Arizona Independent Voters Give Prop 304 Thumbs Down For Pay Increase Citing New Mexico's Non Salary Lawmakers

Independent voters are the largest voting bloc in Arizona surpassing Republican and Democratic voters.  We become independent voters because we are tired of partisanship.  That said, we are giving 2 thumbs down with regard to the nearly $10,000.00 salary increase state lawmakers are proposing.  Our independent voter group will be hawkish with regard to which of the electors approve this idea considering the educational mess our State of Arizona is under.

More importantly, our neighboring state of New Mexico with similar demographics do not get paid a salary at all.   New Mexico legislature is an unpaid volunteer citizens’ legislature, which means that members do not receive a salary for their public service.

Arizona lawmakers do not deserve a raise until we are no longer ranked 46 in the Nation as one of the worst states to be a kid.  A short term goal for Arizona is to bring us out of the ranked position of 46 to at least 25 or better in order for independent voters to justify a pay increase with regard to legislative salaries.




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