Arizona State Senator Quezada Behavior Likened To Bernie Bros Attacking Hillary Clinton for being the Barry Goldwater girl

Arizona State Senator Quezada Should Stop Stalking Teen Daughter of His Opponent

Somos Independents is a Mexican-American woman-led organization that focuses on signaling to key swing independent voters towards moderate / centrist views.  We take issue with Senator Martín J. Quezada who is sinking to another new low stalking and posting photos of his opponent's teen daughter.  Former Arizona State Representative Lydia Hernandez is running against Quezada for a state Senate seat, and he should direct his attacks against Lydia -- not her family and teen daughter.  Quezada's actions are representative of the Bernie Bro male chaunivist behavior.

Quezada did not support Hillary Clinton during the Arizona Presidential Primary election, and though it appears he was not ready for Hillary to make U.S. "her"story (on track to become the first woman to lead our Nation), he should also remember that the State of Arizona will generally spit out extremist socialist ideas we know he supported when he helped Bernie. As a result of Bernie Sanders losing the Presidential Primary elections, Quezada blamed the Secretary of State for Bernie's loss only to later vote against adding more polling places.   Somos Independents could not support self proclaimed socialist  Bernie Sanders for President in light of making socialist Eugene Debs his hero.
Professional decorum is in order from the state senator.  We cannot support Quezada in light of formal complaints made to the Arizona State Attorney General for breaking Arizona law, but attacking teen young ladies is reminiscent of what we saw from the Bernie Bros who attacked Hillary Clinton for being a Barry Goldwater girl when she was a teenager.  
We are also pleased to announce that Somos Independents will be working with Arizona Republican voters to continue the Never Trump campaign.


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