CIR 2013 Update: Key Swing Rising Independent Registered Voters in Mexican American Community Target Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick for "no show" on DREAM Act 2010 vote

We know we are the fastest and growing demographic here in the greater Southwest, and we also know both parties will want to woo the growing registered Independent and Mexican American voter(s). We are targeting both the Democrats and Republicans who will not vote for legal immigration reform, and it will begin with Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick.    Arizona Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick a ‘no show‘ for DREAM Act in 2010 according to the New York Times, but will she vote fo CIR in 2013? If we cannot get a commitment from her to support legal immigration reform this year, the Democratic Party via the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) ought to re-evaluate giving Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick campaign support since she did not vote in support of keeping Mexican American and Latino immigrant families together.

Here is what an Arizona Mexican – American Democratic voter has to say(via the Three Sonorans) with regard to this Democrat who did not support the DREAM Act:


Why didn’t Ann Kirkpatrick vote for the Violence Against Women Act?”

As our elected Representative, Ann Kirkpatrick better be voting on our behalf, especially when it comes to issues that are so important to Democrats!

Women would be outraged. The Arizona List would disown her, and she would lose a lot of support just for missing the vote on this historic vote of major importance to a group of women. In the Venn Diagram above, that’s half the population!

Now let’s change to a different set in our Venn Diagram. There have been at least two bills of major importance to the two other categories, just as VAWA was for women.

How telling that both of these votes took place on December 18th, 2010.

Former CD1 Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, friend of mining companies over the American Indian tribes.


Later that day was the vote for the DREAM Act. This bill is arguably the most important issue for Latinos, second only perhaps to full and comprehensive immigration reform which is a distant dream for now. The bill failed.

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