Christian Movement Unveils “Illegal” Video Regarding Immigration

September 25

A Christian movement has launched an immigration video you may see here.

Here is what the youtube description says:

How many laws do you break every day? 5? 15? 20?

We all break laws – and we’re not saying that’s a good thing. However, it seems that only one group of people gets the label “illegal” applied to them as a way to define their entire existence.

When laws don’t make sense, we need to fix them instead of dehumanizing people. Let’s work together to change our tunes, and to change our broken laws. Make a difference at

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Preparing for 2014 & 2016 Elections — Rising Independent Voters Conference Call

September 25

We are the key swing independent voters in national elections, supporting voting on the issues instead of party. Indeed independent voters are the key swing vote across the nation.   I believe in putting people over party and partisan tactics, and I want to encourage other independent registered voters to participate in the below conference call.  Somos Independents and their members are encouraged to participate in the below national call.
Join Jackie Salit on a National Conference Call for Independents

We’re Just Getting Started!

Tuesday, October 15
at 8:00 PM ET
(7:00 CT, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT)

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Independent activists testified at the Presidents Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) hearings in Miami, Denver, Philadelphia and Cincinnati . But as Jackie Salit and Harry Kresky pointed out in The Daily Beast, “The gap between the magnitude of the problem and the narrowness of the Commission’s mandate is ridiculously wide, like opening an umbrella in the middle of a hurricane.” While the Commission made clear that they weren’t interested in hearing what independents had to say, independents are responding: We’re just getting started! Hear the latest on the upcoming call.


Arizona Independent Voters Should Throw Support Behind Reverend Warren Stewart

September 25

Approximately 1/3 of Arizona voters are independent registered voters surpassing the Democratic vote.  As a result, we are signaling to Independent voters to throw their support behind the Reverend Warren Stewart.  Read below to find out why.

Greedy Gallegos Seek to Take Advantage of Redistricting That Dilutes African-American VotingPower

Photo cred:  Gallego 4 Phoenix Campaign Site

Above:  Kate Widland (Gallego) and Rep. Ruben Gallego — Photo cred: Gallego 4 Phoenix Campaign Site

Kate Widland Gallego is a woman running for office against Warren Stewart (with Stewart having a long standing relationship with the Mexican-American Community).  In fact, Stewart is co-President of the Black / Brown coalition founded alongside Mary Rose Wilcox who is a Maricopa County Supervisor.  Mary Rose Wilcox is a Mexican-American public official who has endorsed Warren Stewart.

Married for several years to Rep. Ruben Gallego, Kate did not use the Gallego name til recently.  One can verify this by checking the donations she made to Democratic candidates where you will find that she made contributions under the name of Kate Widland — not Gallego.  She began using “Gallego” around January of 2013 and it appears this is another example of a political opportunist who is presenting herself as a great white hope to the minority community while utilizing a “Spanish” last name.

She worked as an SRP lobbyist that really is not in the business of economically developing the poor areas of town.   In fact, SRP’s prepaid electricity plan was found to have higher rates thus negatively impacting the poor.

We already have one “Gallego” in office via Representative Ruben Gallego — so why do we need two in office?

Is Kate Widland Gallego thinking that District 8 is low hanging fruit to embark on a lengthy political career?  The real work that needs to be done is in the south Pheonix portion of District 8, and the challenging issues she will face via the economy and education are centered in the highly minority populated communities in south Phoenix.  Kate Widland Gallego is a condo resident of a very different part in District 8 which is the northern tip of the district (they own multiple properties).    She is a Harvard grad who wants to become a leader in an area that is primarily black and brown, and she lacks a strong grassroots background within the south Phoenix area.

According to Kate’s political website, she bills herself as:

“….. the only candidate who has held leadership positions at the City of Phoenix…”

But where was Kate’s leadership when it is a widely known fact that the Phoenix police department is the arresting agency behind more deportations than Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s MCSO?  Kate Widland was silent on the operations order that Stewart Warren spoke out against where the operations order would have empowered Phoenix PD to essentially become immigration officers.

