Computer Theft Update At Roosevelt School District #66 in Phoenix, AZ

I have been writing about abuse of authorities and wasted tax payer dollars in school districts that have a high population of Chicanos and Latino students.  Last month we wrote about whether or not  Computer Theft Was Being Allowed At Roosevelt School District #66 in Phoenix, Arizona, where Ricardo Gallego submitted the below letter to the Superintendent of the school district:

My name is Ricardo M. Gallego.  I'm a community member, former employee of the Roosevelt School District #66 and former member of the Phoenix Union High school District governing board. As a board member at PUHSD, overrides were necessary to fully fund the district. During my employment at RSD #66, several override elections took place as well because funds were extremely limited. As an employee at RSD, I saw a lot of waste in Food Services Dept. Pilferage was a common occurrence with janitorial supplies and as a member of the Maintenance Dept., there too I saw a lot of items purchased by district p.o.'s that ended up in an employee's home. I have been tracking an employee in the Technology Dept. by the name of Jorge Custodio. I have presented incriminating evidence to the Roosevelt School District' Technology's Dept. supervisor , Mr. Nathaniel Hawkins and Superintendent Koba.


We have confirmation now that Jorge Custodio will not have his contract renewed.

Our fears that our tax payer dollars can be put to rest now. The bottom line is this:  There should be no excuse in our pursuit of excellence in schools with a high population of Chicano and Latino students.  Our goals and standards should be raised to the highest levels, and it begins with school leadership.

For the entire story and evidence submitted to the police department and the school district, visit this link:


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