Latinos Condemn Exploitation of Mexican Minor Children For Their No Sovereign Borders Agenda and Financial Scams

For Immediate Release-- September 30,  2013
National Latino Immigration Rights Activists Condemn Exploitation of Minor Children and No Sovereign Borders Agenda
Phoenix, AZ -- Somos Independents (formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement) is a group consisting of leaders who are in support of legal immigration reform.  We believe in family reunification once undocumented parents have been forced apart from their children. We believe that it is the best interest of a child to be with their loving parents. We believe that Mexican minor children should not be used by the movement to promote their no sovereign borders agenda.  Children should not be put at risk and we condemn the actions of for exploiting children.   Prerna Lal (Fijian immigrant) and Mohammad Abdollahi (Iranian immigrant) are cofounders of this no sovereign borders movement are on the record for not supporting immigration reform in 2013.  Both people have been identified as people who frequently request donations and Mohammad does so in the name of "legal coyote" work (even though the FBI states there is no such thing and it is probable this organization is running a financial scam).  
The minor child is identified as "Ingrid" and is being used in this video and exploited by and the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA). We condemn any hints of exploiting minor children.  This thirteen year old unaccompanied minor is crossing the border and leaving her father and mother behind because she claims that at school she was persecuted and was fearful to go back to school. The child states that she is coming back to the United States at thirteen, by herself, to join a sibling in Mesa, Arizona, because she wants to study and help her parents. Children should not be sent away from their families to work -- and in the United States we do not support children working at that age.  Ingrid states that she lived with her parents in Mesa, Arizona, for nine years, but her parents returned to Mexico with her because of the climate that Sheriff Arpaio created in Arizona.
It appears there is ZERO law enforcement escort security for the Bring Them Home 30, and unfortunately it is a well known fact bilingual deportees are prized by the cartels for their knowledge of American customs and territory, thereby, opening a dangerous situation.   Lawyer David Bennion ought to be investigated for the guidance he has been giving because this child belongs to her parents and should not be involved in an U.S.A action at such a young age.  In the best interests of this child, the Mexican government should be contacted so that they can provide security and protection for this child in her native, Chetumal , Mexico where both her parents live.
We know that to have a grant for political asylum a person has to show that he or she fears for their lives and proof country wide persecution, on account of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. We know that political asylum for children is very difficult to obtain because this difficult threshold is twice as hard for Mexican immigrants.  The child can be found dependent on the court if it is found that she is abandoned, neglected and or abused by a family court in the United States and then, the child could be protected under Special Immigrant Juvenile provisions. Yet, the YouTube video of this child, does not mention in any way, any abuse, abandonment or neglect of the natural parents. Quite the contrary ,the child speaks with love about her parents and of her wishes to help them. 
SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement) is a woman-led political movement.  It is our goal to communicatto women and Latina matriarchs across the nation with regard to the need in fixing the broken immigration system. We organize events, and college rallies that encourages a massive Latino Get Out The Vote and political participation. This movement is a non-partisan movement. We don’t care how people vote, we just want them to get on the early ballot system, become consistent primary and general election voters.
Immigration Activists often fight to keep families together, but DreamActivist does not.
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