Florida's Senator Marco Rubio Should Leave The GOP After Their Malpractice and KKK Hijacking

February 25

From The Hill:

David Duke is encouraging his listeners to vote for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Duke, a white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, called Trump's victories in Nevada and South Carolina a "historic day," on the "David Duke Radio Program" Wednesday, according to Buzzfeed News.

He said voting for Trump's rivals, including Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, is "really treason to your heritage," calling the Republican establishment "your enemy."

Do we blame the KKK Grand Wizard? 

Of course not, we blame the RNC's Chairman Reince Priebus for his lack of leadership and allowing his Party to be hijacked by the Tea Party bigotry.

As Sam Stein eloquently puts it:

For those hoping to blunt Trump's momentum, the late start on opposition research is no small problem. One operative compared it to not having ammunition at the precise moment when there is a collective realization that a Trump candidacy needs to be shot down. Shauna Daly, the former research director for the Democratic National Committee and the opposition research firm American Bridge, called it "malpractice."

"Not taking Trump seriously as a candidate a year ago was a mistake we all made, so I don't blame his Republican opponents for that. But the lack of evidence that they have been doing thorough research on Trump more recently is malpractice," said Daly.


The Republican Party and the likes of GOP operative Karl Rove were too busy funneling money to stop Hillary Clinton instead of making the attempt to fix their own party.  Now they are eating at the Trump Tower Karma Cafe. Rove wrote in an oped for The Wall Street Journal:

The Republican Party will lose the White House, the Senate and many of its House seats if Donald Trump becomes the party's presidential nominee, according to Karl Rove. “If Mr. Trump is its standard-bearer, the GOP will lose the White House and the Senate, and its majority in the House will fall dramatically."


I have been one of Sen. Marco Rubio's biggest critic since he gave his support behind Arizona's draconian anti immigrant law.  I felt he had no business as a Floridian Cuban American politician to chime in on what is going on in the border state I live in -- particularly when I know that Cuban immigrants receive privileged amnesty via the wet-foot-dry-foot policy.  Cubanos used to risk their lives in shark infested waters, but that is no longer the case since they simply travel through Mexico to get in to our Nation.

But as a brown woman, and hearing what KKK Grand Wizard David Duke is saying about Rubio, suffice it to say that I feel sorry for Rubio. 

I implore Rubio to see the GOP for what it is and leave it. 

Rather than reward the GOP, it ought to be punished for it's bigotry and lack of leadership.  I believe Rubio has the potential to do much better once he sheds the Republican Party.  He will think more clearly and not feel obligated to be loyal to a Party ideology that was essentially blessed by extremist Kris Kobach himself back in 2012.   The GOP can, however, keep Senator Ted Cruz.  Cruz deserves to be devoured by his own KKK cohorts.


Puerto Rican-Led Website Attacks Chicana Icon Dolores Huerta

February 24

Latino Rebels is a website founded by Julio Varela (a Puerto Rican American) who took issue with a woman-led movement via the Tequila Party. Since then, we are told Julio is currently with Latino USA after being let go of with Al Jazeera.   The Tequila Party is a Mexican-American / Chicana counter movement to the racist Tea Party, and Julio had no idea what the anti-immigrant pulse was in the border states.   We see another writer join the Latino Rebels ranks via Hector Luis Alamo -- another Puerto Rican, who is attacking Dolores Huerta who is a strong Chicana leader with years of advocacy under her belt.

That said, perhaps this is the time to school Hector with regard to Mexican American Chicanos making up almost 70% of the entire population pie; and while Puerto Ricans make up 9% of the population pie, it is not wise for the likes of Latino Rebels to continue to attack Chicana and Chicano leaders.  This strategy will backfire on PR's when they need our population numbers during their time of need. 

While Latino Rebels writer Hector Luis Alamo may consider Dolores Huerta a liar, those of us in the great southwest will have her back.   Shame on Hector for his attack on our Chicana hero.  Latino Rebels ought to change their name from "Latino" Rebels to Puerto Rican rebels.  They have a history of attacking Chicano icons through and through.



