(R) Mark Brnovich Did Not Support SB1070 While (D) Felicia Rotellini Believed It Did Not Go Far Enough

Angel Garcia is a former Democratic voter who is now running as an independent candidate for Arizona LD 30 House.  Garcia rose awareness with regard to a video of (D) Felicia Rotellini saying  SB 1070 (an economic restrictionist and anti-immigrant bill) did not go far enough.  Rotellini is running for Arizona attorney general, see video here.

Angel Garcia wrote:

I'm not bashing Felecia, I am holding her accountable to her stances on the issues and hoping people will put enough pressure on her to publicly come out and change her stance on this particular issue. She can have all the private conversations she wants and tell everyone what they want to hear, but at the end of the day she publicly made it quite clear where she stands on this [SB 1070] issue.

As you may already know, Independent voters do not toe a party line.  We vote on issues and put people first.  We also know that Mark Brnovich did NOT support SB 1070 and has a good history of working well with members of the National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA)

Had the Arizona attorney general race been between Tom Horne and Rotellini, then obviously we would have preferred Rotellini over Horne because Horne is an extremist.  Our independent group is not enthused and overly excited about Rotellini and/or Brnovich, so we no choice but to rely on past behavior of both candidates in order for us to cast our vote because talk indeed is cheap.  While Rotellini believed SB1070 did not go far enough, we know Brnovich's history did not support SB1070 a bill  that helped devastate our Arizona economy giving power to the private prison industry.  While Rotellini believes Brnovich has ties to the private prison industry, we know that she supported SB 1070 that enables the private prison industry to begin with. Therefore, we believe Brnovich is the lesser of the two Party evils in this particular race.



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