Anti-immigrant Canadian Sen. Ted Cruz's Spokesperson Busted Hiring Undoc Immigrants From Canada



Senator Ted Cruz is labelled the Anti-Immigration Senator because he was instrumental in killing the bipartisan Legal Immigration Reform. in 2014 after it passed the Senate in 2013.  That said, the Canadian-born and son of a Cuban immigrant (who bribed his way into our Nation after helping Fidel Castro) Senator's national spokesperson just got busted.


From The Blaze:

However, the Cruz campaign may be headed for another controversy after not properly vetting its new national spokesman – a former party leader who was once caught hiring a deportation-dodging, illegal immigrant to work at the Republican Party.

Cruz’s new spokesman Ron Nehring, who served as the previous chairman of the California Republican Party, was “busted” for hiring an illegal immigrant who had been ordered to be deported by the Federal government, had failed to complete an I-9 form, and even sued the U.S. government in a multi-million-dollar wrongful arrest lawsuit. Nehring himself had directly hired the illegal immigrant to serve as chief executive of the Republican Party and to run party operations, including the handling of confidential information.

The illegal immigrant hire wasn’t Nehring’s only snafu.

Nehring also caused controversy when he hired another immigrant from Canada to serve as Deputy Political Director of the California Republican Party using the much-aligned H-1B program made popular under President George W. Bush. For that hire, Nehring was criticized widely by Republicans in his own state for failing to follow the guidelines of that Federal program, which states that a U.S. business must seek talented Americans to employ first. It is hard to envision that the chairman of a Republican Party in the most populous state in the nation could not find adequate talent to fill a political deputy role.

I wonder what the John Tanton Networks via FAIR, Numbers USA and etc are going to do with their golden token boy now.


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