Sign Petition To Terminate Clay County Mayor and Nonprofit Director For Calling Michelle Obama an "Ape in Heels"

November 14

Please sign this petition to have these bigots fired for calling First Lady Michelle Obama an ape in heels. 

They do not deserve to work with the public and are a disgrace to the human race.

At the time of my signing this petition, there were 40,000+ signatures and now there are 45,000+ signatures.

The petition information reads:

Clay County Development Corp. Director Pamela Taylor Ramsey posted a hateful, racially motivated statement to Facebook, which was not only liked by the Clay County Mayor Beverly Whaling, but commented on in a way that showed she agreed with her comments. Every grant and piece of paper Mrs. Taylor and Ms. Whaling have to fill out and sign promises equal opportunities and a racism free workplace. 

Her post read:
"It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House. I'm tired of seeing a Ape in heels."



Christian Evangelical Trump Supporters Should Explain their First XXX Lady

November 14
"...Cause it was all done for Citizenship..." - Divine Sounds

Christian Evangelical leaders dropped their "witness" ball -- BIG TIME!  That whole "love thy neighbor thing?" Consider the white Christians who voted for Trump the ultimate hypocrites.  But you don't have to hear it from me because I am not an "evangelical" (after discovering how judgemental they were against other religious organizations) ... you can hear about your hypocrisy from an evangelical who "gets it."


Sneha Abraham who points to the Christian hypocrisy, and is a Writer & Assistant Director of News & Strategic Content at Pomona College.  She wrote a great opinion for the Huffington Post Religious section that  I agree with.


Here's an excerpt where she writes:
First XXX Lady TrumpI am the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of preachers. In high school, college and post-grad I held ministry leadership positions. I attend an evangelical church. But this election cycle I’ve been deeply ashamed of the American evangelical church at large. And because the majority of white evangelicals — 81 percent of that constituency, according to exit polls— supported Donald Trump that shame will extend long after Election Day, thanks to the ramifications of their support not only for women, immigrants and people of color, but for the church itself. I count myself a follower of Christ and always will. I love the church. But I believe the majority of white evangelicals and their leaders, barring a few, have failed not only the U.S., but failed the collective flock in the stance they took. I believe they have a lost a generation and, as they say in the church, “lost their witness” to future generations.

How have they lost their witness? Let’s unpack this:

This past year, the church, which is supposed to be at the forefront of racial reconciliation, supported a racist endorsed enthusiastically by the KKK and neo-Nazi groups.

Jesus uplifted women and evangelicals have strict views of acceptable sexual behavior, but regardless they got in bed with an adulterous and misogynistic sexual predator who has made a cameo appearance in a porn video.

Read full story here>>> The Evangelical Church Has Lost Its Witness In Supporting Trump


Congratulations evangelicals!

You just elected your First XXX Lady.  You lost your witness footing as we all enter the millennial dark ages no thanks to you.




2.3 million petition signatures asking Electoral College Voters to support Popular American Vote

November 11

I signed this petition.... it doesn't hurt to do so. It already has about 2.5 million signatures where folks are asking the #ElectoralCollege electors to support the #PopularVote. Hillary won the popular vote, and although I believe it is too late to do this, it takes only a second to sign the petition and it doesn't hurt to send a clear message that the #PopularVote should be supported.

Send a clear message to the electors by signing this petition.



Happy Veteran's Day: General Patton Turning In His Grave We Elected Draft-Dodger Trump

November 11


Happy #VeteransDay to all who served! Those who served our military and faced dangerous situations head on ... I implore you to summon that warrior spirit that will breed courage so that it can be contagious for others in a time of uncertainty. [You can bet your ass Patton is turning in his grave learning how Americans elected the draft-dodging son-of-a-bitch Donald Trump!]

