Conservative Rush Limbaugh Created 2014 Political Death Wish For GOP By Attacking Pope Francis

Rush Limbaugh did the Democratic Party a big favor today.  Just when you think the Republican Party could not get worse, Conservative talking show host Rush Limbaugh proves us wrong when he attacked Pope Francis with regard to social justice. This comes to no surprise to us considering the many Republicans who fear the influence of Catholic voters and their attacks on the Pope will only cause Catholics to coalesce.

Rush Limbaugh doesn't believe our immigration system is broken despite the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who said and made it clear to the nation that it is when she signed the controversial anti-immigrant Senate Bill 1070.  Informed Mexican American and Latino voters have known for years the influence John Tanton has had when his movement hijacked the Republican Party.  Many party leaders don't know that John Tanton helped build Michigan's Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, yet, they take marching orders from a crazy man who thinks over population will ruin the globe.

According to Political Research:

Founded in 1979 by John Tanton in Washington D.C., one of FAIR’s main goals is to overturn the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) of 1965. The INA ended a decades-long racist quota system that limited immigration to mostly While Northern Europeans. Current FAIR President Dan Stein has called INA “a key mistake in national policy” and “a source of error.”

FAIR has received criticism over the years for its links to eugenicists and white supremacists. Garrett Hardin, a now deceased biologist and board member of FAIR wrote in his 1968 paper “Tragedy of the Commons” that “[the] freedom to breed is intolerable.” Current board member Donald A. Collins frequently writes for, an anti-immigration site. In the infamous 1988 “WITAN memos”, published in the Arizona Republic, founder John Tanton warned of the “Latin onslaught” in America and the low “educatability” of Latinos. He also expressed concern that the Catholic Church would capitalize on the faith of Latinos to exert more political influence in the U.S. FAIR has also come under fire for taking grant money from the Pioneer Fund, a controversial nonprofit organization who share FAIR’s eugenicist ideologies. FAIR frequently promotes The Social Contract Pressa press program that routinely publishes race-baiting articles written by white nationalists, founded by John Tanton in 1990.


Now keep in mind, we know many Republicans support the views of Rush Limbaugh and his rhetoric, and I'm confident a good chunk of his listeners are those who belong to one of the John Tanton networks.   In fact, Republican Party leaders have been pandering recently to the pro lifer people within the Hispanic community in Texas with regard to the Wendy Davis vs. Greg Abbot race, because they know that a good chunk of Latinos are members of the Catholic Church.   According to the PEW RESEARCH, there have been some striking demographic shifts. For example, the U.S. Catholic population has been heavily shaped by immigration and includes a rising share of Latinos. This is evident in the age structure of the U.S. Catholic population, in which nearly half of Catholics under age 40 are Hispanic (47%), compared with about one-in-six (16%) Catholics 65 and older.

That said, Rush Limbaugh has now become a liability for the Republican Conservatives. His attacks on the Pope of Rome is a death wish for the GOP.

You don't attack the Catholic Pope of Rome without the consequences.



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