Arizona’s McCain Maverick of Yesterday Attacking Nebraska’s New Maverick Chuck Hagel

Have you ever wondered why the Republican Party is attacking Chuck Hagel?  Simply put … the GOP is mad at Chuck Hagel (a Republican from Nebraska) for supporting Democratic Candidate Bob Kerrey instead of the Tea Party extremist Deb Fischer.    Now the Republican Party wants to punish Chuck Hagel for supporting a moderate over the Tea Party extremist.

Hagel puts aside his personal likes and dislikes in order to reach consensus and work across the aisle.  He’s a realist and says what is really happening in the world.    The majority of the people who are attacking him have not served in the United States Armed Forces — except for Senator John McCain who has been in office for too long.  [I do believe in term limits.]  That said, what we are seeing now is the “old maverick” pointing fingers at the “new maverick” via Chuck Hagel and it is quite unfortunate since they used to pal around.  See what politics does?  It destroys relationship, and this is precisely why we need to go back to the days of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill.  Reagan was able to maintain his friendship with O’Neill despite their differences … and in fact, they used to play cards together.  Today’s politicians have turned ugly, and it shouldn’t take a catastrophic event to bring them together.  Is that what it is going to take for unity?  A catastrophic event?

Shirl Mora James, a Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer — now President of SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly the National Tequila Party which is a woman-led counter-movement to the Tea Party) nails it when she states:

The Tea Publicans are in the death throes and they are fighting to stay relevant and keep control of the Republican Party since they have hijacked the GOP.  Independent thinkers such as Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater and Chuck Hagel are demonized today – such the reason why Congress cannot get anything done. They have lost their ability to compromise and reach consensus that will help the best interest of Americans.  Unfortunately, the GOP is now the Party of “me” and not “us.”

Failing to recognize the value of inclusion within the GOP, the November 6, 2012, clobbering will be ongoing, if the Republican Party continues to be narcissist in nature.  In order to repair their image, the Republican Party will need to welcome moderate consensus builders into the Party in order to survive in the long term.

Read more by John Avalon on the ugly side of politics below:

The Republicans’ Ugly and Shameful Chuck Hagel Filibuster

GOP senators’ obstruction of a straight vote on the defense-secretary nominee and Rand Paul’s placement of the CIA director nomination on hold amount to a cowardly and cynical political strategy that could compromise national security, says John Avlon.

Since the election, Republican talking points have reflected the fact that they need to reach out beyond their base: to be positive rather than negative; appear more reasonable, less obstructionist.  READ MORE HERE >>>


Shirl Mora James, President of SOMOS INDEPENDENTS (formerly the National Tequila Party Movement) with (D) Candidate Bob Kerrey for U.S. Senate of Nebraska and with her is (R) Chuck Hagel. Chuck, a Republican,  endorsed Kerrey for U.S. Senate.  The Tequila Party supported Kerrey instead of Deb Fischer – - Tea Party extremist Republican.

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