A Trump presidency is not the end of the world ... it just means we have to do more shit, more work and be extra vigilant. It sucks having to do more work! Believe me! I have been advocating for a humane immigrant rights law for over a decade and it's discouraging sometimes. However, rather than bitch and complain... we have to suck it up. Pull up our bootstraps (if you will), and move forward and stare evil bigotry in the face. We've defeated racism before when we kicked #Hitler's asshole ... and we'll defeat it again. Those who fight for what is right has the arc of justice on their side -- always.

Be strong.

One of my favorite war heroes is General Patton. He had balls of steel and did what was right no matter the pies he got in the face for trying to instill courage in soldiers that were afraid to go to war. I understand why he did some of the things he did -- despite the controversies. Bottom line: He was instrumental in kicking Hitler's ass when all was said and done. How can you NOT admire that!


-- DeeDee


Andrew Puzder (Sexist Trump Supporting Business Leader) Should Step Down As CEO In Burrito Biz Before Full Boycott Initiated By Latina-led Organization

November 01


And some of these basic things, in being brought up in a Christian family atmosphere is why I’m here today. --  Carl N. Karcher, Founder of Carl’s Jr.
Phoenix, AZ -- Like Trump, Andrew F.Puzder isn’t afraid to offend people with his misogynist-like advertisements, and according to the Entrepreneur, he does not care.  Puzder is a proud advisor to Donald Trump.  He is also the CEO for Carl’s Jr, Hardees, Green Burritos and Red Burritos Restaurants. 
Per Puzder’s exclusive interview with R Magazine, “In 2016, CKE Restaurants, Inc., boasts two burger brands, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, as well as two side cart businesses, Green Burrito and Red Burrito, the latter two operated inside the burger restaurants. The company has also extended its global reach recently, opening outposts in India, and throughout Japan.”
Not only is Puzder a misogynist for his racy ads against women, he has been busy boasting about being a Donald Trump advisor and supporter, too, with his many appearances on the FOX network.  We are not surprised to hear of Puzder’s turning a blind hypocritical eye to Trump’s own sexual predator nature against women, but we are surprised the CEO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardees is benefiting (revenue-wise) in a state where Chicanos and Latinos outnumber whites in California.
Is Puzder so ignorant to how Chicanos and Latinos feel about Trump
Do the board of directors realize the receive more revenue from California (a state with a high population of Chicanos) than any other state?
If so, why are they taking a risk with a possible boycott in a perfect storm? There are over 600 Carl's Jr. restaurants in California, with approximately 70 in Arizona, approximately 50 in Nevada, more in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, etc.  There are 3200 restaurants total world wide.  This means Puzder is more than likely receiving most of his revenue in the state of California where Latinos outnumber whites per the L.A. Times.   
One would think the Trump supporting CEO is committing business suicide in California as the political shift in the southwest continues its course where Mexican Americans continue to reshape the electoral map in the southwest.   According to Five Thirty Eight, Mexican-Americans constitute 63 percent of the 57 million U.S. Latinos. Some Mexican-Americans can trace their heritage in New Mexico and other regions later acquired as U.S. territory back to the 1600s and earlier, while others are recent immigrants.”
One thing is certain: Puzder has no business selling burritos – a Mexican American dish.  Green Burrito is part of Carl's Jr. and is under Andy's purview, while Red Burrito is part of Hardee's which is the east coast sister company of Carl’s Jr. (also under Andy's purview). 
It’s time for the Carl’s Jr. / Hardees Restaurant board of directors and decision makers to get their racist and sexist cancer out of their midst before Chicanas and Latinas ask for a full-blown boycott for his sexist offensive advertisements, and for his proud stance of supporting Donald Trump’s bigotry when he depicted our community as rapists and murderers.   Though “Many franchisees of CKE have asked the corporation to tone down the sexual side of their advertising,” Carl’s Jr. franchisee Russ Clark said in a Sept. 4 letter to the California newspaper the Appeal Democrat, we believe board members should also get rid of the man who supports a candidate who depicts Mexican Americans as rapists and murderers.  When the burger chain began running its racy TV ads, the Rev. Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral said Karcher (founder of Carl’s Jr.) was "just heartbroken that a company he founded on Christian principles has taken such an amoral act."
Like the Carl’s Jr. founder, I believe in the free market system, too -- and we are free to call out racist and sexist individuals who are on the wrong side of history.  It may be high time for Andy Puzder to go a different way in promoting Russian foods since his hero (Trump) loves Vladimir Putin so much. But for now, he would be wise avoiding promoting Mexican foods that are on the Carl’s Jr., Hardees and Green Burritos menu.  It’s time for Puzder to step down or else he will be responsible for the decisions he has made as CEO and as more and more Latinos visiting the approximate 600 restaurants in California and in the southwest will be informed with how they are creating the monster they provide revenue for.

