"Bigger Than Borders" Bike Ride Event

Here is a good cause that will help raise money to feed 5000 families, and provide educational scholarships to folks south of the border.  It involves a 27 mile bike ride!



Dear Friends:


Our border policy is a mess. Nobody can make a decision. In the meantime U.S. taxpayers are bleeding money on ineffectual enforcement ($187 billion to date). We rank right up there with the worst as far human rights abuses on our southern border (139th out of 197 countries).  


But what can I do to empower change?


Join us for this year's "2014 BIGGER than Borders" event. Rancho Feliz has been volunteering on the border for 3 decades. We touch hundreds of lives every day. We have innovative solutions to the poverty that drives illegal immigration.  




These are historic times. Future generations will look back on our current border policy with the same indignity we have looking back on the segregation policies of the Martin Luther King Jr. days. While open borders are not feasible, there are more humane and civilized solutions than building a wall. When Rancho Feliz empowers people to live decently in their own country, they don't want to immigrate illegally into the U.S.


Be a "Guardian Warrior." Take a stand - join us!




Perimeter Bicycling is dedicating this year's bike ride to the volunteers of Rancho Feliz. The Information/Registration/Pledge Page is up and running: BIGGER than Borders Registration  
For a 4-minute video on last year's event go to:


This year's event will include the following:
  • A shorter 27-mile ride option
  • A celebration of Team 1954 (everyone who turned 60 this year)
  • A Fandango dinner at La Divina
  • Unveiling of the gigantic Vecinos wall mural
  • Providing much needed jobs for the Vecinos Sewing Team
  • Feeding 5,000 people
  • Removing 500,000 pieces of recyclable plastic garbage off the streets
  • Funding scholarships for deserving students


So please grab your friends and family and go online, register and we will set up your pledge page today: BIGGER than Borders Registration 


"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who do."  Steve Jobs
Be a part of history - Help us fix our broken border.


A million thanks,


Photo credits: Raechel Running, Sally Falkner, Patrick Armstrong, and Gil Gillenwater
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