Latino Voters Begin 2013 Count Down: Will Ohio GOP Speaker Boehner Help Fix Broken Immigration Before Christmas Vacation?

House GOP Representatives like Speaker Boehner are preventing legal comprehensive immigration reform from taking place this year. Rep. Nancy Pelosi told Rep. John Boehner we have enough bipartisan Republican votes to pass immigration reform. The Democratic-controlled Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform plan months ago, and the one man preventing this from being voted on this year is Speaker Boehner.

We remember too well when key competitive districts were won with the help of the Hispanic and Women Vote. A case in point is when Candidate Sharron Angle and the GOP thought they could win a race in a competitive district withOUT the Hispanic vote. We were glad to see her lose after demonizing Latinos with her racist ads. 

No Immigration Vote in 2013 Spells Trouble for the GOP in 2014 regarding rising Hispanic voters. Hispanic Voters, Catholic Voters, Women Voters, Independent Voters are counting down to see if House Republicans will fix the Broken Immigration before going on their Christmas vacations. 


House Republicans Should Fix Broken Immigration Before Going On VacationHouse Republicans Should Fix Broken Immigration Before Going On Vacation


While the vast majority of blue collar workers work their fingers to the bone, Americans are getting screwed by those T.E.A. (taxed enough already) Party politicians.  Republicans own the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives during 2013 and 2014.  GOP  House Speaker John Boehner is the 4th highest paid government official getting paid almost a quarter of a million dollars per year with our tax dollars.  We do not believe it is acceptable for Republicans to decrease Congressional working days in November / December 2013 in light of Americans having to endure the government shutdown debacle, obstructionism, partisanship, infighting with regard to the Affordable Care Act, Syria, Iran, budget talks, immigration reform and etc.  We have watched the GOP-led House of Representative polls sink, and we believe they do  not deserve to go on extended vacation breaks considering Americans pay over $75 million budget per year in order to fund 435 House of Representatives.


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