Bernie Sanders is finding it difficult to concede after Hillary Clinton's historic win

Bernie Sanders finished speaking after meeting with President Obama moments ago.  In my opinino, a timeline will more than likely be one where Bernie will concede AFTER the D.C. election. I think Clintonistas can suspect Bernie Sanders is wanting  to save face and ego by finishing out the last DC primary run (which is next Tuesday). Keep in mind that Bernie is still sending emails out there asking for donations, so this will be the last of him asking for Presidential candidacy money soon. This past Tuesday was the final #‎SuperTuesday where multiple key states such as New Jersey, Cali and New Mexico had their elections.  There is one final state to go -- Washington D.C.

I thought it was interesting how Bernie did NOT want to take any questions, and we do know that he will be meeting with our gal Hillary Clinton after the D.C. primary.

More than likely the long time independent will go back to being a registered Independent when he runs and focuses his campaign energy on his own Senate seat. Time will let us see the collateral damage he created for the Democratic Party when all is said and done. Everyone knows (or should know by now) that Bernie repeated far right wing talking points, and the likes of Karl Rove's PACs helped Bernie's campaign. The Republican donations did not help Bernie spoil it for Hillary though. While the Republican Party was hijacked by the likes of Trump, the Democratic Party leadership did not allow the long time Independent to completely ruin it for them in 2016.

For the record, Somos Independents is an organization led by independent registered women -- a former long life registered Democrat voter (via Shirl Mora James), and a former long life registered Republican voter (via DeeDee Garcia Blase) who have come together to organize key swing moderate independent voters.  We are not part of the fringe groups.  Though Bernie Sanders is a registered Independent Senator from Vermont, we cannot support his extremism after he touted being a self proclaimed socialist. Sanders is quoted as having heroes such as Eugene Debs and praised the likes of Fidel Castro and we reject those ideas here.  Just the same, we do not support bigotry we see coming from the likes of the Republican nominee Donald Trump who received lavish praises from the Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Donald Trump also received praise from Fidel Castro when Fidel said:

In one of his usual reflections, the former Cuban President Fidel Castro thanked Donald Trump the statements in favor of the resumption of relations between Cuba and the United States.

“Es de gran político y de buen norteamericano, comprender que la amistad indestructible entre Cuba y la hermana Patria de Lincoln, es irreversible. Donald, Usted es un patriota y cuando venga a Cuba le entregaremos la Orden Nacional José Martí, y el título de Héroe de la República de Cuba”

Somos Independents is an organization who has supported Hillary Clinton since before she officially announced she would run for President.  We believe she has the experience to lead our Nation, and we are signalling to moderate and centrist voters to make the reasonable choice in backing Hillary for President.



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