Caution To Republican Lawmakers Using GOP Consultant Constantin Querard / Discessio, LLC Downplaying Importance of Arizona Independent Voters

Caution To Republican Lawmakers Using Constantin Querard / Discessio, LLC Downplaying Importance of Arizona Independent Voters

By DeeDee Garcia Blase, Co-founder SOMOS INDEPENDENTS

Constantin Querard is an extreme far right wing Republican who made a grave mistake in downplaying Arizona independent voters recently.  Arizona independent voters are the largest voting bloc in Arizona who have been organizing for a few years in light of the extremism we have had to deal with in this state and much of that has to do with Querard.  Unfortunately, Querard is a perfect example of why long life Republicans like me left the Republican Party to become independent voters.

That said, I urge Republican politicians to reconsider using Constantin as a political consultant for reasons shown below:



As you can see, Mr. Querard is well aware of my leaving the Republican Party (even though I am still pro life), and I can only presume he considers my "making trouble" for telling Republican moderate voters (who do not vote straight ticket) to reconsider Michele Reagan in light of Reagan's endorsement of extremist Kris Kobach who has been deemed as one of the worst Republicans in history. In fact, according to FOX LATINO NEWS, extremism from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has dug a deep hole for the Republican National Committee

Mr. Querard is in charge of Discessio, LLC, and on his website he claims he is pro family and pro life and for less taxes. 

  • Where was Mr. Querard at on pro family issues when he knows damn well self deportation laws implemented by the Republican Party forces and tears immigrant families apart that affects the fast growing Mexican American population? Indeed, his own client Russell Pearce believes Operation Wetback was a great operation.
  • Where was Mr. Querard at on pro life views when he knows the ousted Republican Russell Pearce supported attacks the birthright citizenship -- a law that could have fueled immigrant women to abort their children?
  • And it looks like Querard's views on the tax issue front is hypocritical considering taxpayers are held hostage by private prisons.   Querard's client base consists of the ousted Russell Pearce who was all for using our taxes to support prisons who hold immigrants who are detained for working in fast food restaurants, hotels, car washes, construction companies and more.  It is no secret the United States is housing immigrants for working here and who do not represent a real criminal element. I am for putting away real criminals but I believe it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to house immigrants caught for working in agricultural fields, hotels and fast food restaurants. 

The problem I have with Mr. Querard is how he uses Latino tokens to fulfill an agenda against my people.  For instance, Querard represented Republican Rep. Steve Montenegro -- a man born from El Salvador and who's family sought refugee in our Nation.  I believe Querard uses the politician from El Salvador as a "Hispanic / Latino" token to fulfill his agenda that has been disastrous to Mexican American families as their nanas and tatas get deported.  Yet, let the record reflect how Mexican Americans and Chicanos have stepped up for the children fom El Salvador, Honduras and other Central American regions.

We are well aware of the political far right wing operatives like Querard who try to benefit from the "Latino and Hispanic" label even though the majority of that population are Americans of Mexican descent.  If Querard thinks that the tail will continue to wag the dog and ride on the gravy train that consists of mostly Mexican American Chicanos -- he is sadly mistaken. Chicano / Latin Politics 101 says influence comes from numbers. He may have found a token via Steve Montenegro in the short term, but in the long term Querard's strategy will be found out by all and it will eventually run out here in the southwestern part of the United States. 

Last but not least, if you are a Republican with political aspirations to run for office, I implore you to stay away from Constantine Querard and his political consulting because he is on our radar in light of being "political-sleaze maestro," a "vision of Republican darkness," and his sleazy dark politics.



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