Christian Evangelical Trump Supporters Should Explain their First XXX Lady

"...Cause it was all done for Citizenship..." - Divine Sounds

Christian Evangelical leaders dropped their "witness" ball -- BIG TIME!  That whole "love thy neighbor thing?" Consider the white Christians who voted for Trump the ultimate hypocrites.  But you don't have to hear it from me because I am not an "evangelical" (after discovering how judgemental they were against other religious organizations) ... you can hear about your hypocrisy from an evangelical who "gets it."


Sneha Abraham who points to the Christian hypocrisy, and is a Writer & Assistant Director of News & Strategic Content at Pomona College.  She wrote a great opinion for the Huffington Post Religious section that  I agree with.


Here's an excerpt where she writes:
First XXX Lady TrumpI am the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of preachers. In high school, college and post-grad I held ministry leadership positions. I attend an evangelical church. But this election cycle I’ve been deeply ashamed of the American evangelical church at large. And because the majority of white evangelicals — 81 percent of that constituency, according to exit polls— supported Donald Trump that shame will extend long after Election Day, thanks to the ramifications of their support not only for women, immigrants and people of color, but for the church itself. I count myself a follower of Christ and always will. I love the church. But I believe the majority of white evangelicals and their leaders, barring a few, have failed not only the U.S., but failed the collective flock in the stance they took. I believe they have a lost a generation and, as they say in the church, “lost their witness” to future generations.

How have they lost their witness? Let’s unpack this:

This past year, the church, which is supposed to be at the forefront of racial reconciliation, supported a racist endorsed enthusiastically by the KKK and neo-Nazi groups.

Jesus uplifted women and evangelicals have strict views of acceptable sexual behavior, but regardless they got in bed with an adulterous and misogynistic sexual predator who has made a cameo appearance in a porn video.

Read full story here>>> The Evangelical Church Has Lost Its Witness In Supporting Trump


Congratulations evangelicals!

You just elected your First XXX Lady.  You lost your witness footing as we all enter the millennial dark ages no thanks to you.



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