Anti-Immigrant FAIR and Kris Kobach Delivered Political Blow By Court Ruling

Somos Independents is a national independent voter group who endorsed candidate Greg Orman for Senate, and we are glad to hear these wonderful breaking news regarding Kris Kobach (FAIR'S legal arm extension) and the U.S. Senate Race:


Ruling a blow to Roberts in Kansas

Republican Sen. Pat Roberts, left, and independent candidate Greg Orman are pictured. | AP Photo

Sen. Pat Roberts and independent Greg Orman remain in the race. | AP Photo

The Kansas Supreme Court sided Thursday with Democrats attempting to remove their candidate from the ballot in Kansas’s razor-tight Senate race, a blow to incumbent Republican Sen. Pat Roberts’ reelection prospects.

The withdrawal of the Democratic nominee in the race, Chad Taylor, clears a path for independent Greg Orman to challenge Roberts one-on-one. Polls show Orman leading in the contest in a head-to-head matchup.


We congratulate independent candidate Orman's success with being ahead in the political polls particularly since Sen. Pat Roberts was one of only 32 senators who voted against the Farm Bill, which luckily for Kansas, passed easily without his help.   Roberts later then tried to take credit for something he voted against

There are 65,531 farms in Kansas that sell approximately $14.4 billion in agricultural products.  Noncitizen farmworkers accounted for 16% of all farmworkers in Kansas between 2007 and 2011. According to one study, in 2020 an expanded temporary worker program – like the one provided by the Senate bill – would mean 757 new jobs for U.S. citizens and immigrants (including jobs not only in agriculture, but also retail trade, construction, and other sectors) in Kansas, and increase Kansas’s real personal income by $46million in 2012 dollars.    

Therefore, we are signaling to key swing independent registered moderate voters to consider independent candidate Greg Orman who is running for Kansas United States Senate.  We believe Orman is setting a new standard in the political arena as more and more Americans become independent registered voters in light of partisanship and bickering.  We encourage business owners and farmers to vote their pocket book in order to secure Kansas' future.

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