It is unfortunate the new redistricting lines in Phoenix has diluted the African-American voting power.   As a Mexican-American registered voter, I certainly take issue with redistricting agendas that dilute the Mexican-American / Latino voting power, too, and encourage redistricting litigation to preserve and advance electoral strength for minorities.

In addition to numerous things Warren Stewart stood for, he also fought for the Martin Luther King Jr., holiday in Arizona, and he currently sits on the board of the National Immigration Reform organization.

Sorry, Kate Widland, but I’m going to have to support Warren Stewart for City Council.



Somos Independents Join Jackie Salit on a National Conference Call for Independents

September 24

I believe in putting people over party and partisan tactics, and I want to encourage other independent registered voters to participate in the below conference call.  Somos Independents and their members are encouraged to participate in the below national call. 

Join Jackie Salit on a National Conference Call for Independents

We're Just Getting Started!

Tuesday, October 15
at 8:00 PM ET
(7:00 CT, 6:00 MT, 5:00 PT)

Register for the Conference Call

Independent activists testified at the Presidents Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) hearings in Miami, Denver, Philadelphia and Cincinnati . But as Jackie Salit and Harry Kresky pointed out in The Daily Beast, "The gap between the magnitude of the problem and the narrowness of the Commission's mandate is ridiculously wide, like opening an umbrella in the middle of a hurricane." While the Commission made clear that they weren't interested in hearing what independents had to say, independents are responding: We're just getting started! Hear the latest on the upcoming call.


Joaquin Luna Jr.: The DREAMer Who Wanted To Enlist After We Were Attacked On 9-11

September 11

We were attacked almost twelve years ago on September 11, 2001. Joaquin Luna Jr. — an aspiring American DREAMer was upset in light of the attacks and wanted to do something, so he spoke of enlisting into the United States Armed Forces according to accounts made by his sister Nina Hinojosa.   But he could not enlist into the U.S. military because he was undocumented.   As a Mexican-American veteran of the United States Air Force, this story was moving to me and caused me to reflect on the green card soldiers I used to serve with.

Joaquin Luna Jr. lived in Texas and wanted to be an American citizen.  The United States was a country he would fight for.  He wanted to succeed and build here.  He put his hopes on the passage of the DREAM Act in December 2010, but the DREAM Act did not advance in 2010 because 39 Republican and 6 Democratic Senators did not support it.  Unfortunately he later took his life because he felt he had no hope in 2011.   As a consequence of not supporting the DREAM Act children, the Republican Party suffered in the Latin vote department during the 2012 Presidential cycle.

Living in Arizona, I often see Mexicans and Latinos being demonized and portrayed in a negative light by restrictionists and isolationists who make claims that we are a drain to society or unpatriotic.  Some right wing media outlets do not do an adequate job in portraying our patriotic contributions and it is discouraging for me to see an immigrant from Fiji and Iran being tied to Mexican immigrants and our southern border in light of their anti-American or anti-white sentiment.  This is yet another instance of Mexican immigrants and the entire border community taking the hit for the reckless actions of other immigrants. Luna represents what was pure and attractive about the DREAM movement in the beginning. He was someone who already believed himself to be American in every way. He wanted to give his all to our country and he only wanted one thing more from the US after pledging his allegiance to our flag — citizenship.

We do not take the immigration issue lightly or as joke, and the Mexican-American community is repudiating anti-American sentiment.  Carlos Galindo is an Arizona radio show host and an immigration rights activist within the Mexican American community who said it is wrong to lead others away from patriotism or loving this country.  He asks:  “Why do these self proclaimed undocumented ‘leaders’ such as Mohammad Abdollahi (immigrant from Iran) enjoy a safe haven in the U.S. while spewing violent anti American rhetoric?”

One of my favorite heroes is Dr. Hector P. Garcia. After World War II, Hispanic veterans suffered discrimination due to their skin color, and Dr. Garcia was courageous and showed leadership throughout that difficult period.  Dr. Garcia remains a central figure of the Mexican / Latino civil rights movement today, due to his refusal to stand idle while Mexican Americans were being dehumanized in post-World War II society.