Vote No on Prop 205 and Poorly Written Laws

October 28

I support medical marijuana in the State of Arizona.  However, I am not ready for poorly written laws like Prop. 205.  The former Denver Mayor in the State of Colorado has exposed the lies of the recreational marijuana advocates when they told Colorado voters that a chunk of their approximate billion dollar annual profits would go to education.  They lied.  Since the passage of recreational marijuana in Colorado, state lawmakers have had to make approximately 9 amendments to the poorly written law.  Arizona does not get to make amendments to laws supported by propositions and in my view that is not smart.

From La Voz:

Nuevo impulso entre latinos en campaña contra Prop. 205

Rafael Carranza , La Voz 5:50 p.m. MST Octubre 27, 2016
El gobernador Doug Ducey se reunió con líderes comunitarios

A menos de dos semanas de las elecciones del 8 de noviembre, líderes latinos en contra de la legalización del uso recreativo de la mariguana dan un último impulso para convencer a votantes latinos de Arizona de votar en contra de la Proposición 205.

Como parte de la estrategia, una decena de estos líderes comunitarios y electos se reunieron para un panel el jueves con el gobernador Doug Ducey, quien ha liderado la campaña en contra de esta medida.

"A estas personas, les importan sus comunidades, le importan sus familias, valoran la educación, quieren lo que es posible en el futuro para sus hijos en este país", dijo Ducey sobre el grupo reunido. "Me parece que todo ellos entendieron de inmediato porque esta medida es una mala idea".

Durante la reunión, el gobernador destacó que la campaña en contra ha recaudado seis millones de dólares y que los utilizarán principalmente en anuncios televisivos para convencer a los padres de familia de votar en contra de la Proposición 205.

La propuesta de ley le permitiría a personas mayores de 21 años portar hasta una onza de mariguana. Su venta sería controlada de manera estricta y sujeta a un impuesto especial que beneficiaría a las escuelas, según los proponentes.

El gobernador Ducey dijo que su problema más grande no tiene que ver con la legalización, si no con la forma en la cual está escrita la medida y el proceso para aprobarla

"Si es aprobada, tiene la protección de los votantes, es parte de la constitución y no se podrá cambiar", explicó Ducey. "Como gobernador no puede vetar esta ley, como legisladores no pueden hacer enmiendas, no se puede mejorar. No puedo pensar en cualquier otra ley que hayamos aprobado que no ha necesitado de algún mejoramiento, y ésta es una afectaría dramáticamente al estado".

Reacción de líderes latinos

La gran mayoría de líderes latinos comunitarios o electos que estuvieron presentes en la reunión dijeron estar en contra de la medida.

Durante la reunión, varios argumentaron que la legalización de la mariguana crearía una distracción innecesaria para los estudiantes en las escuelas, al igual que las comunidades mayormente latinas como Maryvale.

"En las entradas de nuestra comunidad el apeste, y el humo de segunda mano, le digo yo a la gente tal vez salga yo intoxicada aunque la gente no quiera", dijo Lydia Hernández, una ex legisladora estatal y actual miembro de la mesa directiva del Distrito Cartwright.

"¿Qué va a suceder con estos lugares de ventas si esto llega a pasar?", ella se preguntó. "No van a estar en Scottsdale, la gente de Scottsdale viene aquí".

