Carlos Galindo: Independent National Radio Show Host on Ballot Harvesting and (D) Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

Via Carlos Galindo: 


I wish we could base it solely on early ballots, but we know from watching the latest fad, "ballot harvesting," that it all comes down to the wire.

Observing some of the most recent primary outcomes, we can see how ballot harvesting can lend itself to the granting of political favors from candidates, to those who direct these "non-profit" orgs in possession of the "harvested ballots." Some say these are offered to the highest bidder.

I say we continue to build our collective powers and use $$$ to hit Sinema in the 2016 primary, and if she survives, we help destroy her in the general in 2016.

Kyrsten Sinema is still discounting those very people she had arrested, has betrayed, and those she blatantly lied to. Does Sinema really think we're going to lay down? Ever?

To use part of Dylan's song, Arizona politics, "they are A-changin."


Republicans are ahead in early ballots in Sinema race.
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