Hector Luis Alamo

Donald Trump's Pope Criticism Could Cost the Republican Party the Conservative Catholic Vote

February 12

The Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump recently criticized Catholic Pope Francis' visit to Mexico. 

According to the New York Times:

Donald J. Trump has a message for Pope Francis ahead of the pope’s trip to pray with migrants along the Mexican border: You don’t get it.

The pope is planning to go to the Rio Grande next week while on a visit to Mexico. He plans to offer prayer and show solidarity with suffering refugees.

Mr. Trump does not approve. In an interview with the Fox Business Network on Thursday, the Republican presidential candidate, who has proposed building a wall along the United States’s southern border, suggested that Francis was serving as a pawn of the Mexican government.

“I think that the pope is a very political person,” Mr. Trump said."

Attacking Pope Francis is extremely unwise considering a poll by the PEW that states:

Pope Francis enjoyed a 90% favorability rating among U.S. Catholics. In addition, Francis now is rated favorably by 70% of all Americans, up from 57% in March 2013. Francis is popular even among those without a religious affiliation. Fully two-thirds of religious “nones” (68%) in the most recent Pew Research poll say they view the current pontiff favorably, up from just 39% in March 2013.



As the National Catholic Reporter Points out:

When politicians look at the Catholic vote they see two groups: the Hispanics, who are solidly Democratic because of the Republican demonization of immigrants, and white Catholics, made up of college-educated Catholics and a declining number of alienated blue-collar workers (the so-called Reagan Democrats).    ....

Without Catholic support, Romney would not have been nominated in 2012.

Catholic Republicans tend to be better educated and more suburban than their more rural evangelical colleagues. As professionals and business people, they saw Romney as someone like themselves culturally and professionally. Catholic Republicans are comfortable with the establishment because they have done well with it. For Catholic Republicans, religion is about family and has little to do with politics.    ....

What about the Democratic primaries?

In 2008, Catholics voted strongly for Hilary Clinton. They gave her 60 percent or more of their vote in California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts in the February 5 primaries. One writer opined that since Catholics were taught by nuns, they were comfortable with a strong woman. Others saw a darker message, that Catholics were prejudiced.

So, were Catholics feminists or racists? More likely, despite the scandals, Catholics still liked Bill Clinton and saw Obama as an unknown.

But in the key Missouri primary, Obama narrowly won the Catholic vote. As time went on, Clinton still did well with Catholics but she only broke 60 percent in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Rhode Island. She lost Catholics in Georgia, Louisiana, and Virginia, where black Catholics may have influenced the vote. Clinton needed the strong support of White Catholics if she was going to overcome Obama’s advantage with Black Democrats. Simply splitting the Catholic vote would not do it.

Will Catholic Democrats support Clinton this time? It looks like it.

According to the Pew Forum, 69 percent of Catholic Democrats say that Clinton would be a great/good president. Only 46 percent say the same thing about Bernie Sanders.


So why is Donald Trump eager to take Pope Francis head on?

It could be due to his culture of support that anti-immigrant nativist groups associated with the Tanton Network are giving him. Tanton's criticism of religious groups wasn't limited to Jews, over the years, he — like some principals of FAIR — lashed out at a variety of religious denominations, especially Catholics, for their welcoming attitude toward immigrants coming to America from the Third World. 

While Trump opines about how political the Pope is, one can certainly make the same argument of Jesus Christ the Son of God.





Arizona Title I School Board Members Should Strive Towards An "A" On Attendance

February 11


The Governing Board prescribes and enforces policies and procedures for the governance of the schools, not inconsistent with law or rules prescribed by the state board of education.  The superintendent (such is the case with Dr. Jacob) uses the structure established by the Board to manage operations on a day-to-day basis. Although the Superintendent may suggest changes to policies (and in some cases correct Parliamentary procedures), only the Board as a whole has the legal authority to adopt policy. However, there is a problem with the number of board members that sit on the Cartwright School District (CSD), because there are five of them.  When one board member is not present, then gridlock occurs with a 2 against 2 vote.  Last night, Lydia Hernandez, board member, summoned a Motion that would encourage accountability and transparency when it comes to the lagging attendance record of board members who are not present to vote on important CSD issues. Pedro Lopez, President of the Board, was absent, and members of CSD suffered gridlock.   After the meeting, I spoke to a couple of people who are part of the executive team, but they didn’t know why Lopez was a no-show.

