Should Hobby Lobby Celebrate Win By Boycotting Products in China For 13 Million Forced Abortions?

Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves. --  Matthew 21:12


The Supreme Court is the Supreme Law of the Land, and I respect anyone who is willing to defend their Constitutional Rights. Just as the pro life movement swallowed a bitter pill via Roe v. Wade, I'm confident the pro-choice movement is having to do the same, too. 

With that said and according to NBC News:

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of three family-owned businesses Monday, saying they can refuse to pay for certain forms of contraception that they find morally repugnant. But the decision anticipates some of the arguments against letting employers make these decisions.

No, it doesn’t mean that employers can suddenly declare that they have religious objections to vaccines, blood transfusions or even paying taxes, the Court says. And women who work for these employers don’t necessarily have to pay for birth control themselves — the federal government can do it, the ruling says. 

As Rick Ungar, a contributor to Forbes Magazine puts: 

Hobby Lobby is entitled to no such admiration—only contempt. You simply can’t say that you will give your all in defense of your closely held beliefs when it suits you while seeking to make money in violation of those beliefs. You also cannot pretend you were simply negligent in learning what investments you hold if you are going to hold yourself out as an example of righteousness.

By setting this perfectly awful example, Hobby Lobby’s hypocrisy will do little to aid—and much to deter—others willing to stand up for the Bill of Rights in the future. All they have accomplished is to provide more air to the cynicism that already envelops the nation, cynicism that exists precisely because of entities like Hobby Lobby. 


Those of us in the center can't really help but see the hypocrisy when Hobby Lobby's Christian values are nowhere to be seen when it comes to buying cheap goods from Chinese slave labor and with China's abortion scales tipping 13 million times over with their forced abortions on women who choose to keep their babies. 

From the Washington Post:

Why China’s one-child policy still leads to forced abortions, and always will

In July 2012, for example, a 23-year-old mother became pregnant with her second child. Local officials arrested her, seven months into her pregnancy, and demanded her family pay $6,000 in fines for violating the one-child policy. When the family couldn't get the money together, the officials gave her an injection that killed the baby, whom the mother delivered stillborn while in police custody. It became an international news story when the mother, outraged at her child's death and at the indignity of being forced to wait alongside the body, posted a gruesome photo of the scene on social media. In China, it generated a national debate over the question, Why is this still happening?

The awful persistence of forced abortions, sterilizations and infanticide in China reflect a contradiction in the Chinese system -- and in the one-child policy itself.


This mother was forced into an abortion just 3 months before her baby was born, yet Hobby Lobby turns a blind eye when it comes to issues affecting their bottom dollar.  

In order for Hobby Lobby, the National Right to Life and other pro life organizations to be taken seriously, they ought to walk the straight and narrow when it comes to  buying products from China -- where 13 million forced abortions have occurred. But for now, it looks like Hobby Lobby is "Christian" as long as it doesn't affect their profits and bottom dollar.     It's time for Hobby Lobby to put their money where their mouth is and stop buying from China if they really uphold pro life values.  


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