Hernández dijo que como parte de la mesa directiva de Cartwright, buscaría formas de hacer llegar mayor información a los padres para que "tengan y manejen con los datos apropiados".





Candidate Ann Kirkpatrick Cannot Do What Sen John McCain Can Do Regarding Immigration

October 26

Photo Credit: DeeDee Garcia Blase


“Political combat is necessary and important for the nation, but it need not be self-destructive and nuclear. And one of the first Tip-Gipper deals demonstrates this—and shows how far off the track today's GOPers have strayed.”  --David Corn


The Tea Party set our Nation backward with delays and it is time for moderate voters to take leadership and get the ball rolling again in the correct direction.  Independents in Arizona make up the 2nd largest voting bloc in the State of Arizona, and we are a unique group of people who are sick and tired of the extremism we see on both sides of the aisle.  We are tired of weak candidates and partisan party politics. We dream of the day when our American government can work together again that is reminiscent of the Tip and Gipper days. I believe Hillary and McCain will be the new Tip and Gipper of the new millennium and both have a good history of working together despite their political ideologies.

Some wonder how I can be a Hillary Clinton supporter but not a supporter for candidate Ann Kirkpatrick. The answer is simple:  Kirkpatrick could never lead other prominent Republican U.S. Senators to take another lead on immigration reform the way McCain has -- nor am I naïve to believe that she has special powers to do so as a democratic junior senator.  I am sick and tired of waiting for the broken system to be fixed.  On the other hand, McCain has solid proven history in trying to overhaul and fix the broken system since 2007.  McCain is on the record for not supporting a piece meal immigration plan and is for overhauling the entire system once and for all because it is the federal government’s responsibility to fix what is broken under their jurisdiction.

It is important to remind ourselves how candidate Kirkpatrick was one of the few Democrats who added salt to Native American wounds in her handling of the “Arizona Apache land grab” controversy, and if she is weak on Native issues then I fear she will probably be weak on issues important to Chicanos and Latinos, too.  Luckily President Obama quashed Kirkpatrick’s land grab assistance despite her additional anti-democratic maneuver even by congressional standards.  Efforts in 2015 were made to include the Oak Flat area in the National Register of Historic Places, but Republican Rep. Paul Gosar and Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick opposed that move and have asserted that such a designation would not necessarily preclude mining activity on the land:

[T]wo U.S. House members from Arizona sent a letter to the National Park Service asking that the property in Pinal County be withdrawn from consideration for the National Register of Historic Places.

A Jan. 21 [2016] notice in the Federal Register lists the site for the proposed designation as Chi'chil Bildagoteel Historic District, Superior.

As a Chicana registered independent voter who has been advocating to fix the broken immigration system for over a decade, I cannot explain nearly enough the need for Republicans to continue to sign on in a bipartisan fashion to help fix the broken system. Therefore, I feel convicted to vote and support Sen. John McCain for re-election.   It is impossible for immigration reform to pass without bipartisan support. Now most of my Anglo Democratic voting friends would disagree with me, however, I also know that the immigration issue is not their top priority on the political scheme of things like it is for me.  Not only does legal immigration reform benefit our economy with better jobs – it will benefit our national security, and as a veteran I understand the need to know who is coming in and out of our country.

Against the wishes of some restrictionist and economic isolationist Republicans, Sen. John McCain helped lead the Gang of 8 in 2013 in hopes of fixing the broken immigration system with a legal immigration reform plan that must be solved at the federal level.  As a P.O.W. veteran of our Armed Forces, McCain was one of the few Republicans who recognized our immigrant soldiers who paid the final price for our Nation when he said: “You're even going to meet some of the few thousand that are still green card holders who are not even citizens of this country, who love this country so much that they're willing to risk their lives in its service in order to accelerate their path to citizenship and enjoy the bountiful, blessed nation.”

What about the Supreme Court obstructionist thing?

