"The Police Lied To Us." - Anthony Firkins Jr. Widow Responds To Police Video Footage Witnessing Husband's Sadistic Taser Death

March 18, 2014
Contact:  Julie Cobio Firkins - (208) 312-7320
Widow Responds To Video Shown:  "Law Enforcement lied leaving my husband to die after sadistic excessive force was used."
Widow Disagrees With Idaho AG report showing "No Fault"
Heyburn, ID -- Somos Independents has received an update from the widow of the late Anthony Firkins Jr. The Nampa Police Department Idaho Law Enforcement agency showed video footage regarding the Idaho-related Taser death of Anthony Firkins Jr.
Widow of Anthony Firkins Jr. via Julie Firkins states:
"After reviewing the law enforcement video footage in a meeting last week with the Nampa Police Department (NPD), it comes with a heavy heart in discovering how the NPD misrepresented facts regarding my late husband's death. We are heart-sick. Initially law enforcement agencies told us our late Anthony Firkins Jr. retaliated and fought law enforcement officers, however, the video footage shown to us proves contrary.  Officers involved used brutal and sadistic excessive force. Our grieving family acted in good faith and relied on statements by the NPD and affiliated agencies that are detrimental to this incident. 
Indeed the attorney general's office stated  my late husband fought the police when  video shows he was trying to run away and prevent himself from being tased to death after he exited his vehicle. My husband was screaming in pain as law enforcement tased him over and over and over again. The NPD beat him and continued with their multiple tasings while tying him in hog-like fashion. I sawmy husband's hand clench before he 'let go' and passed away in the video shown to me.  
The officers who beat and tased him to death joked about scuffed uniform(s) as my husband lay crying for his life. Repeatedly he stated he could not breathe. After his body went limp, the officers did not resuscitate my husband and waited approximately 8 minutes before the medics arrived.  It was too late.
I will be seeking further aid by the Department of Justice so that they can review the videos of all 7 officers involved in my husband's death. In additions, I will be asking the Department of Justice to step in and help me obtain a copy of all 7 videos (only 5 were provided to us) in an effort to show the public how inhumane the NPD is. Additional tasing training must be given to prevent future deaths like Anthony Firkins Jr., and Idaho taxpayers should not employ irresponsible law enforcement officers who abuse their authority making jokes about uniforms despite a man begging to breathe and for his life.  I believe the officers involved ought to be held accountable.
How can the Idaho Attorney General's office see no fault on the part of law enforcement officers with regard to the video shown to me and my family when clearly evidence within the video shows excessive and brutal force were used?  
Did the Idaho AG  via Lawrence Wasden see the videos that clearly show the excessive force and murder of my husband?  
It has been almost one year since the passing of my husband and the NPD refused to release a copy of the video to our family at the meeting last week, nor would they allow us to bring in our own video recording devices to tape what we have been requesting for months.  Though the Chief of the Nampa Police Department admitted an apology -- a mere apology can never bring my husband back to help raise the fatherless and other small children he cared for and left behind.  
I pray justice will be given on behalf of my husband. Anthony Firkins Jr., was merely driving near the scene where a caller called in a “woman screaming,” however, he was not associated with the screaming woman. 
My husband did not have to die under the hands of law enforcement and we now have proof of how my husband was murdered."  

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God these disgusting murders took the light away from all of our family when the obviously intentionally murdered such an amazing sweet sensitive caring loving generous genuine man we so dearly loved and hole heartedly and the took him and snuffed out his life and then talked shit on 7 different videos as he lay begging for help they all deserve the same i pray his face haunts them till their painfull dieing day
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