Bad Idea For Racist Ted Nugent To Move To Mexico After Advocating Shooting Undocumented Immigrants From Mexico


Look what the cat dragged in ...  according to the forum at Ultimate Guitar, Ted Nugent is considering moving to Mexico.  No joke.   And if I were Ted Nugent, I would reconsider that move considering he told FOX NEWS he advocated shooting undocumented immigrants [from Mexico]. 

Here's the FOX NEWS transcript with regard to the 2008 interview:


COLMES: You want to kill on sight anybody who illegally comes into the country. Just shoot them, right?

NUGENT: If they're armed, and they're attacking our country, yes.

COLMES: Well, they wouldn't be attacking. You don't know if someone coming over the border — would you just shoot anybody coming over the border who you suspect of being illegal?

NUGENT: In an unauthorized entry, armed, like they are right now, invading our country, I'd like to shoot them dead.

COLMES: Just shoot them dead. All right.


Make no mistakes, stronger alliances between the Native Americans and the Indigenous Mexican Americans are growing leaps and bounds across our Nation after Nugent made his unclean vermin remark towards our Native American brothers and sisters.  As a Xicana activist, you can bet your brown ass I'll be sure to tell all of Mexican media how the "nuge" advocated shooting undocumented immigrants from Mexico and helped spread anti-immigrant bigotry. 

P.S.  The petition protesting Ted Nugent venues more than double last night within a 24 hour time period.  Please share and sign this petition to kick bigotry out of the music industry! 


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