Many of us remember our grandfathers, uncles, and ancestors who were drafted, and how a great number of them spilled their blood to defend our country in a time of war. We honor them for that and we refuse to allow others to make light of the contributions made by our indigenous forefathers and paying that ultimate sacrifice.

The fight for the Mexican patriotic image continues because the sentiment on all immigrants changed for the worse post 9-11, and hate crimes against Latinos rose.

The time is more crucial than ever in light of the Gang of Eight Legal Comprehensive Immigration (CIR) Bill recently passing the Democratic-controlled Senate but is still in need of climbing the hurdle in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.   We predict the Republican-controlled House of Representatives will vote this October on the immigration reform bill in a time polls are showing strong American support for immigration reform. As an American voter, I know it is the responsibility of our Congress to fix the broken immigration system under the United States Supremacy Clause, and we will soon see what the scoreboard will look like.

But with the summer recess break ending for Congress, we are now seeing images from conservative websites that are essentially tying radicals and extremists to the immigration issue during this critical time.  For instance, Prerna Lal (an immigrant from Fiji and co-founder of sent a tweet about “killing white invaders.” The problem I have is seeing the likes of MRConservative showing an image of the southern border that ties into the “hate speech” while quoting Brietbart as a source.


Diyer Mendoza is a surviving brother of Joaquin Luna Jr. believes it is a possibility  may be  receiving donations from Republicans who do not want CIR to pass.   Mohammad has an agenda to “kill CIR” so naturally this raises a reasonable suspicion to find out where their donations are coming from.  Mendoza also believes the far right wing media ought to consider the Mexican immigrant children who love this Nation like Joaquin Luna Jr. because they are the ones really suffering and in a lot of pain because and feel they are hitting a brick wall.  The suffering will get worse because many of their parents are here undocumented.

Family members of Joaquin Luna Jr say:  “We are not here to provoke hatred against white people or the United States.  We are hear to help other who want an opportunity to live the American Dream and prosper.  To contribute taxes and help build.  We are fighting for DREAMers who love this country because we love this country.”

I will never forget September 11, 2001.

I know leaders in other countries envy us and our freedoms.  It is our beacon light [of freedom] terrorists will continue to try to chip away from us because they do not want to hear their own citizens achieving freedoms that emulate the United States.

Joaquin Luna Jr., is a good example of a DREAMer we would like to see Republican and Conservative websites focus on.

Joaquin Luna Jr., is a good example of a DREAMer we would like to see Republican and Conservative websites focus on.


Trusting Kansas Republicans on immigration is like trusting Virgil Peck with a GUN on a helicopter hunting for immigrants

July 10
 photo helicoptershooting.jpg

It is the responsibility of our federal government to work on immigration laws since immigration is protected under the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution. Of the federal lawmakers attempting to fix our broken immigration system, all 54 Democratic and Independent Senators voted in favor of reform. 14 Republican Senators voted for legal immigration reform, with a remainder of 32 Republicans who voted against the measure. via S.744.

Though the recent legal immigration reform bill passed the Senate recently with bipartisanship support, a member of the House Republicans via (R-Kansas) Rep. Tim Huelskamp made a controversial statement regarding the legal immigration plan and stated:

   “I made a comment in there, kind of offhand, that trusting Barack Obama with border security is like trusting my daughter with Bill Clinton. We just don’t trust him.”
Mexican-American Latinos can say the same thing about Kansas Republicans.

The State of Kansas and the Kansas GOP received a black eye because of Rep. Virgil Peck’s domestic terroristic threat that traveled across the nation when he suggested ‘we hunt down immigrant people and shooting them down like pigs.’

That said, we believe trusting Kansas Republicans on comprehensive immigration reform is like trusting Virgil Peck with a gun on a helicopter hunting for undocumented immigrants.

On a side note: Where in the hell are the Kansas Agricultural lobbyists at when you need them? Do Kansas farmers want to see their labor go?

