Andrew Puzder (Sexist Trump Supporting Business Leader) Should Step Down As CEO In Burrito Biz Before Full Boycott Initiated By Latina-led Organization


And some of these basic things, in being brought up in a Christian family atmosphere is why I’m here today. --  Carl N. Karcher, Founder of Carl’s Jr.
Phoenix, AZ -- Like Trump, Andrew F.Puzder isn’t afraid to offend people with his misogynist-like advertisements, and according to the Entrepreneur, he does not care.  Puzder is a proud advisor to Donald Trump.  He is also the CEO for Carl’s Jr, Hardees, Green Burritos and Red Burritos Restaurants. 
Per Puzder’s exclusive interview with R Magazine, “In 2016, CKE Restaurants, Inc., boasts two burger brands, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, as well as two side cart businesses, Green Burrito and Red Burrito, the latter two operated inside the burger restaurants. The company has also extended its global reach recently, opening outposts in India, and throughout Japan.”
Not only is Puzder a misogynist for his racy ads against women, he has been busy boasting about being a Donald Trump advisor and supporter, too, with his many appearances on the FOX network.  We are not surprised to hear of Puzder’s turning a blind hypocritical eye to Trump’s own sexual predator nature against women, but we are surprised the CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees is benefiting (revenue-wise) in a state where Chicanos and Latinos outnumber whites in California.
Is Puzder so ignorant to how Chicanos and Latinos feel about Trump
Do the board of directors realize the receive more revenue from California (a state with a high population of Chicanos) than any other state?
If so, why are they taking a risk with a possible boycott in a perfect storm? There are over 600 Carl's Jr. restaurants in California, with approximately 70 in Arizona, approximately 50 in Nevada, more in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, etc.  There are 3200 restaurants total world wide.  This means Puzder is more than likely receiving most of his revenue in the state of California where Latinos outnumber whites per the L.A. Times.   
One would think the Trump supporting CEO is committing business suicide in California as the political shift in the southwest continues its course where Mexican Americans continue to reshape the electoral map in the southwest.   According to Five Thirty Eight, Mexican-Americans constitute 63 percent of the 57 million U.S. Latinos. Some Mexican-Americans can trace their heritage in New Mexico and other regions later acquired as U.S. territory back to the 1600s and earlier, while others are recent immigrants.”
One thing is certain: Puzder has no business selling burritos – a Mexican American dish.  Green Burrito is part of Carl's Jr. and is under Andy's purview, while Red Burrito is part of Hardee's which is the east coast sister company of Carl’s Jr. (also under Andy's purview). 
It’s time for the Carl’s Jr. / Hardees Restaurant board of directors and decision makers to get their racist and sexist cancer out of their midst before Chicanas and Latinas ask for a full-blown boycott for his sexist offensive advertisements, and for his proud stance of supporting Donald Trump’s bigotry when he depicted our community as rapists and murderers.   Though “Many franchisees of CKE have asked the corporation to tone down the sexual side of their advertising,” Carl’s Jr. franchisee Russ Clark said in a Sept. 4 letter to the California newspaper the Appeal Democrat, we believe board members should also get rid of the man who supports a candidate who depicts Mexican Americans as rapists and murderers.  When the burger chain began running its racy TV ads, the Rev. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral said Karcher (founder of Carl’s Jr.) was "just heartbroken that a company he founded on Christian principles has taken such an amoral act."
Like the Carl’s Jr. founder, I believe in the free market system, too -- and we are free to call out racist and sexist individuals who are on the wrong side of history.  It may be high time for Andy Puzder to go a different way in promoting Russian foods since his hero (Trump) loves Vladimir Putin so much. But for now, he would be wise avoiding promoting Mexican foods that are on the Carl’s Jr., Hardees and Green Burritos menu.  It’s time for Puzder to step down or else he will be responsible for the decisions he has made as CEO and as more and more Latinos visiting the approximate 600 restaurants in California and in the southwest will be informed with how they are creating the monster they provide revenue for.
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