Lydia Hernandez, board member of the Cartwright School District put a Motion for a vote that would recommend a policy review in an effort to encourage board member attendance.  Absences are preventing progress at Cartwright.

According to the NSBA effective school boards commit to a vision of high expectations for student achievement to include the following:

  1. Have strong shared beliefs and values about students’ ability to learn and of the system and its ability to teach all children at high levels.
  2. Are accountability driven.
  3. Have a collaborative relationship with staff and the community.
  4. Are data-savvy.
  5. Align and sustain resources to meet district goals.
  6. Lead as a united team with the superintendent.
  7. Take part in team development and training.

Arizona law has certain regulations regarding school attendance that range between truancy to excessive absences and more.  If we set a standard for our students attending Arizona schools, it ought to begin at the highest levels within the Governing Board. Board members ought to be present at school board meetings, and if they cannot be present, they ought to be transparent and explain to the public and fellow board members why they are not present.  Is there a reasonable explanation why the CSD President of the Board did not attend last night’s meeting, or dial in?  According to CSD:  The Governing Board shall hold a regular meeting at least once each month during the regular school year and may hold other meetings as often as called. The second (2nd) Wednesday of each month during the regular school year is designated as the regular Board Meeting date.

This isn’t the first we have heard of absent board presidents and board politics because Gilbert Public Schools have had similar issues – but I also don’t think it is much to ask for an elected Board Member to attend the “at least once per month regular meeting” either.   Title I schools in Arizona have a high population of Chicanos and Latinos and more of us want to know why urban schools sometimes suffer more than the schools that are in affluent areas.   

The following “Governing Board Expectations of the Board” were adopted at the February 22, 2012 Governing Board Meeting: 

1.   Honor and respect - The Governing Board of the Cartwright School District #83 will commit to honoring and respecting the decisions made by the majority.

2.   Honor code of conduct, ethics, and operating protocol - The Governing Board of the Cartwright School District #83 will commit to honoring the code of conduct, ethics and operating protocol.

3.   Be engaged, prepared and attentive at Board Meetings - The Governing Board of the Cartwright School district #83 will commit to being engaged, prepared and attentive at Board Meetings.

4.   Increase visibility on school campuses and at special events - The Governing Board of the Cartwright School District #83 will increase its visibility on School Campuses and at special events.

To prevent gridlock votes, members of the board should refer to the Expectations adopted on February 22, 2012, specifically with regard to being engaged and attentive at Board Meetings.  More importantly, a level of respect to all fellow board member colleagues and the executive team ought to be implemented by sending a simple written email regarding the absent purpose from the member who cannot attend.  

If community gridlock continues to take place in Title I Arizona schools, it may be time to submit a bill for transparency and accountability reasons that will emulate the below School Board policy/guideline:


Absent Board members may attend a regular or special meeting by electronic means if the member is absent because of work, a family emergency, or the member's military service. If a board member is absent due to military service, he/she may participate electronically as often as he/she is able to do so. However, a board member may not participate electronically more than two (2) times per year for absences due to work and/or family emergencies.

General Requirements

The following requirements apply to all electronic attendance, regardless of the reason for the member's absence:

1.   A quorum of the Board must be physically present at the meeting in order for any member to attend electronically.

2. Any member wishing to participate electronically must do so using technology which allows the Chair to visually identify the member.

3. The responsibility for the connection lies with the member wishing to participate electronically. No more than three (3) attempts to connect shall be made, unless the Board chooses to make additional attempts.

Work Related Absence

The following requirements apply to electronic attendance due to a work related absence:

1. The Board member must be absent from the county due to work.

2. The member wishing to participate must give the Chair and director at least five (5) days’ notice prior to the meeting of the member's desire to participate electronically.

Family Emergency

The following requirement applies to electronic attendance due to a family emergency:

1. The member must be absent due to the hospitalization of the member or the death or hospitalization of the member's spouse, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, step-son, step-daughter, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law.

