Chicana / Latina Leader Discusses Affirmative Action in California Schools

According to USA TODAY:  "The idea of using race to help determine who gets a seat in public colleges has been under fire for decades. Eight states have essentially banned the practice, and a Michigan case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court could prompt others to do the same.  College officials nationwide got a wake-up call last June from the high court, which set a high bar for using race as part of a complex admissions program in Texas. Many observers say the combined weight of the two cases could finally push state universities to find another way to promote diversity." 

"All the trends are pointing against the continued use of race in admissions," says Richard Kahlenberg of the Washington

Co-founder of Somos Independents via Shirl Mora James has a significant amount of experience with regard to Civil Rights and Immigration Law.   Shirl writes: 

Affirmative Action is a threat to the status quo, in the words of one of my law school classmates (white male), "I am afraid of affirmative action and having the same start-line with you because I'm afraid that you will easily beat to the finish line because you are stronger than me and I know that because you here competing against me and winning, so why would I support an equal playing field?" I replied, what about your daughters, do they deserve an equal playing field? He surprisingly replied, that they too, did not deserve a fair playing field. 

Today with the destruction of affirmative action, there is more white students in the top schools that ever before and the blacks and Hispanics are too more educated but by public institutions that are lower ranked. 

The deconstruction of affirmative action is a methodical plan by the white supremacists males by the use of the white political and white judiciary institutions to litigate and legislate affirmative action into nonexistence, they don't want an equal playing field because they are afraid to stand on their own two feet within their own white institutions without their white privilege to aid them along the way. Thus, their fear-based reasoning is to deny an equal playing field to all because of their own feelings of inferiority. If they didn't feel inferior, why would they want an additional edge against us?

The same people that don't want immigrants here are the same people that are deconstructing affirmative action state by state methodically.

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