More importantly, Huelskamp seems to be cut from the same cloth as Kansas Secretary of State — Kris Kobach.  See below regard Kobach’s racist ties:

   In their book, Huffman writes that “the Kansas candidate” received “significant funding from a notoriously racist group” while running for the state’s 3rd congressional district in 2004. He also writes that Kobach once wrote “that apartheid could be justified in the name of political stability.”

    Following Huffman and Rejebian’s research, conducted in the summer of 2004, incumbent Democratic congressman Dennis Moore made a campaign commercial suggesting that Kobach had received campaign contributions from “people with ties to white supremacists.”

    The Kansas Democratic Party and others have also pointed to a quote from Kobach’s Harvard thesis as evidence that Kobach “authored a book that provides a defense of Apartheid in South Africa.”

    But in our conversation yesterday, Kobach told me that those allegations were “ridiculous.”

    “That’s just flat out wrong,” he said. “It’s a smear campaign and it’s completely inappropriate.”

    The donor organization in question is the U.S. Immigration Reform PAC (USIRPAC), which gave Kobach $10,000 in 2003 and 2004, according to the Federal Election Commission. USIRPAC President Mary Lou Tanton is the wife of John Tanton, the founder and board member of the Federation of American Immigrant Reform (FAIR), an organization that has been labeled a “nativist hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its hard stance against illegal immigration. Since 2004, Kobach has also worked on contract on a variety of cases for FAIR’s legal arm, the Immigration Law Reform Institute.

    In 2009, the Southern Poverty Law Center published a report stating that FAIR was part of a network of “restrictionist organizations conceived and created by John Tanton, the ‘puppeteer’ of the nativist movement and a man with deep racist roots.”

    Tanton “has met with leading white supremacists, promoted anti-Semitic ideas, and associated closely with the leaders of a eugenicist foundation once described by a leading newspaper as a ‘neo-Nazi organization,” the report states. “He has made a series of racist statements about Latinos and worried that they were outbreeding whites. At one point, he wrote candidly that to maintain American culture, ‘a European-American majority’ is required.” MORE>>>


President of Mexican-American / Latina Organization Reacts To Immigration Joint Statement By House Republicans

July 10

obama immigration

Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer, Shirl Mora James,  is the President of SOMOS INDEPENDENTS formerly known as the National Tequila Party Movement reacts to House Speaker John Boehner and the House GOP with regard to their joint statement on immigration:

She writes:

The House Republicans affirmed today that they do not believe in democracy. Instead, they acted like unpatriotic fascist nationals by failing to bring CIR to a vote. The American people want Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the House GOP is ignoring public consensus but they will pay in 2014 and 2016 for their decision today to keep people in the shadows. The House GOP needs to remember that unless they are Native Americans, they too are descendants of immigrants! To the dishonorable GOP Representatives who came out today against CIR, which Native American Tribe issued green cards to your immigrant descendants?

Somos Independents is a woman-led political movement.  More females vote in Presidential elections than men and the strong Mexican-American / Latina matriarch is emerging and we want to communicate to those matriarchs across the nation with regard to our message of compassion towards immigrants and legal immigration reform. 


Bobby Jindal Slaps Immigrants In The Face After They Helped Rebuild Hurricane Katrina Damage

July 10
 photo jindalanotherbrownfacedtokencreatinghurdlesforlegalimmigraiton.jpg

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is a state governor — not a federal lawmaker. Immigration law is protected under the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution, and God forbid 50 different governors presenting 50 different bureaucratic immigration plans across our Nation. Governor Bobby Jindal (who lives in a state that does not border Mexico) is criticizing Republicans like Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake (who do live in states bordering Mexico) along with the rest of the bipartisan Gang of Eight Legal Immigration Reform team.

In addition to Jindal criticizing the current Republican lawmakers in support of legal immigration reform, he is also essentially criticizing former President George W. Bush’s Secure Fence Act of 2006 when the Bush administration met 100% of the operational goals that were intended under the act. When President Bush signed the Act, he said, “This bill will help protect the American people. This bill will make our borders more secure. It is an important step toward immigration reform.” [Some of us remember Jindal's early political career when he was nominated by President George W. Bush to be Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation in 2001.]

