Rudolph Rudy Gonzales & Pastor O'Neal Speak Against Ted Nugent Bigotry Against Fellow Native Americans

Rudy Gonzales and Pastor O'Neal give speeches at the Ted Nugent protest near Gothic Theatre

Ted Nugent made discriminatory remarks against the Native American community recently calling them "dirty vermin" and less than humans.  Rudy Gonzales is the son of the legendary Chicano activist via Corky Gonzales of Denver and answers the Chicano Movement Indigenous calls when struggles appear.  Rudy has initiated calls and made it clear to Gothic Theatre that if they continue with the Ted Nugent concert on July 30, 2014, a boycott against the theatre will be initiated.   The boycott of the Gothic Theatre has begun, and as such efforts made by Black and Brown coalitions will write letters to black hip hop artists alerting them of what Gothic did.

In this video, Rudy Gonzales speaks with Pastor O'Neal against bigotry. 

Photo by Jason Monique OyateatProtest Ted Nugent Concert @ Denver's Gothic 


There were several protestors there of diverse backgrounds, not just Native Americans and Indigenous Chicanos.  One notable viewpoint we want to shed light to comes from Vanessa Marie Vasquez when she wrote:

Mi abuelita always told me, "As long as the drum keeps beating, you will have all the strength you need." She didn't make this as a reference to protesting, but it fit perfectly last night. At a time, we were silent and walking in a circle, united, and the only thing that we could hear was the drum beating. We are eachothers strength and I am empowered by all who showed up last night. We all embark on different experiences of hate, love, oppression, and peace. Last night, as we protested, we shared that experience as the drum was beating. Let it keep beating! Aho



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