Though McCain has a 92.8% chance of getting re-elected in our state according to Nate Silver's Five Thirty Eight Senate election forecast, he has recently ticked off some Arizona voters with his whole Supreme Court obstructionism idea once Secretary Hillary Clinton is elected as President.  But what many people fail to admit is that McCain (along with several prominent Republican leaders) suggested the “obstructionist idea” after he stated he was no longer going to support Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump after a misogynist video was exposed pointing to a growing concern of his sexual predator nature against women.   It was the right thing to do for McCain to denounce sexist ugly behavior.  In our mostly red State of Arizona, McCain’s obstructionist statement helped reduced anxiety for Conservatives who cannot bring themselves to support Trump but are also worried about the judicial branch decisions that will be made by Hillary.  Essentially McCain wants the world to know that he will provide checks and balances in very much the same way Democratic Leader Tip O’Neill did with former Republican President Ronald Reagan.

Nobody will truly understand “the Maverick” (and I stopped trying to understand politicians in general), but what I do know is that we can try to learn from past Reagan and O’Neill history.  Thomas P. O’Neill III (Tip O’Neill’s son) wrote: “Famously, after 6 p.m. on quite a few work days, they would sit down for drinks at the White House. But it wasn’t the drinks or the conversation that allowed American government to work. Instead, it was a stubborn refusal not to allow fund-raisers, activists, party platforms or ideological chasms to stand between them and actions — tempered and improved by compromise — that kept this country moving.”

That’s what we need – to keep this this country moving and away from blocks and shutdowns.


Arizona Latina Statement on Sheriff Arpaio's Race If Re-elected and Why U.S. Marshal Gonzales A Good Choice

October 26
Highly Decorated U.S. Marshal David Gonzales Excellent Appointment Replacement If Arpaio Wins
Phoenix, AZ -- The chances of Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio getting re-elected are high considering Republicans are still the largest voting bloc in our State. Just this year, Republicans have surpassed independents in voter registration for the first time in two years, and Democrats have cracked the 1 million voter mark for the first time since 2010.  
Somos Independents is a woman-led organization founded by a former longtime Republican, and a former Democratic supporter, and we do not support extremism that we see on both sides of the aisle. We do not support a Party platform but support the  candidate(s) and/or the issues. Therefore, we cannot in good conscience support the Democratic candidate Paul Penzone for sheriff considering his domestic violence history.  Click here to see the Glendale Police report of the domestic abuse reported in 2003. 
If Sheriff Arpaio gets re-elected after losing his civil case and being found in contempt of Court, a good alternative would be for the highly decorated U.S. Marshal David Gonzales to be appointed as Sheriff of Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Gonzales' experience in law enforcement (to include top secret clearance with the F.B.I.)  shatters Penzone's weak record.
Before his appointment as the U.S. Marshal, David Gonzales' prior experience was with:
Managed the operations of the Criminal Investigation Division. The Division was comprised of 350 detectives assigned statewide to the following units: Narcotics, Organized Crime, Gang Enforcement, Auto Theft, Intelligence, Special Operations (SWAT, canine, bomb disposal) and Governor Protection. The annual operating budget for the division was $17 Million.

Coordinated the handling of criminal issues throughout the State of Arizona and managed investigations using available resources, personnel and budget. Was also the liaison between the Department and the legislative and executive branches of government for issues affecting the Department’s criminal justice activities. Testified before the legislature on matters of concern to the Department.

Began career as a “beat” officer, became an undercover officer then moved up the ranks to assume command responsibilities for both the Organized Crime Bureau and the State Gang Task Force. Recognized nationally as an expert in the operation of multi-agency task forces, community and law enforcement activities to identify and reduce street gangs and identifying and investigating money laundering activities arising from criminal enterprises.