Bush’s Secure Fence Act was supposed to be a step toward immigration reform over 6 years ago, yet, Jindal wants us to go back two more steps despite his inability to appreciate the undocumented immigrants who helped rebuild Louisiana to begin with!

Jindal didn’t seem to have a problem with undocumented immigrants when they were being exploited in effort to rebuild his state in 2005 after the Hurricane, but now it appears supporters of the John Tanton network have discovered another brown-faced token to set legal immigration back a bit if they can. Indeed immigrants were the backbone of post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction: Workers who converge at dawn and wait to be picked up for 14-hour shifts of hauling debris, ripping out drywall and nailing walls.

Where was Gov. Jindal at when NBC News and the AP covered the exploitation of the immigrants in Louisiana?

   “What is fundamentally unfair is these are workers who have responded to a national priority to rebuild this city and yet whose rights are being violated,” said Laurel Fletcher, director of Berkeley’s International Human Rights Law Clinic and one of the study’s co-authors. …

    While 83 percent of documented workers interviewed by the researchers said had access to medicine when needed, only 38 percent of illegal immigrants did. Around one-third of illegal immigrants said they understood the hazards of removing asbestos or mold, compared with more than 65 percent of documented laborers. Thirty-three percent of legal workers received medical attention when needed for a reported problem, compared to 10 percent of undocumented workers.

    Some of those waiting for work said they are afraid of complaining.

    “It’s too dangerous for my body,” said 29-year-old Saul Linan, an illegal immigrant from Mexico. “But I don’t say anything. If I do, the boss says, ‘Hey, if you don’t work hard, I’ll take you to immigration.”’

I for one am sick of my people getting used after responding to national priorities during a crisis. In fact, many undocumented immigrants have enlisted in our Armed Forces to protect our Nation during war. Yet, I see the same mundane politicians like Jindal who use immigration as a political football. And it sickens me when that politician does not reside in a state that borders Mexico nor when he belongs to the United States Congress that has the authority in the first place to address legal immigration reform protected under the Supremacy Clause of our United States Constitution.

Jindal is a first generation and son of immigrants who’s family came from far away and across the ocean, and he will never understand that those of Mexican descent are indigenous to this land even though he ought to know it was Abe Lincoln (the father of the GOP) who rebuked President Polk for the illegal Mexican-American war. Yet, my people will continue to love and die for this Nation, and they continue to respond to crisis situations and the call for rebuilding efforts (like in Louisiana) after being taken advantage of.

More importantly, as a veteran of the United States Air Force who supports strong national security, I want to underscore that the 2013 Legal immigration reform bill is a major step forward in securing our Nation because only after everyone is registered and documented will we know who is in our Nation and where we can find them. We know that once we fix the broken immigration system, and once we document all immigrants — then they can feel safe to help law enforcement agencies to target criminal activity without the fear of deportation when they report suspicious activity to the law enforcement authorities. Therefore, bringing the immigrants out of the shadows will only strengthen our Nation’s security.

 photo PH2010082005759.jpg

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Mexican American

July 03

“…At the very moment that they are thanking God for the enjoyment of civil and religious liberty, and for the right to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences, they are utterly silent in respect to a law which robs religion of its chief significance and makes it utterly worthless to a world lying in wickedness…”  - by Frederick Douglass

In Senator Lindsey Graham’s 10 minute immigration speech, I could not help but to listen closely when he said, “Hispanics do not typically vote for the Republican primary.”  Indeed, I encourage my fellow Latin voting man to support Graham, because he was the Senator who has the most to lose in his upcoming re-election.  It should be remembered that he led on an issue when it was unpopular to do so within the GOP — and particularly so, since Graham is from South Carolina, a state notorious for seceding after the Civil War began, and for having one of their senators deliver the longest spoken filibuster during the civil rights debate.

