Civil Rights Attorney Shirl Mora James: Barak Obama is a 21st Century Visionary

 Barak Obama is a 21st Century Visionary     


By Shirl Mora James,

Immigration and Civil Rights Attorney

Co-President of Somos Independents


Does Obama’s Immigration Executive Order of 2014 matter?

Obama’s Executive Order of 2014 does in fact matter to our communities and to the larger American community as a whole because it brings ‘out of the shadows’ over 4.5 million human beings into the light of day.  It will help elevate needless fear and gives back basic human dignity to those that pick our fruit and vegetables in the fields, prepare our meats in the meat packing houses, serve our fast food, coffee, lattes, clean our homes and hotel rooms, cook in our finest restaurants, build our homes, businesses, bridges and roads by authorizing their presence in this country and allowing them to work and pay taxes. 

Moreover, bringing over 4.5 million undocumented people out of the shadows will refuel our U.S. economy to the tune of an estimated 0.4 to 0.9 percent over ten years, corresponding to increases in GDP of $90 billion to $210 billion in less than 10 years.  But most importantly, it will keep mixed-status families strong and together which is one of America’s core value, protecting family units. 

This era is our opportunity for the Chicanos and Chicanas to reunite with the passion of the 60’s and register every eligible Mexican-American to vote.  Join me and show compassion to our immigrant community by becoming more politically astute.  This is our time to shine and organize to rise up together while flexing our political power…it is OUR TIME to take our rightful place in the Sun to protect our immigrant sisters and brothers by using our VOTE to make a difference in this country. 




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