Professional Activities
• Executive Fellow - FBI, Washington, DC (1996) - top secret security clearance.
• Testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Federal Street Gang Legislation.
• Interim Chief of Police in City of South Tucson and in Bullhead City, Arizona.
• Member of Arizona Juvenile Justice Commission.
• Member of Arizona Drug and Gang Policy.
• Member of Arizona Latino Police Officer Association.
• Member of Arizona Highway Patrol Association.
• Member of International Association of Chiefs of Police.
• Member of Arizona Chiefs of Police.
• Member of International Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association.

Community Activities
• Board of Directors, Camp Fire Boys and Girls
• Board of Trustees, All Saints Episcopal Day School
• Valley Leadership, Class XX
• Arizona Town Hall
• Junior Warden, All Saints Episcopal Church
• Board of Directors, Project Prime, an ASU Project designed to prepare minority students for college.

• February 2001 - Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government - Executives in State and Local Government Program.
• 1995 - Executive Development Graduate Program, University of Southern California, Pasadena, California.
• 1997 - BS in Public Administration - University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona

Former Arizona State Rep. Lydia Hernandez states:   "If Arpaio gets re-elected, we will need an educated, experienced, tough on Crime Conservative Latino to replace him! I have learned that politics is not about the most qualified -- to me, it is what's right and best for our communities."

Steve Watson For Education and Maricopa County School Superintendent - Arizona Republic Responses in Spanish

October 13
Steve Watson is for education and is running for Maricopa County School Superintendent.  I met with Steve this past week to find out more about him and I found him to be sincere in fixing more educational problems we have in the State of Arizona.  I told him what my concerns were with regard to Title I schools affecting the Chicano community and he listened. What I liked about Steve is his outreach to grassroots Chicano / Latino folks throughout Maricopa County in Arizona.  I also appreciated the additional budget training he wants to do with new school board members.  Too often our educational dollars are being wasted on increasing pay for top school administrators instead of where it needs to be -- in the classrooms.
Here are Steve Watson's responses in Spanish.  He conducted an interview with the Arizona Republic and he took the time to translate his responses in Spanish. (Bonus points!)

Guía para votantes

El periódico Arizona Republic dio algunas preguntas a los candidatos. Traduje al Español mis respuestas.

¿Por qué eres el mejor candidato para el oficio de Superintendente de Escuelas del Condado de Maricopa?

He visto nuestras escuelas por todos lados: estudiante, padre, y profesor. Tengo la capacidad y el liderazgo para juntar todos las personas que quieren mejorar nuestras escuelas, e implementar las ideas que son mejores para nuestros hijos. Como nativo de Phoenix, tengo entendimiento especial de lo que importa a los ciudadanos del condado de Maricopa.

Voy a trabajar para que cada niño del condado tenga la mejor educación. No importa, nivel socioeconómico, raza, sexo, o vecindario, cada niño merece acceso a una escuela de buena calidad con profesores excelentes.

Soy responsable con los fondos económicos. Voy a trabajar para que el dinero de nuestros impuestos se gasten en los programas que mas ayuden a los estudiantes.

¿Específicamente, que pueda hacer educadores para ayudar escuelas mejor logros académicos para estudiantes latinos?

Primero, creo en la comunidad latino. Vivía los primeros diez años de mi vida en una comunidad principalmente hispano. Padres latinos quieren las mismas cosas que cualquier otro padre: la mejor educación para sus hijos. Estudiaba español y educación. Vivía en Latinoamérica. Creo que soy especialmente calificado para trabajar junto con la comunidad hispana.

Segundo, para los profesores, necesitamos crear un ambiente positivo en las escuelas que se encuentran en comunidades latinos. Nuestra escasez de maestros impacta más profundamente las comunidades hispanas. Necesitamos hacer incentivos para que los mejores profesores se queden en las comunidades que los necesiten más.

¿Cuál es la cosa singular mas importante que el Superintendente puede hacer para ayudar mejorar escuelas?

