Bad Day for Tea Party Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Federal Courthouse

"..I got the boys to make the noise, won't ever let up, hope it annoys you..." - Quiet Riot


 (Above:  7/20/15 -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio leaving the federal court house after his hearing was concluded.)


On the heels of Sheriff Joe Arpaio hosting an event with Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump (who incites hate against Chicanos, Latinos and people of Mexican descent), Sherriff Joe Arpaio’s lawyers were directed by Judge Snow to give the United States Government (DOJ) the records they requested a long time ago as long as the information is not shared with a 3rd party.  (Personally I believe Arpaio's recent Phoenix area event with Trump is another violation of what he was ordered not to do.)

Also, the ACLU asked  Judge Snow for some reassurance that Arpaio cease in electronic surveillance with regard to parties involved in the case. Judge Snow told Arpaio’s counsel the assurance of not conducting surveillance with regard to the parties involved in the case was a reasonable request.  The ACLU will inform MCSO and Arpaio’s legal representation in writing to request that assurance that surveillance by the MCSO will not happen.

From the Arizona Republic:

Today's 11:00 a.m. hearing, among other things, discussed the status of Arpaio's remaining internal investigations, a Department of Justice request to see a database of documents from a discredited confidential informant to the Sheriff's Office and the scheduling of the remaining contempt-of-court hearings.  READ MORE >>>




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