James “Strom” Thurmond was a United States Senator from South Carolina who ran for president in 1948 as the “States Rights Democratic Party (Dixiecrat)” candidate.  Thurmond was a Democrat for 10 years, and later became a Republican after 1964. He switched because of his opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, when he began to distance himself from liberalism, and to support conservatism and the Republican presidential candidate, Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater.  It was around that time that the Republican Party began to crack its doors open to the old Confederate South, shortly after President Lyndon Johnson predicted the civil rights legislation would cost the Democrats the South for a generation.  (Little did the Republican Party know that it was Ronald Reagan who would buy them some time with regard to the Latin vote in 1986.)

One of Arizona’s low moments in history was when Goldwater voted against the Civil Rights Act.  However, in an Abraham Lincoln-like manner, Republican Senator Everett McKinley Dirksen of Illinois was instrumental in shaping the Civil Rights compromise.  When the Senate passed the bill in spite of Goldwater’s nay vote, it earned him a scolding from the Illinois Republican.  Goldwater believed the Civil Rights measure was “unconstitutional,” but it was Senator Dirksen who recalled a Republican Conference of the Senate held on June 5, 1963, that urged the Administration to produce a program to guarantee the rights and privileges of all citizens.   According to the New York Times, Dirksen then addressed himself to Mr. Goldwater’s argument that the sections of the bill were an unwarranted extension of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.  In 1964, it was the Democrats who were more divided than the Republicans during the debate of the civil rights issue.  Today, however, it is the Republican Party who seems to be more divided on the immigrant rights issue today.

Many parallels can be drawn between the abolishment of slavery, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the current immigrant rights issue – but the one issue to hone in on this July 4th, has to do with human dignity.  Without the Civil Rights Act, demeaning and dehumanizing behavior of all colored people and women would unashamedly exist today, and essentially this measure restored human dignity and put our Nation on the right course.  The same holds true of the 2013 Immigration Modernization Act, as it directly addresses the approximately 11 million undocumented human beings who have been living in the shadows of society.

But human dignity is not important to those who are against basic human inalienable rights.   The core of human dignity has been chiseled away when lawmakers dehumanize and refer to immigrant people as pigs, roaches, cows, rats, or meat for alligators in moats, among other things.

Senator Goldwater of Arizona and Senator Thurmond of South Carolina will always be remembered for voting against the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  But today Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are attempting to undo those stains by voting to fix the

broken immigration system by replacing it with legal immigration.

U.S. soldiers mourn over their comrades at empty combat boot memorial.

U.S. soldiers mourn over their comrades at empty combat boot memorial.

It was McCain who reminded us of the immigrant green card soldiers who paid the final price defending our great Nation before getting the opportunity to finally become United States citizens.  I was moved when he remembered those 4 pairs of combat boots neatly placed next to chairs symbolizing the 4 fallen comrades when he attended a ceremony overseas as soldiers bravely re-enlisted in our Armed Forces during wartime.  His story reminded me of when the Union army legally enlisted blacks after July 17, 1862, and when many blacks fled to the north to achieve freedom and fight against their southern oppressors.

On the other hand, in his speech Graham gave us a compelling and bold economic truth Americans will soon face:  He began with reminding his fellow colleagues of their historic and lowest approval rating in Congress. He urged the need for bipartisanship because Americans are tired of Congress not being able to solve simple and hard problems.  He underscored the 80 million more baby boomers who are set to retire within the next 40 years and wondered how they are going to be cared for. In 1955, there were 16 workers for every social security retiree, but today there are only 3 workers for every social security retiree.  In an upbeat tone, Graham cited the CBO immigration report which states our national deficit would be reduced by $890 Billion over the next 20 years and how the GDP can grow by 3.5% over time.    Graham emphasized the need to create order out of chaos and getting people working and paying more into the tax system, rather than getting paid under the table, but also that those who are taxed need to have representation.

If Graham does not get re-elected in South Carolina, this Mexican-American woman will remember his brave acts of leadership in an era when anti-immigrant sentiment reached a fevered pitch within the GOP.  American history will forever record the courageous act of this South Carolina senator and his legacy will be remembered, as opposed to those who showed no human compassion with their votes.

