PRESS CONFERENCE PLANNED -- Arizona State Senator Catherine Miranda Chimes in on Judge Bolton's SB 1070 ruling

We are organizing a press conference in #‎Phoenix, Arizona with regard to the decision Judge Susan Bolton made on SB 1070 yesterday. We are mobilizing those who want to make a peaceful stand against the decision that allows a provision giving law enforcement officers the authority to ask us what immigration status is? More than likely the decision will be challenged, but in the meantime we are making our stand.


LOCATION: The Office Pile 2501 N. 7th. St., Phoenix, Arizona

DATE: : Tuesday on September 8, 2015 at 2:45 pm 

We want to wait til after labor day but before Sep 11 so that our message doesn't get drowned out.

Special thanks to Francisco Aguirre for location! He is our honorary Chicano brother.

Meanwhile, we want to share our Arizona leader's sentiment as Arizona State Senator Catherine Miranda Chimes in on Judge Bolton's recent SB1070 ruling. 

Arizona State Senator Catherine Miranda writes:


"The law is the law. But I disagree. We don't have to live with it. That's why I chose to be an elected official so we don't have to live with the ridiculous racists laws my colleagues that are in control make. I'm there to fight against those laws. We will continue to fight in peace. But I'm wondering how much more peace will there be left. Kids are tired of their parents being targeted. Remember this law will attack our citizens too. Can you as a citizen live with being targeted? Because you will be."





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commented 2015-09-05 23:45:36 -0700 · Flag
We have so many latino and hispanic elected officials, not to mention tremendously influencial raza in other key positions across the state, I hope many let their voices be heard on this issue. This is not the first time that this policy been given authority. How many voices must be heard for effective changes to be made. How many times must history repeat itself. We have rights and they dont involve being persecuted and harassed just because of our skin color. This issue didnt arrise because of illegal immigrants coming from europe, or asia. It came about because those of us who have mexican descent in our blood choose to live amongst our loved ones in a prosperous land that our ancestors called home.
commented 2015-09-05 18:27:15 -0700 · Flag
I agree with Catherine Miranda,
We cannot continue to condone this type of Racial Profilling,
Our children watching there moms , Fathers, uncles ect….being taken away because of there status and or having brown skin, do you not see what is going on around the country with all the police brutality, and violence, is this what you want to happen in Arizona, un uprising of our people to …….think about what your doing to the economy if your taking hard working people away from there homes , i dont think the bums on the corner or your brothers and sisters are going to go work in the fields to bring the food you eat every night, god forbide you get your pedicure messed up or other…….
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