School board members are responsible for extensive pivotal action in all areas that affect students and staff in their schools. Some roles and responsibilities are unspoken, but it appears there is a need for some sort of attendance mandate.  On a side note:  Personally I think a candidate running for a school board position shouldn’t be in the race if their interests are not 100% focused in the betterment of Title I schools.  But those are just my “dos centavos.”


Arizona Democratic Party Leadership DownPlays the Role of Independent Voters

February 10


The Arizona Democratic Party Leadership is quoting anti-immigrant Sean Hannity with regard to a call for Senator John McCain to retire.  More importantly, a member of their Party Leadership structure is downplaying the role of Independent voters here in Arizona.

Mary Jo Pitzl recently wrote:  "That means come March 22, elections officials are bracing for a wave of angry would-be voters who will be turned away if they try and vote in the Democratic, Republican or Green elections." There is a lot of truth to what Pitzl wrote  because often times Indies are they angry key swing vote.  Independent voters understand the bull that comes along with hypocritical Party bosses, and it is high time the Arizona Democratic Leadership (like Adrian P. Fontes) should take some time to read more about the role of the key swing Indies from  the AZ Capitol Times:


At last, a spotlight is on the most important group of voters in Arizona: independents.


Our state’s largest voting group deserves the same treatment and the ability to participate under the same rules as those who choose to join a party – it is one of the most fundamental American values of equal citizenship. However, the reality is that independents are treated differently than party voters, requiring extra steps to vote with an early ballot, for example. Meanwhile, independent candidates face appallingly higher petition signature requirements. This is the largest voter suppression effort in modern times.

And it’s working. Data show that independents do not vote in proportions consistent with other voters. This is most notable in the primary elections. While turnout is low among all voters in the primary elections, it is abysmal among independents, only in single digits. This is no surprise when, (1) poor voter education and intentionally confusing rhetoric has left half of independents believing they don’t have the right to vote in the state’s primary election; (2) the parties in Arizona exclude them altogether from the presidential primary, and (3) some local parties have voted to exclude them from all primaries.

The only answer to this problem offered by those who currently write the rules: “Just join our party and you won’t have any of these problems.”

That completely defies what the Morrison Institute study revealed through focus groups of independents. These voters do not want to participate in an inherently partisan process which is unrepresentative of their views and which has converted our democracy into a shouting match between small bastions of ideologues whose extreme views produce today’s gridlock. The only choices they are offered are Coke or Pepsi, when they would rather have a Dr. Pepper.


Here is my question to the political hypocrisy within the Arizona Democratic Party:  If they want  John McCain John McCain to retire, should the Arizona Republican Party ask the same of self proclaimed #‎Socialist Bernie Sanders who was a Congressman for years and years before becoming a US Senator, too? Bernie Sanders is the epitome of a career politician and I'm not sure it's wise for the AZ Dems to throw stones while living in glass houses. 

The State of Arizona has suffered a lot of black eyes because of the anti-immigrant extremism, and I'm not sure why the AZ DEMS would want to use well known anti-immigrant talking head like Sean Hannity.  Did the AZ Democratic leadership forget when Sean Hannity came to Donald Trump’s defense following backlash over the billionaire presidential candidate’s controversial remarks about Latin American immigrants?

Perhaps it is time for Senator John McCain to woo the Independent voters as he once did well in.  Afterall, U.S. Sen. John McCain is criticizing attempts by some Arizona Republicans to close their primaries to party members only, shutting out independents who can choose to participate under a 1998 voter-passed ballot measure, and more independent voter organizations support this issue.

Now, McCain should attack Democratic Party Leadership for essentially downplaying the role of Independent Voters in Arizona, too, because at least McCain recognizes the important role Independent voters play -- particularly when we are the largest voting bloc in this state.  



