Dale Eames Is Exposing Ed "Absent" Ableser's Record in Mesa, Arizona, With $711 Billion In Debt!

Dale Eames is running for Arizona Senate and it appears he is exposing Ed "Absent" Ableser's horrific record in Mesa, Arizona! We would like independent registered voter to vote Ableser out! 

Ed Ableser's inexcusable record

95% of the time he is ineffective at his job!

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Democratic Sen. Ed Ableser of Tempe regained
his title of most absentee lawmaker this year

Replace "Absent" Ableser

Do you see the behavior pattern?

Ed Ableser's Voting Record 
2012 Ed Ableser only voted on 61% of the bills put before the Senate.
2014 Ed Ableser only voted on 70% of the bills put before the Senate.

When asked by the Arizona Capitol Times why he missed so many votes, he said
"When the Republicans were going to ram through their legislation or totally discard what the Democrats voiced, I chose to spend my time working on my dissertation." Ed Ableser

Ed Ableser's late/absent average over the last 9 years is 20%.
Missing 20% is like calling in sick 1 out of every 5 days!
The Legislature only works 4 days a week.

Any student in Arizona that misses more
than 10% is subject to the "Truancy" laws.

Fool me once shame on you.
Fool me twice shame on me. 
Fool me 6 times I'm not paying attention!

If he is re-elected, then we the voters are approving of his behavior.
We are saying that we don't care if we are represented.

He proposed 215 Bills and only 11 passed which = 5%.
95% of the time he is ineffective in creating a positive change.

Let’s try someone who will show up and be effective.

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