Congress Spends Hours Listening To Aliens While GOP-Led House Blocks CIR To Whom They Call "Illegal Aliens"

I don’t like referring to earthly human beings as “illegal aliens” but it is a fact there are some Republicans who prefer to refer to undocumented people as “illegal aliens.”

Speaking of actual aliens, Congress was listening to Aliens from outerspace for a couple of hours recently.

Can you believe we are paying the Republican-led House of Representatives 6 figure salaries that cost American taxpayers at least $75 million per year with little to show for?   They won’t advance a legal comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) bill that will fix the broken immigration system that was passed by both Republicans and Democrats in the Democratic-led Senate this year, but they will take time to listen to “Aliens” from outer space.  

How is it that they will spend time listening to ‘aliens’ from outer space but they will not spend time listening to the undocumented immigrants in our own Homeland?

Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa is a fan of referring to undocumented people as “illegal aliens” and in fact he has made political threats to Speaker Boehner’s job.


Congress listens to aliens from outer space but won't listen to undocumented human beings before taking their Christmas breaks in 2013.

Congress listens to aliens from outer space but won’t listen to undocumented human beings before taking their Christmas breaks in 2013.


If you are guessing what Mexican American / Latino voters look for with regard to politicians and the level of intensity and urgency on fixing the broken immigration system — look no more.  Rep. Jared Polis nailed it.  He knows the GOP is blocking immigration reform from advancing.  As such, we are going to tell those key swing independent voters in Colorado the kind of material they should keep!

It’s too bad GOP leaders like Speaker John Boehner and Reince Priebus are out of touch with common hard working people and women.

Rep. Jared Polis on Immigration

Rep. Jared Polis on Immigration

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