An Independent Voting Chicana’s Case For Hillary

January 26


Photo Credit: 'HRC' by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes


Key Swing Moderate Independent Voters Should Consider Hillary

I was formerly a registered Republican voter and a volunteer for Senator John “Maverick” McCain in 2007 when he ran against Republican candidate Mitt Romney.  I again volunteered for Sen. McCain’s campaign in 2008 when he ran against President Barack Obama.  While I was trying to help the “moderate” Republican McCain beat the extremist candidate, Mitt Romney, I was also keeping an eye on the Democratic Primaries between Obama and Hillary. 

Admittedly, I was scared to death of Hillary Clinton – more so than Obama, because at the time I believed Hillary was too extreme for my comfort.  When Obama beat McCain, I thought it was the end of our mixed economy world as we knew it to be – but that was not the case.   It turns out that President George W. Bush had the worst track record on jobs (according to the Wall Street Journal), and it was under the Obama administration that a net of 9.5 million private sector jobs have been created, and nearly 13 million if you start counting after the Great Recession Bush handed over to Obama when he took office. While the unemployment rate went up under Bush, Obama pushed it back down.

The immigration issue is one of the most important reasons for my decision to leave the Republican Party forever to become an independent registered voter.  The Republican Party adopted Kris Kobach’s anti-immigrant platform under Chairman Reince Priebus’ leadership in 2012.  I also began to see their hypocrisy with other issues such as the pro-life issue as Republican leaders attacked the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship.  Staunch pro-life advocates believe the 14th amendment is the crowing jewel for their beliefs. The GOP claimed to be for smaller government ideas, yet Sen. Marco Rubio and others promoted bureaucratic methods with the National ID system.

Fast forward to the 2016 elections where I see the dangerous probability of an extremist such as Donald Trump becoming the Republican Presidential nominee even though he probably will not do well with general election voters. On the other hand, I see Democratic Presidential Nominee Secretary Clinton being the most electable candidate with the better chance (better than the Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders) to beat Trump.  According to the Gallup Polls, in the U.S. a socialist Presidential candidate is the least appealing, while more than nine in 10 would vote for a Catholic, African-American, or woman candidate.    

I repeat:  A socialist is the least electable while more than nine in 10 would vote for a woman.

I am not a registered Democrat voter, nor will I ever be a member of the two major party system ever again because there is a sense of freedom I have not having to be loyal and “cheering for my Party’s team” anymore.  I can see how a person can be disillusioned with that.    Even though I voted for a Democratic President in 2012 for the first time in my life, I did so because I used immigration as my litmus test.  That said, immigration is not the sole issue I follow, and other issues matter to me as well, such as the economy, taking care of domestic matters, and also a strong national defense.  With Republicans committing assault after assault against my people, it was time to hold the GOP responsible at the voting booths and I could not in good conscience reward them with my vote.

I am amazed how some Democratic voters are supporting the long-time Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, over the long-time registered Democratic Secretary Clinton.  It is a well-known fact that both Hillary and Bill Clinton were proud members of the Democratic Party with a long history, steeped in those Democratic principles.  Aside from knowing Karl Rove (the political genius behind the President George W. Bush campaigns and negative ads) is helping Bernie Sanders by launching attack ads against Hillary Clinton in Iowa,  we also witnessed Sarah Palin pay Sen. Sanders a compliment during her swipe at Hillary on Facebook.  It does not stop there; repeatedly we see the Chairman of the Republican Party and other GOP leaders direct most of his attacks against Hillary – not Bernie – and in fact, Reince says he is “feeling the Bern,” too, because he knows the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist is not electable.  Indeed, Tea Party Republicans would like to see Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nominee, because general election and moderate voters like myself cannot stomach voting for extreme socialist ideas he is bringing to the political table.  It is a concern to me when Bernie considers the likes of Eugene Debs (a man who ran for President under the Socialist Party ticket) as a hero, and as far as I’m concerned, that socialist message is an old 1912 idea that did not work back then either.  But thankfully, sound folks are on the record for criticizing socialism.  Recently Democratic Vice President Joe Biden denigrated socialism while addressing the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. 

