Mexican-American Women-led Political National Organization Blasts the Republican Party

For Immediate Release-- June 6,  2013
Shirl Mora James, President and Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer -- (402) 890-2295
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Mexican-American Women-led Political National Organization Blasts the Republican Party
Lincoln, NE / Phoenix, AZ -- Somos Independents (a national Latina-led political movement) believe the Republican Party is committing political suicide for the upcoming 2016 Presidential election cycle. The entire House GOP just voted to deport all DREAM Act kids / youth.  The House of Representatives has just approved Steve King’s anti-immigrant amendment by 224 in favor & 201 against which would restrict DHS from ANY discretion in immigration enforcement, possibly eliminating Deferred Action.  
It appears the GOP has not learned any lessons from their political failure during the 2012 Presidential election cycle.  The GOP is making it easier for the likes of Hillary Clinton to win a Presidential election and this ought to be concerning to them since Latinos and women overwhelmingly voted in support of immigrant and Mexican-American friendly politicians. 
Shirl Mora James states:
"Maybe the GOP needs to hire U.S. Rep. Steve King (IA) to do their outreach to the Hispanic voters to doubly insure the election of another Democratic President in 2016. Or the GOP could rein in their xenophobe extremists and get back to the values of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan so Hispanics could honestly look at becoming Republicans again."

Mexican-Americans account for almost 70% of the entire “Latin” population pie, and they are also the fastest growing population in the country.  We await the United States Senate as we compile a list of those who stood on the right side of immigration vs. those who do not stand on the right side of immigration.  “DREAMers” may not be able to vote, but you can bet your bottom dollar that Mexican – Americans can vote on behalf of them.  Mexican-Americans who can vote are already looking ahead to 2016, because we are well aware of the approximate 500,000 new coming of age Latin voters per year, and unfortunately Rep. Steve King is putting the GOP on the path to extinction. 

Now more than ever we are telling our members to call Congress in an effort to fix the clearly broken immigration system.  We must support LEGAL comprehensive immigration reform because immigration is protected under the supremacy clause of our United States Constitution.
Ranking by Population -- Pew
Ranking by Population — Pew
SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement) is a woman-led political movement.  It is our goal to communicatto women and Latina matriarchs across the nation with regard to the need in fixing the broken immigration system. We organize events, and college rallies that encourages a massive Latino Get Out The Vote and political participation. This movement is a non-partisan movement. We don’t care how people vote, we just want them to get on the early ballot system, become consistent primary and general election voters.
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