[Video] Native American Woman: Ted Nugent Dishonors the Headdress

Native American woman and powerhouse  Jolynne Locust Woodcock in this video says Ted Nugent dishonors the headdress custom of our Native American brothers.  Jolynne said it is an honor to wear a headdress.   You have to fight in battle to wear that headdress and Ted Nugent is well known for being a coward when he 'shit in his pants' to avoid the military draft.  Jolynne does a good job in documenting history and to this day, and as a veteran who served during Gulf War I, I am amazed at Americans who idolize the coward Ted Nugent. 

See video here taken byAngela Alfaro uploaded at Protest Ted Nugent Concert @ Denver's Gothic Theater and with
Reddog Rudy & Idle No More Spokesperson.

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