(Update) PRESS CONFERENCE: Community Reaction To Judge Susan Bolton's SB 1070 Decision Allowing Provision For Law Enforcement To Ask About Immigration Status

September 8, 2015
Contact: DeeDee Garica Blase
(480) 200-3748
Community Reaction To Judge Susan Bolton's SB 1070 Decision Allowing Provision For Law Enforcement To Ask About Immigration Status
Phoenix, AZ -- Racial profiling is illegal and it violates the U.S. Constitution’s assurance of equal protection under the law to all and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Racial profiling is ineffective and costs tax payers millions of dollars in wasteful spending and it alienates communities from law enforcement and it prevents healthy policing efforts and trust. Moreover, the State of Arizona has had to build back up from our economic setback after a boycott of our State was initiated once the former Governor Jan Brewer signed the restricionist / isolationist SB 1070 law that was bad for business and the labor sector.  
Our community is having a press conference to address the recent Court decision made by Judge Susan Bolton relating to SB1070.  We are mobilizing those who want to make a peaceful stand against the decision that allows a provision giving law enforcement officers the authority to ask us what immigration status is.  We believe her decision could be challenged, but in the meantime we are making our stand in suggesting legislation that will curb racial profiling concerns.
LOCATION: The Office Pile 2501 N. 7th. St., Phoenix, Arizona
DATE: : Tuesday on September 8, 2015
TIME:  2:45 pm 
Shirl Mora James, Civil Rights & Immigration Lawyer states:
"Unfortunately, the Plaintiffs did not have the necessary evidence needed to prove disparate treatment of Latinos by law enforcement in regards to immigration checks (Show Me Your Papers) S.B. 1070, Section 2B. Moreover, the U.S. Supreme ruled that the 2B Section was not preempted on its face, thus the Supremacy Clause was not violated. In addition, the Bolton Court further stated that the 2B Section also did not violate the Equal Protection Clause because it lack evidence of essentially racial profiling data. To be successful in an Equal Protection argument, the Plaintiffs need to advocate for racial profiling legislation that orders all Arizona law enforcement agencies to collect and compile such data on immigration status checks which includes the race or ethnicity of the person stopped. In reality, Judge Bolton’s hands were tied because of Justice Kennedy’s opinion allowing S.B. 1070 Section 2B’s immigration status checks in the recent Arizona U.S. Supreme decision."
DeeDee Garcia Blase states:
The need to enact racial profiling legislation will curb unnecessary lawsuits due to rogue police officers who may be tempted in taking matters into their own hands.  In the meantime, it appears the Supreme Court needs evidence that can be taken back to them.  Thanks to Arizona’s ACLU, since passage of SB1070, they have had a comprehensive and a landmark win against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the Ortega-Melendres case (with Federal Judge Murray Snow, a Republican appointee) ordering an end to racial profiling, and stops and detentions based on suspicion of being in the country unlawfully because of the years of systematics MCSO violations of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the prohibition on unreasonable seizures in the 4th Amendment.  Even though Judge Snow has put in place a federal monitor and team over Sheriff Arpaio, there is still resistance from Arpaio and we will await the next round of contempt hearings against him and others that should begin September 22, 2015.   That said, we are concerned about other forms of resistance to end racial profiling not only with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and MCSO, but also with the Phoenix Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies within Arizona.
Arizona State Senator Catherine Miranda writes: 
"The law is the law. But I disagree. We don't have to live with it. That's why I chose to bean elected official so we don't have to live with the ridiculous racists laws my colleagues that are in control make. I'm there to fight against those laws. We will continue to fight in peace. But I'm wondering how much more peace will there be left. Kids are tired of their parents being targeted. Remember this law will attack our citizens too. Can you as a citizen live with being targeted? Because you will be."

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