Brown Lives Matter: Does GOP dehumanizing of immigrants affect reporting when immigrant woman dies of domestic violence?


October is supposed to be domestic violence awareness month -- but that does not seem to be the case in Bear, Delaware, when a pregnant woman of 6 months was reported being beat and hospitalized.  The hospital staff was able to save the 6 month preemie baby.  A presser was issued by the New Castle County police department notifying media of the hospitalization, however, no presser was conducted regarding the woman's death beyond their October 20, 2014, communications.  Information regarding festivals, square dances and the like were discovered on the New Castle County PD press release page, but we could not locate news of the death -- only by word of mouth.

Had agencies or news outlets reported the death of this young lady, the giving hearts of American people may have learned faster how to help the now motherless baby with resources to help pay for the expense of a funeral and preemie baby needs.  Since the immigrant woman died on October 29th, 2014, it would have given Bear, Delaware, the chance to educate the people in their region the horrors of domestic violence and how it may sometimes lead to a tragic death and story.  We believe more and more people should look for possible signs in helping those who are suffering from domestic abuse and we should be better with this sort of education to this regard.

According to the surviving members of the woman who was abused to death:


Paola Eden Delagado Polanco was a young thriving girl and full of life, with charming simplicity and humility. She died October 29 at her 21 years as a victim of domestic violence  caused by her boyfriend in Bear, Delaware. Paola was six months pregnant, and by a miracle the baby survived. God has plans for all of us and Paola is now in the kingdom of heaven with our Heavenly Father. She was beautiful, but her inner beauty was far more radiant than her physical attractiveness. We urge support for funeral expenses and to send her body to rest in her home town of Puente de Camotlan Nayarit, Mexico. We also ask for your help in the expenses for her premature baby girl who has a long journey ahead of her. Thank you and may God bless you .

- The Delgado Polanco Family


As legal immigration reform supporters, we ought to consider how the anti-immigrant sentiment fueled by Republican bigotry (when they adopted self deportation ideas with the blessing of Kris Kobach) contributed to the dehumanization of immigrants.  Could the sentiment contributed to nonchalant reporting because some view immigrants as less than human or as an equal?

It is shameful Delaware Online did not report this abuse and death leaving behind a precious innocent baby in need of community support when the mother died on October 29 and during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

As we embark Dia de los Muertos, may word of mouth and social media be sufficient to help the needs of the grieving family and the surviving 6 month preemie that is currently hospitalized.  We implore those who can give to give what theyu can to help this family -- even if it is $5.00 because a little will go a long way collectively. It is a miracle the baby survived.


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