Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon Must Listen to Registered Voters on Immigration; Erika Andiola Must Cut Ties To Extremist Mohammad Abdollahi

In the below, you will see highlighted in red an immigration leader via Claudia Longo remind Erika Andiola that there are more living in the shadows than just DREAMers.  In fact, millions of DREAMers can already benefit from DACA the Obama administration implemented.  




On multiple occasions, politicians have told me they are not driven by undocumented people who cannot vote, but by American registered voters.  Though the undocumented cannot vote, they can certainly help by encouraging their American relatives to vote on their behalf. 

SOMOS INDEPENDENTS is a Mexican-American / Latina led organization that encourages Get Out The Vote promoting legal immigration reform.  Our leaders within the movement consist of people are American first but we are also proud (not embarrassed) with our heritage albeit from Mexico, Uruguay, El Salvador, Venezuela and so forth.  To be frank, Mexicans really are not really immigrants if you consider the Mexican American Revolution.  It is correct to call them native and indigenous to the southwestern part of the United States before Manifest Destiny took place. The majority of our leaders within SOMOS INDEPENDENTS are American women voters and we have a deep sense of matriarch responsibility to do what is in the best interest of the United States.  

That said, we believe there are naive DREAMers who are willing to settle for less instead of remembering the entire 11 million who are living in the shadows of society. Our national organization has had a lot of media opportunities and we always raise awareness regarding the DREAM ACT as well as Immigration Reform and we have a proven track record to lend the microphone and camera to DREAMers (like Erika Andiola) every chance we get

A nationally syndicated political show conducting it's program in both Spanish and in English via Carlos Galindo believes that Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema is not exactly a good politician in terms of immigration.  He wrote:

Was a Dreamer who may have been used as a Latino outreach puppet by a Blue Dog Democrat, fired from her job?


Somos Independents and our registered voters are in support of the bipartisan Gang of Eight Immigration Reform Bill passed by Arizona's Senator John McCain and Senator Chuck Shumer.  The Gang of Eight includes the best DREAM Act language ever invented, and we will always be in support of that.   However, it appears some naive undocumented DREAMers are willing to settle for less and are angering immigration activist leaders and American registered voters who want to fix the broken immigration once and for all and for the entire 11 million who remain in the shadows of society. 

Independent voters consist of approximately 1/3 of Arizona voters, therefore, we are hawkish with Rep. Matt Salmon.  We expect him to do the right thing and support Republican Senator John McCain with regard to fixing the broken immigration once and for all.  The gang of eight CIR plan includes the DREAM Act and so there is no need for Salmon to implement yet another immigration related bill considering the Senate passed one over 7 months ago. We know the GOP is reluctant in passing any sort of immigration reform law under an African-American Democratic President, and if they do not fix and do what they are hired to do as public servants -- it will be a lose-lose situation for the entire Republican Party who are viewed as restrictionists and bigots. 

We expect, the below Arizona delegation to consider what the American voter has to say about Immigration Reform and what is in the best interest of the United States.  We know some DREAMers want "amnesty" and that is not reasonable considering the post 9-11 era we live in.  We expect Rep. Salmon to support Senator John McCain who was a prisoner of war with a proven track record of fighting for our Nation.  We informed Rep. Matt Salmon of the dangerous tactics utilized by Mohammad Abdollahi which eventually led Congressman Luis Guiterrez to distance himself from Mohammad and DREAMACTIVIST.ORG -- and we also know that Erika Andiola has supported Mohammad Abdollahi and in the past --  even though Mohammad has referred to our Nation disrespectfully as "Amerikkka."

Women and Latino voters, and immigration reform leaders are stepping get out the vote efforts in Arizona in preparation for 2014 elections.  We are demanding for our federal officials to fix the broken immigration system, or we will vote them out with the women, latino and key swing independent vote.  



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