Asegurar que los mejores profesores estén en las salas de clase enseñando a nuestros estudiantes. Demasiado es el numero de profesores que han huido (y siguen huyendo) de la profesión. Es fácil decir que se van por los sueldos bajos, pero es un solo parte. Solo 64% de los profesores creen que su escuela provea un ambiente de aprendizaje. 48% de los profesores creen que tienen voz en las decisiones que hacen en la escuela.

Necesitamos construir un ambiente donde los estudiantes y profesores gozan en aprender, y estar en la escuela. Buenos profesores quieren enseñar e inspirar estudiantes. Necesitamos estándares altos para las personas que quieren entrar en la profesión, y después tenemos que confiar en estos profesores, para hacer su trabajo.

¿Cuál es la función mas importante de MCESA y por qué?

Trabajar con consejos escolares (school boards). Mucha acción ocurre en el nivel local: presupuestos, salarios, empleo, currículo, elecciones, aprendizaje, y más. Las personas que forman los consejos escolares son voluntarios. Ellos tienen un trabajo difícil. Estoy dispuesto ayudarles crecer en su papel como funcionario publico. Espero saber de ellos y sus necesidades. El trabajo del superintendente del condado no es de imponer su voluntad sobre los consejos escolares sino escucharles y ayudarles servir sus comunidades. Cuando el oficio de superintendente trabaje con consejos escolares, podamos implementar ideas comprobadas para mejorar el aprendizaje estudiantil.

¿Cuáles son las tres prioridades para MCESA durante el próximo año?

  1. Alfabetismo juvenil: Si un niño no puede leer, no se disfruta de su tiempo escolar. Mi hijo de ocho años tiene dislexia. Le cuesta aprender a leer. No sigue el ejemplo de un estudiante “tradicional.” Niños como él van atrasados. Necesitan nuestra ayuda. Tenemos técnicas comprobadas que puedan ayudar a todos los niños aprender a leer. Enfocarnos en el hecho de leer, y el alfabetismo, particularmente en los niveles principios, podamos aumentar los resultados en todas las áreas académicas.


  1. Preservación y capacitación de profesores: Una de mis metas es ayudar a los buenos profesores ser los mejores profesores. Voy a trabajar para desarrollar un ambiente positivo en los lugares de empleo para que los profesores vuelvan a la profesión. Cada estudiante merece un buen profesor en su clase.


  1. Liderazgo: En nuestro estado y condado, tenemos un vacío de lideres con respeto a la educación. Voy a ser un defensor de los niños y sus familias que viven en el condado de Maricopa. Voy a trabajar con la legislatura, consejos escolares (school boards) y el público para asegurar que tengamos las mejores oportunidades educacionales par nuestros estudiantes. Soy un padre y un profesor. Lo entiendo.

¿Votantes en mayo aprobaron una ley para aumentar los gastos en educación por $3.5 billones de dólares durante 10 años. Es suficiente para mejorar las escuelas de Arizona, o se necesita más dinero? ¿Si se necesita más dinero, de donde debe venir?

Me encantaría tener fondos inexhaustibles para educar a nuestros hijos. La legislatura estatal y votantes nos dan el presupuesto que gastamos en la educación. Mi trabajo es obtener los mejores resultados académicos con el dinero que nos presupuestan.

Creo que votantes quieren que más dinero vaya a la educación. A la vez, quieren ver que los fondos actuales se gastan en forma sabia. Estoy comprometido en trabajar con líderes locales y del estado para dar fondos adecuadas a la educación.

¿Se puede mejor las escuelas de una forma que no requiere fondos adicionales? ¿Cómo?

Absolutamente. Necesitamos cambiar el ambiente educacional en Arizona. Estudios muestran que cuando estudiantes y profesores tienen mayor voz en lo que sucede en la escuela, resultados se mejoran. Políticos y burócratas ponen demasiados regulaciones sobre los profesores y sofocan la innovación en la educación.

También necesitamos estudiar como los fondos actuales se gastan. ¿Se gastan en las cosas que son mejores para los estudiantes? Creo que podemos cambiar el uso de algunos fondos para que se puedan usar en las clases donde se necesita más.