It would behoove the Republican Party to recognize the foundation set by Abraham Lincoln when their party was created, and cease the bigotry and isolationism that has hijacked the party and prevented it from embracing diversity within its ranks.   They cannot point fingers at tyrants abroad, while not embracing freedom for immigrants in our own backyard.

May the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the Republicans of the House of Representatives, capture the full spirit of our Declaration of Independence that all men are indeed created equal, after they return from recess to address immigration, at the very moment that they are thanking God for the enjoyment of civil and religious liberty.


Charting the progress of legal immigration reform.  How Congress voted on CIR between 2007 and 2013.

Charting the progress of legal immigration reform. How Congress voted on CIR between 2007 and 2013. (Click to enlarge)


Breaking: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Finally Speaks Out in Favor of Legal Immigration Reform

June 28


After years and years of warning the GOP, the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus finally speaks up on immigration.

I’ve specifically written about Priebus in the below stories and finally one day after the Senate passes a major milestone with regard to immigration — he finally speaks up.  It appears the GOP may be interested in saving the direction of their Party after all via Reince Priebus.  But … is it too little too late?  Now the direction of the Republican Party falls squarely on Speaker of the House John Boehner.  Boehner is a federal lawmaker, and immigration is an issue that must be fixed at the federal level not the state level.  If Boehner does not abandon the Hastert Rule — the immigration reform bill will not advance.  In other words, the entire Latin population will be angrier with the GOP.

Here are my below prior criticisms of Priebus and I’m glad to hear that he supports comprehensive legal immigration reform.  I just hope it isn’t too late.

1.  Priebus spoke for 10 minutes this past Saturday on the third day of the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C. and not one time did he mention the term immigrant. Reince Priebus  spoke about “going big and going bold” when he delivered his 10 minute speech, but I cannot understand why the word “immigrant” is so hard for him to utter.  He was able to mention outreach with regard to Asians and Hispanics within his speech, however, he can’t seem to address the immigration issue which is the very thing holding the GOP back from healthy “Hispanic”  outreach in the first place.  Full story>>>

2.  If politicians from the Republican party inject a Poison Pill to comprehensive legal immigration reform, I’m afraid fingers should be squarely pointed at RNC’s Chairman Reince Preibus for turning a blind eye and sitting out a fight that will affect millions of American families of Mexican descent (fastest growing demographic population in our Nation).  There are approximately 500,000 new coming of age Latin voters every single year and I see a train wreck coming for the GOP in light of their lack of leadership.  Full story>>>

3.  Cuban-American Senator Republican Ted Cruz is at odds with Cuban-American Senator Republican Marco Rubio over immigration legislation.  Where is the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ leadership at when GOP Cuban-Americans are at immigration philosophical odds?  The Republican Party is acting like a fish without fins. Full story>>>

4.  It is now 2013, and it has been almost 7 years since the ousted Arizona Republican Sen. Russell Pearce has used the “wetback” term on an Arizona radio show, too — and he continues to use that term. Yet, Pearce is still in an influential position with access to Arizona Republican Precinct Committeemen as he is still the 1st Vice Chairman of the Arizona GOP today. The National Republican Committee and Chairman Reince Priebus have done nothing in the way of leadership, nor have they initiated educational seminars that would prevent discriminatory or offensive environments. Full story>>>

From CNN:

Washington (CNN) – One day after the Senate passed a full-spectrum immigration bill with overwhelming support, the chairman of the Republican National Committee re-emphasized the need for reform but said the final contours of the legislation are far from settled.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told CNN in an interview in his Capitol Hill office. “I don’t think we can continue to drift along with this mess of immigration laws that we have. And a mess that in many regards has been the results of our government not even enforcing the laws that are in place. There is plenty of blame to go around for why we are in this position, but I think it’s about time that we address it.”

The immigration overhaul would create a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants, raise the cap on visas for high-skilled workers, and boost security along the U.S.-Mexico border, was approved Thursday by a 68-32 vote, with 14 Republicans supporting the measure.




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