We know Tea Party Republican tactics still work because of the numerous government shutdowns they are known for, and their prevention of getting policies fixed.  The far-right wingers have lived up to their reputation of being the “Party of No.”  Soon after Obamacare was passed, the Republican Party gained control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and in 2016, the Republicans gained control of the U.S. Senate, too. When Hillary Clinton is President, she will continue to defend the Affordable Care Act, but she will also fight any effort to privatize or weaken Medicare and Social Security, which our growing aging populations depend on.  Even though Hillary is also in favor of a strong National defense, she is tenacious enough to keep military spending in check while ensuring Americans are getting the care that they need, too. 

When President Obama nominated Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, some Democrats and government insiders questioned whether she would be too independent and politically ambitious to be an effective Secretary. But she proved them wrong and led with a soft power approach. She was even-keel, in my opinion, and I feel comfortable with her after years of watching her helm the foreign affairs department.  She did not suggest using nuclear weapons to nuke Iran, and she did not begin any other conflicts, either – she held it together until it was time for her to leave and consider her 2016 run.

Much has happened since the 2007 / 2008 elections, and watching Secretary Hillary has calmed fears I once had. In my view, she has shown that she is ready to be our first woman President, given all of her combined experiences.  There is also a safety net knowing she will be bringing along Bill Clinton’s experience, and our Nation can use more of his successful economic record.   I cannot help but see hints of Madeleine Albright and Margaret Thatcher in Hillary – except Hillary Clinton would be our very own American version of the Iron Lady, working in a male dominated political atmosphere. I’m proud of her, and I hope to see more of her passion and compassion as I did seeing her speak about the ISIS and terrorist problems during the Democratic Town Hall in Iowa.  I saw for a moment, that maternal instinct side of her kick in making a promise to use diplomacy first and using war as a last resort.  As a woman voter, with two high school sons, I do not want future American Presidents to quickly send our sons and daughters to war.  Hillary has earned my trust and my vote, and I'm signaling to other key swing moderate independent voters to consider Secretary Clinton for President.  

I am with her.  Estoy contigo, Hillary.


Sen Marco Rubio Right Regarding Sen. Ted Cruz Flip Flopping support of Pres. George W. Bush Immigration Plan in 2005

January 15

Last night we saw Republican Cuban American Sen. Marco Rubio expose Canadian / Cuban American Sen. Ted Cruz regarding his former support of immigration.  Sen. Ted Cruz was on the board of advisors for the Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI) in 2005.  Every Latino leader who worked closely with the George W. Bush Administration in crafting a policy to promote comprehensive immigration reform will recall that Mr. Cruz was a prominent member of the Board of Advisors of the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute (HAPI). Mr. Cruz and HAPI were very supportive of the President’s proposal. And it is well known Cruz was instrumental in helping the HAPI craft its policy and strategy on immigration reform.

Truth be told -- both Sens. Rubio and Cruz are flip floppers on immigration.  Rubio is a flip flopper because he reversed his stance on the gang of 8 immigration reform plan.  Rubio had the audacity to support Arizona's "papers please" law -- a draconian anti-immigrant piece of legislation that was later mostly gutted out by the Supreme Court.  Cruz reversed his immigration stance while he was running for his U.S. Senate seat in Texas.  More importantly, Cruz conveniently leaves out (of the immigrant discussion) how his own Cuban immigrant father bribed his way into the U.S.
So there you have it.  BOTH senators are flip floppers, but they are also hypocrites of the so-called small government and no welfare thinking because Mexican Americans (who comprise of the almost 70% of the "Latino" population pie) are well aware that Cuban immigrants receive tax funded government hand outs the minute the wet-foot-dry-foot policy is implemented.  Meanwhile the  Mexicans, Central Americans and other Latin ethnic immigrants get shipped back.
**Note:  Both Cuban Republicans have proven themselves ungrateful to the Bush dynasty ... 1) Sen. Marco Rubio ungrateful to Jeb Bush when Jeb stumped for him in Florida, and 2) Sen. Ted Cruz ungrateful to Texas former George W. Bush when the Bush administration helped Cruz come into power, too.  Both are power-hungry people who will step on those who helped them in the past politically in order to get ahead. 
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI)
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI)
Hispanic Alliance for Progress Institute (HAPI)

New Poll Regarding Independent Voters and Their View On Extremist Donald Trump

January 14

Independents are moderates and centrists generally speaking... and we do believe Donald Trump is a turn off in light of his extremist views.

