Calling Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke's Bluff

 In Forgotten Dead, William D. Carrigan and Clive Webb uncover a comparatively neglected chapter in the story of American racial violence, the lynching of persons of Mexican origin or descent.



List Or No List

The former (Ku Klux Klan) KKK Grand Wizard David Duke appears to be a myth-maker with regard to a "list he is aware of tying politicians to the well known hate group(s)."  Earlier this year, Duke issued a warning to Republicans who have criticized House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) for speaking to a white nationalist group in 2002, saying they "better be looking over their shoulders."

Scalise has claimed otherwise. "I didn't know who all of these groups were and I detest any kind of hate group,” he said. “For anyone to suggest that I was involved with a group like that is insulting and ludicrous."

A few days ago, Duke was on NEWSMAX crying about his past and "wrongfully" being introduced as a former KKK wizard, however, David Duke never apologized for being involved with the KKK to begin with, and at least Sen. Byrd did apologized and was remorseful. Where is Duke's apology?

Since the former Grand Wizard cannot produce a KKK list, we do have researchers who have found strong evidence that racism helps the GOP win.  The likes of Reince Priebus (Chair for the Republican National Committee responsible for adopting harsh anti-immigrant law in 2012 under his leadership), Mitt Romney (who took a strong anti-immigrant and self-deportation approach since he ran against Sen. John McCain in 2008), and the current GOP front runner Donald Trump know that certain phrases or slogans with a bigotry message will be used as a catalyst in order to win and be the GOP Presidential nominee.  Just the other day, Donald Trump’s son called an interview with a White Nationalist to say later that it was inadvertent.

According to the Washington Post:

Recent research by economists Ilyana Kuziemko and Ebonya Washington suggests that white Southerners who defected from the Democratic party after the civil-rights movement were those with the most conservative views on race. Democrats who held moderate and conservative views on other issues and who lived in other parts of the country largely remained loyal.Polls consistently show that Republicans are more likely to hold racial prejudices, and not just in the South. Nationally, almost one in five Republicans opposes interracial dating, compared to just one in 20 Democrats, according to the Pew Research Center. While 79 percent of Republicans agree with negative statements about blacks such as the one about slavery and discrimination, just 32 percent of Democrats do, the Associated Press has found

While the Washington Post mostly mentions the slavery issue and negative statements about blacks in the south, Chicanos know all too well about the discrimination and lynchings against Mexicans that occurred in the southwestern part of the U.S.  The story of Mexican lynchings is virtually nonexistent. Many scholarly books have been written about racism and "Lynching in America,"  yet, most of them do not include or analyze the forgotten dead within the Mexican-American Community.

William D. Carrigan is Professor of History at Rowan University, who wrote The Forgotten Dead: Mob Violence against Mexicans in the United States, 1848-1928.  He stated:

Between 1848 and1879, Mexicans were lynched at a rate of 473 victims per 100,000 and African-Americans at a rate (highest rate was in Mississippi) of 52.8  victims per 100,000. Between 1880 and 1930, Mexicans were lynched at a rate of 27 victims per 100,000 and African-Americans at a rate of 37 victims per 100,000....During the course of more than eight decades, the lynching of Mexicans continued to elude systematic analysis. While the literature on mob violence against African Americans continued to expand in scope and sophistication, there was relatively little scholarly interest in Mexican lynchings. 

Time and time again the Southern Poverty Law Center has drawn connections between the anti-immigrant movements proving John Tanton being at the heart of the white nationalist scene for decades. A few years later, the New York Times appropriately labeled John Tanton as the anti-immigrant crusader.

Acts and documents show the KKK is trying to divide and conquer minority groups and doing their best to pit one against the other.  For instance, the KKK in South Carolina is using the nation’s current illegal immigration crisis as a recruiting tool, leaving bags of candy on driveways with notes urging people to “Save our land, join the Klan.” According to Latino Fox News, When someone dials the "Klan Hotline" printed on the paper, according to FOX Carolina, a voicemail message picks up saying: "Be a man, join the Klan! Illegal immigration is destroying America." Then it addresses immigration concerns and ends with, "Always remember: if it ain't white, it ain't right. White power." 

Mexico and the United States, by Lee Stacy, is a book that examines the history and culture of Mexico and its relations with its neighbors to the north and east from the Spanish Conquest to the presidency of Vicente Fox.  It states:

The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups terrorized Mexican Americans, and the Texas Rangers exercised vigilante-like justice against those Mexican Americans they suspected were criminals.  A Mexican American, for instance, could be lynched simply for insulting or injuring a white person. 

From Mitt Romney's self-deportation ideas, to the RNC adopting an anti-immigrant platform in 2012 that was drafted by Kris Kobach, it is no surprise we are seeing Donald Trump become the front runner of the GOP Presidential race.  Under Reince Priebus's leadership, the platform stance on immigration is the brainchild of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the chief architect of the country’s most controversial state immigration laws.   Kris Kobach worked for FAIR -- an organization founded by John Tanton

According to a report by POLITICO:  

Kobach, who wrote Arizona's and Alabama’s controversial immigration laws, reminded the group of Republicans in a ballroom at the Marriott hotel here of Romney’s stated positions on the hot-button issue

“These positions are consistent with the Romney campaign,” he said. “As you all will remember one of the primary reasons that Gov. Romney rose past Gov. [Rick] Perry when Mr. Perry was achieving first place in the polls was because of his opposition to in-state tuition for illegal aliens.”

In my view, the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke does not have a KKK list that ties politicians to white supremacists because if he had a list, he would have exonerated himself and  produced it when Scalise essentially denied  Duke. List or no list, all one has to really do is somewhat connect the dots, and look at the politicians who consistently vote against LEGAL IMMIGRATION REFORM, and are quoted for their bigotry. Many of these same politicians have ties with the John Tanton Network.  

Hoods are no longer required because a great deal of politicians have discovered it is easier for them to hide and operate in plain sight.


"As Whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly into the night? Or will there be an explosion?"  — FAIR founder and board member John Tanton, Oct. 10, 1986

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