experience advocating for Chicanos as well as other Latin ethnic groups within the entire Hispanic population.  She writes:

I think this is a terrific and positive idea from my good friend David Damian Figueroa. If you have taken a photo with Dolores Huerta show your support of her by sharing it on social media #‎ISupportDoloresHuerta.

A little about David Damian Figueroa: He is the former AVP of Government & External Affairs for Frontier Communications. He is the former Vice President of Strategic Development and Communications for MALDEF where he was charged in developing strategic partnerships with donors and in developing the organization’s public profile.

Yesterday, Figueroa wrote a heartfelt note via FB and said:

#DOLORESIGOTYOURBACK. I rarely ever post my political opinions, write negative stuff about other people, or use blame and shame tactics in social media. I like to focus on things and ideas that hopefully inspire others. But Rosario has really pissed me off. Dolores Huerta has been such a major influence in my life and I respect, admire and love her with all my heart. She is like a mother figure to me and always has had my back. She calls me her 12th child and I love her dearly....it hurts me to know that someone she cared for and helped so much betrayed her in print. I am dumbfounded by how passionate folks are in writing all this horrible stuff about my dear friend on social media.....disregarding her body of unmatched work for over 6 decades. But when it comes to registering voters, feeding and clothing the homeless and, marches, organizing, mentoring and so many other selfless acts those folks are nowhere to be found. It takes hard work and sacrifice to create social change and Dolores has been doing this tirelessly and with no complaint. If Rosario disagreed with Dolores, she could have called her to say I disagree with you Dolores. Plain and simple. Why Rosario chose to go to such lengths to TRY to take down Dolores just baffles me. One thing for sure, is that I have Dolores' back. Dolores is taking the high road by not returning the dark energy she received. That act in itself shows the kind of woman she is. She would never go after someone she mentored and cared about. I hope one day that Rosario calls Dolores to mend things up. Her open letter has divided many Latinos and that is not good for our community. Rest assured that Dolores legacy is fully intact and her spirit will live always through those of us that have been so blessed to call her a friend. She is the BEST friend anyone could ever have.



As a result of David's idea, below are some of the people who are chiming in to his  #iSupportDoloresHuerta drive.











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