Arizona Democratic Senator Quezada Flip Flops And Votes Against Adding More Vote Polling Places

State Sen. Kimberly Yee speaks on the floor of the

According to the AZ CENTRAL:
The Arizona Legislature is proposing changes to election law intended to prevent a repeat of the problems visited on voters during the presidential preference election.  Sen. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix, who waited in line for more than five hours to vote in the March 22 preference election, proposes new regulations that would:
  • Require Maricopa County to provide at least one polling place for every 1,700 "active registered voters" for the presidential preference election. It defines active registered voters as those who are not on the permanent early-voting list and are eligible to vote in the presidential preference election as of Jan. 1.
  • Allow a county recorder or officer in charge of the election to designate emergency polling places for presidential preference elections.
  • Allow individuals to electioneer and engage in political activity, including posting signs outside a 75-foot limit, at facilities used as a polling place or voting center -- except those used in an emergency. Emergency locations do not have to allow electioneering or political activity on their property.
The proposals are part of an amendment to House Bill 2017.

Arizonans are outraged that a member of the Latino / Chicano community and state lawmaker would vote against adding  much needed vote polling places in the State of Arizona.   After crying foul during the Arizona Presidential primary election regarding not having enough polling places, Arizona State Sen. Martin Quezada (a Bernie Sanders supporter) voted against adding more polling places yesterday.

According to CNN Politics, the Arizona State Sen. Martin Quezada (Bernie Sanders supporter) tweeted the following:
"If U are standing in very long line to cast your ballot today, this is what @AZGOP's claimed imaginary voter suppression looks like #AZVotes."
Though Arizona State Senator Martin Quezada voted against adding more voting polling places, his vote was thankfully cancelled out by the likes of Arizona State Senators Catherine Miranda and Robert Meza.
Above:  Arizona State Senate Votes on HB 2017 on April 20, 2016
The bill is clear.  This was a Maricopa County positive thing to do given the problems we witnessed during the 2016 Presidential primaries as it relates to Arizona H.B. 2017, yet, Quezada fouled up what Arizona Independent voters want.  We want more polling stations,  and that is the bottom line.    Evidently, Quezada refuses to work in a bipartisan fashion and across the aisle with his dissenting vote, and as such, he should be inducted into the Get Out The Vote Hall of Shame.  Saying one thing to media while doing another thing on the Arizona Senate floor is another. Strong consideration for his opponent Lydia Hernandez ought to be considered come primary election day in Arizona.
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