¿Cree que los que hacen leyes en Arizona deben cambiar el sistema de dar fondos a la educación? Explique cómo y por qué.

Estoy abierto hacer cambios en el sistema actual, pero no quiero cambiarlo solo por cambiarlo. Si lo cambiamos, debe ser un cambio que simplifica el fórmula y ayuda ambos, el estudiante y el votante/taxpayer. Al momento hay varias ideas que se están compartiendo. Estoy dispuesto a estudiar cada idea y apoyar un cambio si creo que mejora la educación y familias.


Arizona determina calidad de escuelas principalmente por exámenes estándares. ¿Está de acuerdo o quiere cambiarlo? ¿y cómo?

Estudiantes toman demasiados exámenes. En Arizona una de las razones porque no tenemos datos confiables es porque, en parte, cada unos años estamos cambiando el examen estándar (Stanford 9, AIMS, PARCC, AZMerit). Exámenes estándares son una herramienta, pero usado solo, es pésima medida de la calidad de una escuela. Otros datos se deben usar juntos con los exámenes estándares. Tasas de graduación, tasas de empleo, entradas a la universidad, felicidad escolar de los padres y estudiantes, demografía de la escuela; juntos, todos forman una mejor idea de calidad de una escuela.

¿Cuál es el mejor consejo político que has recibido?

Estar firme en lo que crees. Respetar a otros y sus creencias.

¿Favorito libro (además de un texto espiritual)?

Tengo un libro de Reader’s Digest que se llama Los Mejores Cuentos de Hadas del Mundo. Mi madre me lo leía cuando era joven. Ahora tengo el mismo libro, y leo los mismos cuentos de hadas a mis hijos. Siento que estoy formando un enlace por las generaciones cuando comparto estos cuentos con mis hijos.

También me encantan autobiografías. Yeager, Y Rickenbacker son dos favoritas.

¿Cuál película le llega?

Me gustan las películas Bourne. Matt Damon es un stud y Jason Bourne es una persona que quiere hacer lo correcto, proteger a los inocentes, y hacer recompenso por hechos malos en su pasado. Me encantan películas. Mis estudiantes saben que pudiera hablar todo el día del simbolismo en el cine.

¿Cuál es tu lugar favorito de Arizona?

He hecho la caminata a Havasupai varias veces. Una vez, entramos tarde en el cañón. Decidimos dormir en el camino a las cascadas. En el prado, el ruido de un caballo corriendo me despertó a la media noche. Cuando miré hacía arriba, podía ver cada estrella en el cielo. Fue un momento increíble. Esa noche me pensé mucho en mi lugar en el universo. He viajado por todas partes del estado, pero fue un momento especial en un lugar especial.

Digo a los que visitan a Tucson que vayan al museo del misil Titan.

¿Cuál figura política de Arizona pasado o presente admira más y por qué?

Tenemos muchos buenos, pero Sandra Day O’Connor es bastante especial. Es fácil recordar su buen trabajo en el Corte Supremo. Pero, frecuentemente olvidamos de su trabajo en Arizona con el ministro de justicia y como líder del senado estatal. Ella tuvo mucho coraje en jubilarse del Corte Supremo cuando lo hizo.


Republican voters refusing to vote for Trump after sexual assault on women tapes revealed

October 08

We implore the key swing independent voters to vote for Hillary Clinton who has the experience to run our Nation as President, however, if you are a Republican voter who is appalled by Trump's sexual assault on women, we ask you don't vote for Trump at all.  He is sick.  He sexually assaults women. There are more women voters than male voters, and now is the time for women to take a stand once and for all against misogynist men.

In light of the Trump Tapes exposing Donald J. Trump as a misogynist pig who takes pride in sexually assaulting #women, Republican voters are saying they WILL NOT vote for Trump and will write in Mike Pence for President even though he is Trump's VP choice.


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An Independent American Voter Group merging Tip O'Neill Democrats and Ronald Reagan Republicans.