Just in:


Trump's Image Among Democrats, Independents Most Negative of Any GOP Candidate



Widow Responds to Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden in Nampa Police Department Excessive Force / Wrongful Death Incident

December 21
December 21, 2015
Primary Contact:  Julie Firkins (208) 312-7320
Somos Independents Contact:  DeeDee Garica Blase (480) 200-3748

Widow Responds to Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden in Nampa Police Department Excessive Force / Wrongful Death Incident 

Burley, Idaho -- The Idaho Attorney General's Office and the Canyon County Sheriff's Office have finally released documents to Idaho Statesmen journalists who have been requesting records regarding the wrongful death of Anthony Firkins Jr. when the Nampa Police Department (NPD) used excessive force that led to his death while under their custody.   Both agencies concluded that the Nampa police officers acted properly. The Attorney General's Office said, based on the autopsy report, that it did not appear the officers' actions contributed to the death of Anthony Firkins Jr. (even though he died after being tased, and stopped breathing while cuffed under the custody of the police).
Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden more than likely knows that lawyer(s) defending the NPD tried to use humiliating tactics against the widow that would scare her to back down from suing the Police Department.  The widow’s attorney was told by those representing the NPD that Anthony Firkins Jr. texted his lover/mistress within the day he died -- and that information would be utilized in court if the widow decided to go forward with the lawsuit.   This embarrassing situation regarding the lover/mistress text message may work for a short time for both agencies who found no fault by the NPD, but the widow is dedicated to letting the United States Department of Justice get the ultimate word regarding excessive force leading to her husband’s death under their care/custody.
These Idaho agencies who found no fault by Nampa PD are throwing stones at the widow while living in glass houses.    While these agencies utilized humiliating tactics against the widow to pressure her into not filing a lawsuit for police brutality, excessive force and/or wrongful death, we wonder why the Idaho State General Lawrence will not pursue the multiple lovers / wives and polygamy problem in Boundary County, Idaho, with those same type of tactics
Julie Firkins, widow of Anthony Firkins Jr. states:
My husband did not get to make it home like we planned.  There is so much corruption and cover up with the Nampa PD and they got away with murder.  If the police officers who are responsible for my husband’s death didn’t lose their jobs or get jail, how can I ever win a lawsuit in the State of Idaho? The NPD wanted to add insult to injury by bringing up my husband’s lover/mistress, and because my husband is not a person of color, he did not make the national news.  My husband was a good man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  On the eve of Christmas, all I see is how the Idaho State Attorney General and the Police Department worked in cahoots to cover up a wrongful death, meanwhile his son Mason Firkins and Jaxon (a fatherless boy my husband was raising) are left to fend for themselves without a father.  This Christmas will be another tough Christmas for Mason and Jaxon, and we hope the Idaho Attorney General will remember what he did to this poor family when he is opening gifts with his own family on Christmas Day.
On December 22, 2015, Somos Independents will be releasing via YOUTUBE never seen before video (to the public) of when Anthony Firkins Jr.’s died while under the custody of the Nampa Police Department.

If it isn’t the Mexicans, it’s the Muslims with Donald Trump.

December 08


Yesterday while in North Carolina, Donald Trump initiated a call to ban all Muslims from the United States.  Though late in the game, Republicans are finally speaking out against Trump.  House Speaker Paul Ryan condemned Donald Trump's Muslim comments quickly and said: “"Freedom of religion is a fundamental constitutional principle...This is not conservatism what was proposed yesterday, is not what this party stands for and more importantly it's not what this country stands for.”

Because Chicanos/Latinos and Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in this Nation, let’s not forget how the GOP leaders said little come November 2016 election day when Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump referred to Mexicans as rapists and murderers.  The Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is responsible for their low diversity outreach and we look forward to the Party of Responsibility reaping what they sow come election day.  Reince turned a blind eye to hate rhetoric that sent a signal trickling downward throughout the GOP ranks that essentially said hate against other ethnic groups and religious organizations is okay. 


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