Arizona Calling Campaign to Mary K. Reinhart Regarding Mercy Maricopa ( MMIC) Mental Health Police Squad

Via Elizabeth Singleton:


I need your Help!!! Calling Campaign ( Please SHARE and CALL/EMAIL)

Call or Email Mercy Maricopa Integrate Contact: Mary Reinhart 602-453-8304 Email :[email protected]

Does a new Mercy Maricopa ( MMIC) policy prohibits tax payers funded mental health service members from speaking at ‘community-based public events'?ASK MMIC WHY? Several providers have told us they can no longer participate in community events without permission from MMIC (WHY?????)

Hey we are concerned citizen's MMIC.

Talking Points:

We want you to send a qualified spokesperson to explain who and how will MMIC or any of it’s contracted providers will be providing assistance to the new mental Health police squad?

We don’t believe that the police can do this on their own.

We want you to remove any policies restricting any of our tax payer providers to speak or engage in public events or data collection which will help to prevent the next mental health tragedy.

Allow for ConnectionAZ to participate at the Police Squad Mental Health Town Hall May 9 , 2015

Where: First United Methodist Church of Glendale in Glendale, Arizona 7102 North 58th Drive , 85301

Time: 11:00 Reception - 11:30- 2:00 PM Town Hall Discussion

In response to receiving an estimated 4,000 court-ordered petitions for mental health pickups each year. Phoenix Police will create a squad devoted to answering court order petitions for the city's mental health population.

The six-member squad will receive ongoing training and shoulder as many of the mental-health calls as possible, diverting pickups away from first responders and mental health providers.

The Town Hall meeting will address the following:

1. Explanations of Duties of the New Mental Health Squad.
2. Policy and Procuress on how the Mental Health Squad will address each pick-up order.
3. The role Crisis Network or any other Crisis team will play in assisting the new Squad.
4. The need for more collaboration and education for the public ( The When, What , How)
5. Is the Model the public wants or need?


Education - Public, Families and Members, Providers and Police.
Crisis - Increase coordination with crisis services and define what types of crisis warrant which kinds of response (police, fire, ambulance, crisis mobile team).



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Is this still active
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Apparently the phone number I have for Mary K Reinholt is wrong.
commented 2019-08-21 12:14:10 -0700 · Flag
This is the tip of the ice berg really. I am a parent of an SMI individual and I have been reaching nothing but stone walls. Nancy @ [email protected]
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